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MWSA ReviewThis simple story takes place during the first forty days after the crucifixion of
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Jeshua and are both on the un from Roman authorities when they take Die Kirchlichen Zust Nde Deutschlands refuge with a community of Christian disciples The twoefugees who understand that in Judea any new truth is dangerous find the views of the disciples confusing The believers speak of one story but their listeners hear two different meanings One sees a struggle for power while the other ecognizes a commentary on the inherent nature of people Christians cannot even seem to agree on the fundamental nature of Jes. Descent is about jesus' esurrection and ascension that preceded the descent resurrection and ascension that preceded the descent the spirit an event that purportedly made saints of ordinary men and women This is the historical. saints of ordinary men and women This is the historical. Us Was he a prophet
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rabbi the of man or the son of godare of Man or the Son of GodAre beliefs a political or a eligious threat to the authoritiesAnyone who has ead other works by D S Lliteras will ecognize his iveting literary style Descent is a thin volume Its chapters may be long or as short as a half page but each offers a single scene titled by a simple phrase from the text The sentences are short and direct A hungry dog growled A man climbed the stairs An owl hooted The vocabulary is simpleBut the ideas Ah the ideas spiral up and AWAY LEADING READERS TO PERCEIVE SEVERAL DIFFERENT LANGUAGES TAK. leading eaders to perceive several different languages tak. Setting and the spiritual landscape upon which two outsiders intruded Flaccus a Roman Legionnaire and deserter and Jeshua a Judean healer and ogue Both men are wanted by the Ing them far beyond the events on the printed pageIn short Lliteras has written a parable He tells a fictitious story that serves as a protective shell for a moral lesson or a Dictionnaire Portatif Vol 3 religious conviction His words inspireather than declare They transform his listeners Die Probleme Der Hebbelschen Trag Dien rather than dictating to them He suggests an interpretationather than demanding one On the day of Pentecost when tongues of fire descend upon the disciples enabling them to eceive a Gift of
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Spirit the efugees will hear two very different messages and so will the eaders of DescentReview by Carolyn Schriber May 2019. Oman Empire and both men manage to hide within a community of disciples While they evade Rome's authority each man esponds to this evolving faith in a dramatically different wa. responds to this evolving faith in a dramatically different wa.