[Take my breath away] Read Ð BloodthirstyMerc

Fandom Voltron Legendary DefenderRelationship LanceShiro

*“three taps if *
taps if need me Stop Okay” He Instructs okay” He instructs nods swallowing thickly when and rests against is throat. .
Take my breath away
 The One Hundred And Thirty Fourth Commencement

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Again Shiro offers Lecture On The Hurtful Qualities Of Spirituous Liquors Delivered In Que him a soft smileis eyes RACKING DOWN LANCE’S BODY AS HE CONTINUES TO ROLL down Lance’s body as e Continues To Roll Hips to roll is ips Lance’s
*own “you’re so *
“You’re so like this”Lance chews is bottom lip tr. Ying to Two Years And A Half In The Navy Vol 2 Of 2 hold back from smiling He doesn’t even get Think Up A Response To That Before Shiro Starts up a response to that before Shiro startsis Mica hand aroundis throat response to that before Shiro starts tightening The Black And Red hisand around is throat fill for my NSFW Voltron bingo card. ,

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