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The basic rules of the game but consider poker something you do with your hands while you drink and chat with friends this is book is your solid advice for joining tournaments or just winning regularly I particularly liked the section on practice Of course we learn by playing against skilled experienced players but Botfeld mentions that there s a lot to learn from playing newbies too It s true a new player who isn t making the smartest *Moves Can Really Throw Experienced *can really throw experienced off You make guesses based on the cards you ve seen and if your Opponent Is Playing Poorly is playing poorly guess wrongA Girl s Guide to Poker is a solid guide for anyone who s interested in poker doing better at poker night or entering poker tournaments It s also an interesting look at the very competitive poker world This Book was awesome so deligkhtfully entertaining I have tried to read How to books About poker because I like card games but they have so much Math in them that I get lost This Book just made It fun It has humour uizzes clever references and everything is relatable to someone like me Who doesn T Have Much Experienece Playing have much experienece playing I had a lot of fun learning with This Book and I Feel like I can try My hand on a game or twoDon t miss out on This Book If you want to learn or maybe just refresh your nowledge. Ker player how many hold their cards with a red nail polish manicure Not enough Nicknamed the Bridget Jones of poker she seeks to turn the tables for women everywhere writing a sassy how to guide so women can join the game A writer at heart her work has previously been published in the Wall Street Journal Los Angeles Times and Huffington Pos.

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I can happily say that A Girl s Guide to Poker is certainly not just for women nor is it for any s Guide to Poker is certainly not just for women nor is it for any skill level In humanizing both herself and the game of Poker the author uses puns pop culture references pictures and examples to explain some of the theoretical and mathematical concepts down to a culture references pictures and examples to explain some of the theoretical and mathematical concepts down to a blurb that anyone could understand As a relatively experienced player myself I found myself uickly finishing the book in an hour or two but I can certainly say I still learned something from it For those new to the game Amanda does a wonderful job not just of explaining the terms one would hear their first time on the felt but also electorates on how to best set oneself up for success from the get go I would strongly recommend *This Book To Any Of My Friends *book to any of my friends in learning about the game or simply sharpening up some of their skills in a uick and fun way This book was a uick fun read A guide for the total beginner I m rating it well because I would actually want to give it to some of the mom friends who freuent my home game crowd because suadgoals The biggest asset of this book is its breezy magazine style voice Hand histories became readable though it was curious at times the hand histories she chose that highlighted pretty weird situations At times it felt a little like So you want to play poker Maybe it's the challenge Maybe it's the cash Maybe you're turned on by guys in hoodies and sunglasses Whatever the reason if you're a girl or guy who wants to learn poker then this book is handier than your high school cheat sheet Learn everything from insider poker lingo bluff checkraise snapcall to fancy winning Biography which is okay too for a good read There were a few typos and some creative punctuation that gave the book a self published feel This book seemed mostly aimed at a young live play audience though she calls online grinders ids which is funny because she s 26 Overall a delightful humourous book if you re ready for the pinkwashed version of an introduction to poker Definitely a huge step above reading ancient poker handbooks from the library and The book is short simple and funny with many examples a full color photos Also includes small uizzes to apply the subjetcs of each chapters It s a book that will help all female players that want to get started in poker and play their first tournaments and cash games Great book for beginners A Girl s Guide to Poker A book for Beginners to Intermediates by *amanda botfeld is a guide to winning at *Botfeld is a guide to winning at especially in tournaments I was a little worried that a pink covered guide was going to be all Math is hard but it was mostly using women s names instead of men s for the example playersMost of the book is about improving your poker skills mixed with the author s personal stories I especially liked her story about winning her first tournament *This is a pretty uick read with short chapters like reading a string of blog posts *is a pretty uick read with short chapters like reading a string of blog posts you understand. Lays with the help of easy to read mini chapters and uizzes Most poker books read like a math textbook This one reads like Cosmo The only poker book that teaches card playing strategy and how to bluff your boyfriend A Girl's Guide to Poker will make you the belle of the ball or the cardshark of the casino Amanda Botfeld isn't your average po. ,
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A Girls Guide to Poker

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