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G to be a lawyer I am so grateful to this author Our daughter has a unbelievable work thic 170 LSAT and Our daughter has a unbelievable work Grammar Of Genres And Styles ethic 170 LSAT and GPA While we could not be prouder most of all we want her to have a joyful life This book offersncouragement to step off this crazy academic high stakes path and find her own way to happiness I firmly believe that money is not the solution Life balance is critical to happiness She is about ready to hit the send button on her applications Hopefully this book will give her a framework to think outside of the prescribed box of what success looks like The Book that the Legal Field NeedsI truly wish this book had been out when I was in the process of applying to law school in 2017 Would have saved me a lot of money and misery for choosing to go to a Die Kunst Der Philosophischen Exegese Bei Den Sp Tantiken Platon Und Ar expensive but higher ranked law school or law school in general honestly and my time while I was there I really appreciate how he goes against the status uo adviceveryone in law gives like go to the best ranked law school you can get into ven if you "have to take out substantial loans to do so worry a lot about grades specially 1L year do OCI "to take out substantial loans to do so worry a lot about grades Engineering Optical Responses Of Composite Plasmonic Nanosystems especially 1L year do OCI aim for Big Law jobs as it will help you the rest of your careertc I appreciate the perspective the author shares that those things aren t the most important things what really matters is finding what you re passionate about and going out and meeting others doing those jobs and offer them help and you ll have a higher chance of landing a job and much fun along the way I appreciate the author s mphasis on guarding your mentaloverall health as it truly is so important Most law students including me treat our bodiesbrains. H*t by Andy Brink This is the best favorite book isb. ,

This is the book I wish I HAD HAD BEFORE I WENT had had before i went law school Funny full of real life xperiences and most importantly honest There is literally nowhere Unti Peter Robinson 26 else to get this kind of information I would recommend it to anyone potential law student law student and law graduate Excellent debut I can t wait to read what s next As a 0L I m in no position to rate this book but most if not all of the advice seems spot on I am skeptical of his claims that grades don t matter and that a school s prestige is not a significant factor in job hunting I wonder what percentage of the population is goodnough with people to overcome a low ranked school andor low GPA by sheer force of personality as he seems to recommend
"but his mphasis "
his mphasis mental health and on being a full person with a life outside the law is very very needed And his advice about taking on debt in sum avoid it is sensible too There is no scenario in which it s a good idea to take on 200000 or maybe ven 100000 of debt for law school Incredible adviceI ve seen a few negative reviews here and There About This One about this one if you are considering reading it I urge you to pick it up It isn t legant and it pops many bubbles that those of us considering law school get invested in But it is a book that is 100% committed to demonstrating a way to get through law school and into the working world as a well adjusted whole human with the means to succeed Thank you Andy I took notes and refer to them often I was pretty lost at sea in the decision to go to law school and your book helped me get myself on my feet Thank You for Writing From the GutAs a parent of a young adult aspirin. Amazing Kindle Epub, Most Law School Advice Is Bulls. .

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Like trash by doing law school work Archives every day of the week for 17 weeks straight getting little sleep notating well not Phantasien Des Alterthums Oder Sammlung Der Mythologischen Sagen Der My exercising and not socializing with people outside of law school and most of the time isolating ourselves reading books within the law school anyway No one can handle living like that continually It willventually catch up to you and you ll have a breakdown like the author described and like I had 1 month into my 1L yearOne thing I wish the book had of Is The Author Sharing His the author sharing his story He mentions bits here and there throughout but I felt a desire after I finished the book to have a complete rundown of his Diptera F R 1903 experiences from applying to law school to hisxperiences while he was there to finding a job after to where he s at now I plan on Zeitschrift F R Das Gymnasialwesen 1867 Vol 1 emailing the author myself though so maybe I can learn about his story that way All in all a great book While I don t agree completely withverything written in the book namely the blanket statements to not care about law school rankings or grades at all as those do matter for certain positions like Big Law and federal clerkships but I also agree with the author so many people go after those and federal clerkships but I also agree with the author so many people go after those without really knowing what they Denkw Rdiger Und N Tzlicher Rheinischer Antiquarius Vol 6 evenntail and if they ll Referat Ber Die Bakteriologie Der Akuten Mittelohrentz Ndung even like it they just chase after the money and prestige I definitely recommend anyone thinking about applying to law school or currently in law school to read this book and I plan to share this book with anyone in my sphere of influence thinking about going to law school or currently attending law school as well as it has loads of advice that I didn t follow but wish I did after myxperiences in law school. N 9781723430268 format Paperback and others 191 page. Most Law School Advice Is Bullsh*t