(EBOOK/EPUB) Fabien Merelle by Kathy de Neve

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Fabien Merelle

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Uvre to date with a Hundred Drawings And A Selection drawings and a selection sculptures Merelle has exhibited at *The Armory Show in York at Art Paris and was one *Armory Show in New York Art Paris and was one the most prominent artists in Jan Fabre's recently curated show The Raft MuZee Oostende In 2010 he was the irst winner of the Prix Canson awarded annually or outstanding work on paper Text in English and French Published to accompany a solo show in Edouard Malingue Gallery Shanghai October 2019 and a solo show in KETELEER GALLERY ANTWERP May 2019.
 Intelectuali La Crati
D intricate drawings look realistic on closer examination convey otherworldly and often disuieting subjects Stuck To The Pregnant Belly Of His Wife An Elephant to pregnant belly of his wife an elephant on his back or in close *Embrace With His Father *with his ather Merelle portrays himself as the protagonist in his drawings in an absurd and surrealistic play He is known A Civic Biology for the anatomical precision of hisigures the sea of white that surrounds them and the dreamlike uality of his work This book combines the highlights rom his oe. One hundred drawings and a selection of sculpture by emerging French
artist abien merelle 
Fabien Merelle work has been exhibited worldwide to international acclaim Winner of the 2010 Prix Canson awarded annually or outstanding work on paper Drawing is a line of life that I cling to in order not to ail Fabien Merelle A ree spirit capable of creating and imposing both his highly personal imaginary world *and a similarity of meaning artillery magazine abien *a similarity of meaning Artillery Magazine Fabien is a French artist whose delicate an. .