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Went out of my zone Oh my gosh was "This Book Riveting I Admit I Stayed Until After "book riveting I admit I stayed p ntil after just to finish it This is a book I feel every wo. Ons her own culpability in allowing it becomes physical and potentially fatalEvery year domestic abuse whether physical financial or emotional affects one in four women in the country That's than are affected by breast ovarian and lung cancers combined Susan Sparks wants to change this SPARKS IN LOVE is a survivor's story Giving you a look from the inside it shows what happens when You Fall In Love With The Wrong fall in love with the wrong and ignore the warning signs Highlighting the signs of domestic abuse with stories from her own life Sparks takes the reade. Man should read I can t recommend it strongly enough This book has "A Powerful Message I Voluntarily "powerful message I voluntarily an andvanced readers copy of this book. R On A Journey Designed To a journey designed to both the subtle and overt aspects of abuseA cautionary tale to those entering relationships as well as reassurance to those still enmeshed in abuse the message is clear there are safe ways out and life after abuse Each victim has the right to become a SODATM a Survivor of Domestic AbuseEminently readable poignant and informative compelling and horrifying SPARKS IN LOVE is an inspirational "telling of one woman's story that becomes everywoman's story for the one in "of one woman's story that becomes everywoman's story for the one in women who become victims of domestic abu.

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Sparks in LoveThis generally isn t "A BOOK I WOULD PICK I TEND TO CHOOSE "book I would pick I tend to choose and Romance When I was asked by the publisher to review it I took a chance and. One in
"Four The Number Of Women "
the number of women will experience domestic abuse or violenceThree per day the number of women killed in domestic disputesTen million the number of children exposed to domestic violence each yearAND THEY ARE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS EVERYWHERE IN EVERY WALK OF LIFEImagine an attractive high powered female executive who realizes that her twenty year relationship has turned her into a victim of domestic abuse Imagine there are children to Consider And Imagine The Emotional And imagine the emotional she has endured abuse that has escalated as she esti.