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Paris in the DarkI just realized this book says it is fourth Of A Series Hmm I a series Hmm I surprised as this reads like a book developed with regard to the building of the main character For me this book does not hold together It had lements I like including the timeplace 1915 Paris the legend of this inept spy including his pose as reporter for Chicago newspaper but his assignments crash and burn uite literally and he seems interested in bedding a woman I guess it is a better wartime romance book vs Are You A Physician espionage Not for meLibrary Loan My Rating 35 Welcome to the City of LightsAdventure awaits Drawing on his ownxperience as a war veteran and news reporter Pulitzer Prize Winner Robert Olen Butler has created a thriller described as a page turner with an unmistakable literary uality A historical crime thriller set during the First World War Paris in the Dark is also a novel From A Cry To A Sigh encompassing both political and cultural issues with Robert Olen Butler stating that it digs deeper thanver into the WW1 The High Performance Planner Yellow era issues that resonate most clearly a century later Paris in the Dark is the fourth Kit Cobb novel by Robert Olen Butler I have not read his writings before so the usual trepidation set in as always does when you jump headlong into a series that is wellstablished But I needn t have worried in the slightest Robert Olen Butler writes in such a fashion that I didn t feel I had missed out by not having any previous knowledge of Kit CobbSet during the First World War Paris in the Dark portrays the impact of the horrors of war on French society For some American citizens the initial lack of commitment by their own government spurred them on to personally contribute in any way they could For many this was as medical aides on the Front as ambulance drivers and as nurses and doctors in the trauma wards of the Parisian hospitalsKit Cobb or to call him by his full name Christopher Marlowe Cobb is a Chicago reporter who also doubles as an undercover agent for the US Government Paris 1915 and Kit is researching for a piece about American ambulance drivers He is intent on befriending a few of them with a plan to get nearer the Front and see for himself the valiant work these volunteers are doing In his The 2019 Anvil And Forge Buying Guide efforts to find out he becomes acuainted with an American nurse Louise Initially Louise is very distant with Kit but over a short period of time their relationship develops into something Kit and Louise become inseparable only too aware of the transience of their lives during this time of war There is something very fragile about their bond and Robert Olen Butler captures this beautifully in the simplicity of his descriptionsWhile Kit is working in his civilian role he is witness to a bombing in a local caf a rare occurrence during this period of war Up to now any bombings have been airborne during a raid This seems to have been a very targeted incident and raises a few concerns among those in the higherchelons of political circles It s not long before Kit is approached by his handler and he resumes his role as an undercover agent in an attempt to infiltrate this new underground cellHumphrey BogartThere really is no other actor I can think of who could play the part of Kit Cobb I m sure it s no coincidence that he is Christopher Marlowe Cobb perhaps a salute to Philip MarloweKit Cobb is so well characterised by the way he thinks speaks acts It is so asy to visualise him in your mind his facial xpressions his clothes his accentI can just see himAs Parisiennes fear this new Dragon S Babe enemy on their doorstep Kit begins his search for the root of thesevil acts of terrorism now termed death by dynamite As the title of the book suggests Kit searches down dark allies and behind closed doors in a Paris that is under curfew a Paris that is afraid a Paris that is in the dark Kit is faced with the possibility of an anarchic group identity unknown affiliation unknown but with one agenda to cause death and destruction on the streets of ParisThe narrative of this book has that very classic noir feel with Kit Cobb s thoughts framed in that very sharp fashion reminiscent of another The Fire Inside Us era from the old Hollywood movies leaving the reader with that satisfied feeling of having read something very authentic indeedParis in the Dark is a historical thriller but it also a snapshot of a monotone Paris a city during a time of war when life must have felt very lacking in colour for many There is uite an old fashioned feel from this book which I think will appeal to the mature reader or those who like a solid spy story Kit Cobb is the hero and Paris in the Dark doesn t shy away from portraying him as such It s traditional it sntertaining and it s Awesome Batman Memes extremely atmosphericoverall anngaging read I respect an author who has won a Pulitzer Prize but I tend not to like first person narratives Especially where the narrator is With Paris in the Dark Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Olen Butler returns to his lauded Christopher Marlowe Cobb series and proves once again that he can craft a ripping good yarn Wall Street Journal with unmistakably literary underpinnings Autumn 1915 World War I is raging across Europe but Woodrow Wilson has kept Americans out of the trenchesthough that hasn't stopped young men and women from crossing the Atlantic to. ,

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Elf absorbed and spends a lot of time telling us about how Clever He Is In he is In very banal way With lots of short sentences Many of which are also paragraphs So I wasn t much impressed by this book As for the story PITD is billed as a thriller but it s not not really The opening situation is clever and has a nice twist but there is no suspense in the main plot the bad guy is known virtually from the start and his connection with GNab Robert Olen Butler brings us a riveting peek into Paris in the autumn of 1915 Kit Cobb is an American of German In Dreams extraction learning German and French from his actress mother as a child Kit is a war correspondent for several US publications as World War I slowly grinds through Europe when he isn t working as an undercover spy We see Paris and the French through hisyes and America through theirsParis in the Dark is peopled with a good mix of personalities and an intriguing story line The historical facts are true to history and Paris is defined beautifully It is a historical novel I feel comfortable recommending to family and friends and Blacked World encourage them to read itven if historical fiction isn t a first choice Paris in the Dark is the fourth in a series featuring Christopher Marlowe Cobb but is completely stand alone I received a free El Hombre Apocado electronic copy of this historical novel from Netgalley Robert Olen Butler and Mysterious Press Grove Atlantic inxchange for an honest review Thank you all for sharing your hard work with mepub date Sept 14 2018Mysterious Press Set in Paris during World War One this is a thoroughly Target enjoyable spy storyThe background of Paris during war time is described well including the intrigues about German nationals living in the city as well as why Americans were fightingsupporting the warffort before America actually 4 entered into the fightingThe actual storyline is relatively simple but is well told at a good paceI thoroughlynjoyed this story It might be set than century ago in a foreign land filled with political puzzles and unfamiliar factions but Paris In The Dark delivers a completely convincing story grounded in a solidly credible scenario There aren t so many characters that your head spins trying to recall them all and the narrative itself is pretty straightforward Yet that seeming simplic 2019 Hammett Award NomineesWilliam Boyle The Lonely Witness Pegasus Crime Lisa Unger Under My Skin Park Row Sam Wiebe Cut You Down Random House Canada Lou Berney November Road William Morrow Robert Olen Butler Paris in the Dark The Mysterious Press PARIS IN THE DARKWritten by Pulitzer Prize author Robert Olen Butler Paris in the Dark is the most current book in the series featuring Christopher Marlow Cobb Foreign correspondent and US Government undercover agent Cobb finds himself in Paris during WWI He is working on a story for his Chicago newspaper featuring ambulance drivers for Le Chapelle the American war hospital in France With the sudden rash of bombings in civilian areas Kit Cobb is called upon to investigate German refugees who are suspected of committing these terrorist attacksA dry psychology thriller with Sinful Desires excellent writing Paris in the Dark is very realistic for the time and place It also makes you look at currentvents in an interesting manner I only wish it would have been a little longer and a bit developed as the I Figli Del Re even the secondary characters were fascinatingI would like to thank Netgalley Robert Olen Butler and The Mysterious Press and Grove Atlantic for the opportunity to read and review this book Finding out a book is set in the First World War immediately conjures up thoughts for me of the trenches of the Western Front not the cafes and sidewalks of Paris Therefore one of the many things Injoyed about Paris in the Dark is its depiction of Paris as its citizens would have The Billionaire S Unwanted Marriage experienced it in the Autumn of 1915 the influx of refugees the food shortages the threat of Zeppelin attacks In fact the Parisians are in the dark They re being kept there deliberately by their government s censorship of the press for fear of civil unrest or loss of morale if the citizens learn about the risk from saboteurs not to mention the truth about the situation on the front line As Kit s spymaster boss Trask observes If the Germans can bring the battle to the restaurants and the theatres and the front doors of the Parisians if they can turn women and children and boulevardiers into bomb fodder they might make some progress in this war The thrillerlement of the book is set against the backdrop of the political situation of the time with many unhappy about President Woodrow Wilson s unwillingness to deploy United States forces to the front line The implications of what Kit believes he has uncovered as his Gobble Till You Wobble Then Gobble Some More enuiries progress become than just a simple investigation into acts of sabotage they touch on national ide. Volunteer at the front Christopher Kit Cobb a Chicago reporter with a second job as undercover agent for the US government is officially in Paris doing a story on American ambulance drivers but his intelligence handler James Polk Trask soon broadens his mission City dwelling civilians are meeting death by dynamite in a new string of bombings and the German speaking Kit seems just the man to figure out who is behind th.