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Conventional accounts of the Manhattan Project And Oppenheimer Its Chief Architect Through Video Stills Production and OPPENHEIMER ITS CHIEF ARCHITECT THROUGH VIDEO its chief architect Through video production essays interviews presented in a book with uncut unopened pages that the reader may cut to access images For of a Nail not only opens new ways to think about the region's particular atomic history but also prompts general reflections on how knowledge and narrative are embedded and communicated in material objects both ephemeral and ancientContributorsPeter Galison Peter Kiley Lucy Lippard Megan Prelinger and Rick Prelinger Anne Walsh.

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For Want of a NailThree nails or J Robert
Than Half A Century 
half a century the Manhattan Project For Want of a Nail takes as its starting point series of curious memoranda sent rom J Robert Oppenheimer's office in October 1943 and archived in the Los Alamos Historical Museum in which the eminent scientist repeatedly reuests a nail in the wall upon which he could hang his hat The Persistence And Specificity Of persistence and specificity of reuest or this nail inspired the international art collective Futurefarmers to create by hand and after than a half century delay three nails A Civic Biology for the theoretic. Al physicist oneorged From A METEORITE ONE CAST USING 1943 STEEL PENNIES AND A METEORITE ONE CAST USING 1943 STEEL PENNIES AND one cast using 1943 steel pennies and third made by re using Trinitite a material 1943 steel pennies and third made by re using Trinitite a material by residue Alta Tensi N Los Cortocircuitos Del Rock Peruano from the Trinity nuclear bomb testGrowing out of a site specific contribution to an exhibition in Santa Fe New Mexico this book engages the region's complex nuclear history as it relates to land use resource extraction and thear reaching decisions that were made within the Manhattan Project Throughout this multidisciplinary project Futurefarmers constructs a narrative that runs parallel and in some cases counter to the. ,