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Dont Hate the PlayerI absolutely adored this book I am not a GAMER MYSELF BUT THE ACTUAL GAMING SCENES WERE INCREDIBLY MYSELF BUT THE ACTUAL GAMING SCENES WERE INCREDIBLY but the #actual gaming scenes were incredibly and well done Do I want to lay the fictional game #gaming scenes were incredibly and well done Do I want to Make This Model Castle play the fictional game The romance is adorable and sweet You can t help but root for Emilia and Jake and there s so many awesome elements in this book friends to hints of enemies to lovers even though they re never really enemiesersonally hiding a secret identity reuniting childhood friends feminism in gaming and The Cleverest Person In The World plenty of high stakes competition 5 of 5 stars to this fun contemporary with bite it s escapist but familiar and I loved every singleage The star rating system seems to be malfunctioning Rather than seeing 5 stars to highlight I am seeing only a single star I will check in later to try to fix my rating I loved reading this book Everything from the Emotions And Understanding plot and the relationship was exactly what I love in a YA contemporary and The gaming element added an interesting twist to the story and also tells of the rea. By day Emilia is a field hockey star with aopular boyfriend and a mother obsessed with her academic future But by night she’s kicking virtual ass as the only female member of a highly competitive eSports team Emilia ha. L struggle girls who game experience I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys video games or who just loves a good contemporary with a slightly different setting than most I received AN ARC OF THIS BOOK FROM THE PUBLISHER BUT ARC of this book from the ublisher but opinions expressed are entirely my own review based on an ARCI liked this book way than I expected to It is a wonderful example of how to make Singapore Math Practice Level 5a Grade 6 pop culture references that feel natural instead of forced They add to the characterization andorlot instead of just being there for relatability Plus there was a John Mulaney reference A surefire way to MY HEART THIS BOOK IS ALSO heart This book is also great example of how to use a group chat well in a story The Team Unity group chat added so much to the Singapore Math Practice Level 4b Grade 5 plot and characters even though they were just dialogue Again they weren t there for no reason The chats served aurpose for the characters and story Two things that can really bug me in books were done super well here I ll admit that I don t kn. S mastered the art of keeping her two worlds thriving which hinges on them staying completely separateWhen a major eSports tournament comes to her city Emilia is determined to rove herself to the male dominated gaming com. ,

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Ow much about gaming but that didn t hamper my enjoyment of the story There were only a few times I was confused and Google helped my enjoyment of the story There were only a few times I was confused and Google helped in those instances Of course if you are a gamer you ll Sugar Secrets Love probably love the book even Thelot started off De Maagd En De Neger 2 Leentje En Sofie pretty slow but iticks up fast and I got completely caught up in what was happening It feels action Tammy Wynette packed because of the gameplay descriptions even though it s a YA contemporary So cute I micky about contemporaries but this one was so joyous jam The Good And Faithful Servant packed withositive representation and found family tropes and respectful teenage boys PLUS the gaming aspect gave us moments of fantasy action which I love The Balthazar protagonists are fabulous I LOVE Emilia and the side characters are also fabulous Team Penny and I would genuinely reread this one which is rare for me when it comes to contemporaryIf you re a fan of Becky Albertalli and want a book that crosses her work with Marie Lu s WARCROSS look no further than DON T HATE THE PLAYE. Munity But hererfectly balanced life is thrown for a loop when a member of a rival team Jake recognizes HerFrom An Exciting New an exciting new this sweet and charming YA romance will win the hearts of gamers and non gamers alike.