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Te how to manage evangelizing This book guides you to encounter Him we must begin there and then guides you through the steps of sharing Him with others through the structure of Win Build SendI read this book which I received for free from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review in a couple of days rather than over the course of five weeks as it is intended to be read The structure is that of a daily devotional that builds on itself The daily reflections are never the same from one day to the next an anecdote and uestions or scripture readings and to the next an anecdote and uestions or scripture readings and call to pray about one aspect of it or another combination The variety is refreshing and I can see how this would effectively call the reader to enter into a deeper relationship with Christ The timing of the publication of this book in our recent Church history can t be ignored Before I sat down to read it I asked myself if it would hold up against what we face as a Church in light of the PA grand ury report and Cardinal McCarrick scandals abuse and cover up In fact not only do I believe the book holds up but its entire premise thrives in the wake of such dark news We Christ s brothers sisters children workers disciples etc are the Church The work of the Church begins with us and this is as grassroots as it gets Reading this book and truly reflecting on your encounter with Christ will cause you to share Him with others using his suggestions and tips uelling that Catholic anxiety about evangelizing That s what we need right now and that s what we ll anxiety about evangelizing That s what we need right now and that s what we ll from this bookI look forward to rereading it as it was intended day by day building a relationship with Christ in order to share Him with others He has no hands but ours and we are the Church. Itment to discipleship daily prayer submission to God's will regular Confession freuent reception of the Eucharist acting in loveWeek Three You discover how our current culture which places little value on faith compares to the world Jesus faced You develop like Jesus the desire to save our world and draw others to GodWeek Four You unpack the tools Jesus used to touch every person he came into contact with Through Jesus' example you will become euipped with what you need to reach others for himWeek Five You learn that you are called not Verses just to be a disciple but to be one who makes disciples of othersYou will come away with the understanding that being a disciple of Jesus is not optional for Catholics it is essential to our identity as members of a missionary Church Jesus showed us how to evangelize and called us to be his disciples Now than ever it is time to beust like We are all Called to evangelize Kevin explains in the simplest of terms why evangelization is important to our Catholic faith He also explains how to practically make it part of our lives through discipleship and the win build send model Excellent read especially if You are new to the idea of the New Evangelization of how it works in Catholicism This book said I would learn how to live the faith share the faith and raise up disciples to do the same thing I certainly did I feel better prepared thanks to this bookCalled by Kevin Cotter was a very inspiring read I completed this much faster than the intended five week plan this Book Is Set Up For is set up for didn t want to stop reading The layout of Called is designed to be read over the course of five weeks a little each day like a daily devotional Each day s lesson is about the same length and many share both Scripture and Catechism uotesI really enjoyed the writing style Kevin Cotter used for this book He speaks on an authoritative yet friendly relatable level I never felt like I was being taught at or told to implement the suggestions in this book in a way that wouldn t be comfortable or natural for "meI absolutely recommend this book to anyone especially my fellow Catholics looking for a refreshing look on evangelization discipleship "absolutely recommend this book to anyone especially my fellow Catholics looking for a refreshing look on evangelization discipleship living like Jesus I received a complimentary electronic copy of this book from Ave Maria Press through NetGalley A positive review was not reuired All opinions expressed are my own Straight forward daily short read that takes about five weeks aboutsharing the faithwith others Insights into some gospel passages were excellent Cotter is a long tome FOCUS volunteer We re told we live in a post Christian age We Do you feel uncertain about how To Share Your Catholic share your Catholic with others especially as society increasingly rejects religion Why not follow examples from the scriptures and saints to guide youIn this five week guide to becoming a daily disciple of Jesus in a post Christian culture popular speaker bestselling author and experienced FOCUS missionary Kevin Cotter presents thirty five brief and engaging meditations that provide Catholics with the conviction and tools for sharing Jesus with others Called is an accessible guide to evangelization for the average Catholic Through short and simple daily meditations you will gain everything you need to begin sharing the Gospel including the conviction that you can and should be evangelizing their faithBased on the principles of evangelization taught by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students FOCUS where Kevin Cotter is the seni. E admonished to be a light to the world We re given phrases and tips and tools Butto What End Making The what end Making the to live for Jesus Christ and his Church is hard Kevin Cotter writes in the introduction of Called and ust a few sentences later continues I believe we are all called to be everyday disciples men and women who authentically live out Jesus call to evangelize

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world in ways in the context of everyday life Sounds nice maybe even something to turn into a New Year s resolution What makes it worth highlighting and what makes this book worth reading is the execution in the next 160 pagesThough it book worth reading is the execution in the next 160 pagesThough it designed as a five week study I suspect you could ourney through this book however it best suits you though taking your time and pondering won t hurt Cotter has divided the The Miser Of King S Court journey into Encounter Disciple Vision Euipped and Disciple Makers and in each section he s assembled daily one word admonitions that fit right inCotter travels through Scripture and gives large doses of context The daily reflection section isn tust a listing of yesno uestions but rather an insightful diveThis book is an invitation to each of us to do as the first disciples did to let our relationship with Jesus be than Fife And Drum At Louisbourg just a Sunday only appointment Within that invitation are hands on ways to execute and live out the call Catholics get a bad rap for being inward worshipers and they cringe at a word like that We ve spent too many years trying to make sure we look Catholic and sacramental that we ve lost the priority of encountering Christ daily filling our hearts with Him and sharing Him with others because those hearts of our are overflowing As an introvert I thought I had a good excuse to know not ui. Or director of curriculum Called invites you to delve into powerful scenes from Jesus' life plus stories from the lives of saints such as Augustine Mother Teresa and Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati as you explore how the call to discipleship is at the heart of scripture in ancient Israel the life of Jesus and the apostolic ChurchCotter leads you on this five weekourney as someone who understands the challenges of talking about faith with friends and the sacrifices needed to invest in others He encourages you to step outside your comfort zone as you open your eyes to Jesus' call to discipleshipWeek One As you reflect on Jesus' initial call of his disciples and how he calls you to radically love and follow him in your everyday life you deepen your relationship with God and complete the first stage of becoming his discipleWeek Two You examine the characteristics of a daily comm.
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