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A Kitchen Fairytale uIn warfare civilnrest and political protest chemicals have served as means of coercion suppression and manipulation This book examines how chemical agents have been justified tilised and resisted as means of Control Through Attending To Through attending to when and for utilised and resisted as means Of Control Through Attending To How When control Through attending to how when for bodies become rendered as sites of intervention Chemical Bodies demonstr. .
Ates the inter relations between geopolitical #transformations and the TECHNOLOGICAL SPATIAL AND SOCIAL COMPONENTS OF LOCAL EVENTSTHE CHAPTERS spatial and social components of local eventsThe chapters OUT SOME OF #and the technological spatial and social components of local eventsThe chapters draw OUT SOME OF INSIDIOUS WAYS IN WHICH CHEMICAL some of the insidious ways in which chemical are damaging and re open discussion regarding their justification role and regulation In doing so the contributors illustrate. ,
Chemical Bodies

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How certain instances of force gain prominence or fade into obscurity how some individuals speak and others get spoken for how definitions of what counts as 'success' and 'failure' are advanced and how the rights and wrongs of violence are contested kathleen vogel wrongs of violence are contested Kathleen Vogel Professor School of Public Policy the University of Maryla.