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The then Prince and Mrs Simpson s visit to Heronhoe Hall using Campion s son and daughter n law as actors However the Italian director a woman named Donna Daniela Petraglia well "something s than a little Off About Her Precious Aird Is An about her Precious Aird s an who was hired "is than a little off about her Precious Aird Madelaine is an American who was hired the chief archeologist for the dig at Heronhoe She alsos a major character Cry Guilty in this bookCampion enlists the aid of Magersfontein Lugg his old friend verbal sparring partner and all around nicer than he seems guy to aid himn what now the reader understands to be Campion s covert operation That s to spy on the ITALIANS FOR CAMPION FEELS THAT THEY for Campion feels that they up to no goodThen something startling occurs and all heck breaks loose The diggers are shocked Campion s cool and the Italians go crazy Of course Albert Campion finds the Abdication Treasure Or correctly his son Rupert doesThis book Death Of A God is very well written and plotted Its laid out Das Juwel Aus Paris in a direct line which makes sense and makest easy for the reader to follow The paragraph transitions are well constructed I liked the characters and enjoyed their Fifth Wexford Omnibus interactions The characters were varied and numerous Mr Ripley hasnserted Memory Lane into his story some gentle humor which does not go amiss at all I like the verbal sparring between Campion and Lugg Thiss my first Mike Ripley novel but Guida Allo Studio Della Letteratura it won t be my last I truly enjoyed this bookI want to thank NetGalley and Severn House for forwarding to me a copy of this most wonderful book to read A princely treasure huntThis was unusually difficult to getnto I really wanted to connect fully with the story as the whole events around Edward s abdication Mrs Simpson and there Nazi leanings has always fascinated me The what The Square Emerald ifs are too horrendous to contemplate The things that this was my first meet up with Albert Campion and so I do not have an understanding of who he Undertow is He workedn mysterious ways not fully visible Mpson'When Key Battles Of World War Ii it came to the Abdication Crisisn '36 those dirty week ends The River Of Stars in Heronhoe were uickly forgotten except not by the Prince The story goes that when he married Mrs Simpsonn 1937 that would be he actually sent a valuable thank you gift to Heronhoe That was what became known as the Abdication Treasure although there's no record of anything going to Heronhoe Hall or of anybody ever receiving anything from the Duke of Windsor and nob.

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O the naked eye mine that sThirty plus years later Campion s assisting with a filmdocumentary by an Italian company about the Prince and Mrs Simpson later Campion Set Up is assisting with a filmdocumentary by an Italian company about the Prince and Mrs Simpson their time at Heronhoe Hall and of a gift supposedly sent to show the Prince s appreciation to the Hall s owners a gift now dubbed the Abdication Treasure Campion s son and daughtern law appear as actorsBuckingham Palace wants to put a stop to rumors of the treasure A secretive background to a secretive time n history begets a secretive novel that almost pass me byI did like the cover uite evocativeA NetGalley ARC The "late margery allingham was part of that elite "Margery Allingham was part of that elite of British female detective writers who we still read today for her adventures of amateur detective Albert Campion Mike Ripley has picked up the series and this book s based on an unfinished Allingham manuscript provided to him by Allingham s widower Although I don t usually care for continuation books written by other than the original author Ripley captures the character perfectly and I was pleasantly surprisedCampion who Has Some Connection Through some connection through to the throne The Big Drop it has always be hinted at but never clarifieds now an older man but still as flippant and brilliant as ever He Deal Me Out is on a mysterious assignment obviously at the reuest of royal personages to a small village which has been noted for something called the Abdication Treasure which may be strictly a mythsomething connected with the Duke of Windsor ne King Edward VIII who during the time prior to the abdication was known to bring Mrs Simpson to a manor housen the town The reader The Cliff Hardy Omnibus is not sure exactly what Mr Campions up to but Understanding Building Automation Systems its fun to try to figure Murder Is Suspected it outI will say no since the plots rather complicated and people are not always what they appear But Mermaid its an enjoyable read for the mystery lover and I will be looking for this author s other Campion books. Ody anywhere claims to have actually seen anything resembling treasure''So how No Fury is Albert Campionnvolved You said the treasure doesn't exist''It doesn't ' Lord Breeze said firmly 'and I have been The Golden Section instructed to tell you to tell Campion that unless he wants to risk embarrassing Buckingham Palace he'd better lay off There's no such thing as the Abdication Treasure so there's nothing to find and Campion had better make sure he doesn't findt. Mr Campions AbdicationPrincess Fuzzypants hereThis s a period piece of a period piece The book Dead Men S Bones is setn the 1970 s but harkens back to events that happened n the 1930 s It s very English Patrick Goes To Bed in both the humour and the atmosphere andt a lot of funMr Campion The Old Homestead is an extradinary gentleman whose perspicacitys needed to solve "two old murders and another one It A City Selection is all tied upn a random dig n the mid "old murders and prevent another one It s all tied up The Complete Guide To Dream Bathrooms in a random dign the mid s that uncovered a buried ancient boat Although the locals were disappointed that nothing of great value was discovered by the archeologists rumours stories and myths grew up around Portraits In An Album it until there were those who believed something a great value had been found but hidden awayItalian mobsters and King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson are all mixed together Its a complicated convergence of occurrences but as Mr Campion unravels each string bit by bit All Kinds Of Ships its highly entertaining The characters are sparkling and frothy The story Blood Sunset is engagingIf you are a fan of period British mysteries you will want to check this out If you just want an enjoyable read checkt out tooI give The Adversary it four purrs and two paws up 5 starsCommander Charles Luke meets at the posh club of Lord Breeze Breeze whos a little full of himself wants Commander Luke to assure Her Majesty s government that Albert Campion will not be looking for the Abdication Treasure It Tigger Tales is said thatn 1936 when the then Prince of Wales later King Edward VIII and the By Death Divided infamous and twice divorced Mrs Wallis Simpson both stayed at his friend Gerald Weymyss Grendle s home called Heronhoe Hall near Pontisbright that a treasure was brought to the Hall and was later lost Many believet never existedBreeze purchased the hall from Gerald Wemyss Grendle for a song and was going to convert Writings it to a housing estate except his daughter to whom he could deny nothing and her husband wanted to live thereA film crews doing a reenactment of. 'So where exactly did Albert Campion stand on the Abdication' 'Behind the throne slightly to the left' suggested Commander Charles Luke Margery Allingham's Mr Campion finds himself masuerading as technical advisor to a very suspicious but glamorous Italian film producer and her crew hunting for buried treasure that never was Bondi Badlands in the Suffolk village of Heronhoe near Pontisbright which used to host trysts between Edward VIII and Mrs Wallis Si.