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Botanical Illustration from the Royal Horticultural SocietyPresents botanical studies by sixty

medal winning artists from the Collections at the Royal Horticultural Society The Country's Leading Gardening Charity A the country's leading gardening charity A essay Explores The Long Standing Relationship Between Artists And The RHS the long standing relationship between artists and the RHS each medalist with a short biography and discussion of their winning composition Features a diverse range of artists from across the globe Botanical Illustration a genre of art that endeavors faithfully to depict and represent the form color an. .

D detail of a plant Abiding By This Definition The by this definition the Lindley Library as secured approximately 30000 splendid illustrations of buds fruit flowers and leaves since they first started commissioning artists in 1806 The Royal Horticultural Society Botanical
Gold Medal Winners represents a section of recent gold medalists from around the world The RHS only award gold medalists from around the world The RHS only award gold medal to the most outstanding exhibitions encouraging the international artistic community to perform to the ighest.

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Standard This gold medal is ighly coveted testament to an artist's abilities and the illustrations gathered in these pages great attention to detail masterful color work and these pages demonstrate great attention to detail masterful color work and technical skill Insightful commentary on the artists' creative process accompanies each picture The perfect book for the lover of orticulture as well as an excellent reference both for botanists and aspiring artists this collection also includes an introductory essay that delves into the Food Safari history of the RHS.

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