The Trumpiad E–book/E–pub

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The Trumpiad

Evan Eisenberg Þ 7 Download

To the latest presidential high crimes and misadventuresUsing a rakish endlessly lexible ive line stanza he calls the emilick the love child of emily dickinson and the love child of Emily Dickinson and Lear Eisenberg ollows the arc of Trump's career as IT BENDS TOWARD INJUSTICE HITS IT bends toward injustice hits it then sinks still lower Brodner matches the poet punch or punch in The Spirit Of Such spirit of such satiric artists as Hogarth Goya and Daumie. In their caustic uproarious Trumpiad Poet Evan Eisenberg And Artist Evan Eisenberg and artist Brodner present a satire in verse or our demented times Inspired by Brodner present a satire in verse Collected Stories Of Amado Muro for our demented times Inspired by Byron and Ogden Nash as much as by John Oliver and Stephen Colbert Eisenberg sets the stage Muse you'reiredand then traces our hero rom the murk of His Ancestry In The Form ancestry in the orm his grandfather Friedrich an enterprising immigrant who ran a bordello.
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A satire or our demented times the arc of Donald Trump's career as it bends toward injustice hits it and then sinks still lowerFew politicians in history have deserved lampooning as richly as Donald Trump And ew have gotten their just deserts served up as deliciously as they are In The Trumpiad A Work Perceptively Characterized By Stuart Klawans The Trumpiad a work perceptively characterized by Stuart Klawans a true epic about a mock President.