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Ir late twenties it s time to worry It s not because John and I are incompetent at what we do a David Wong manages to pull ou into his world for the third time it is a bumpy ride but Damn isn t it funThe three main characters are David John and Amy who still live in Undisclosed Their lives has not changed muchDavid lost his job at the video store when they close and has been unemployed ever since so they live on Amy s income on top of a dildo storeJohn iswell still just John which is not really a compliment but what can 2019 National Painting Cost Estimator you do rightThe worst possible thing happens ahem meaning the worst possible thing in OUR world when a child is abducted David and John takes the case and the police of Undisclosed gives them the middle finger I don t mean figuratively as they drive away the cop literally gives him the fingerBut all is not as it seems Unfortunately Amy threw the last of the Soy Sauce in the river so they are left on their own to figure it out And then another kid disappears and the cops starts looking closer at Dave is he a suspect Of course he bloody well is don tou know ANYTHING about these kinds of booksAnd they are chased by NON agents Black cloaked entities who MUST have a hidden agenda And then there is the BATMANTIS which doesn t have anything to do with Batman in case 2019 National Renovation Insurance Repair Estimator you are wonderingAfter the Soy Sauce traveled to the Orient and back David and John gets a chance to take some to find out what is really happening this time When they do will they think that ignorance was bliss because things are actually worse than they thoughtThe strangest thing is not the fight with the dildo and Oreo cookies It is not the reason why there is a place called Taco Bill It is not the uestion of whether a plane could take off when it was sitting on a giant treadmill Not even the explanation by the eightear old boy about why the penis is mushroom shaped at the tipNo the strangest thing about this story is the moments of philosophical wisdom that lies scattered throughout this story Whatever This Is Not The Life I Ordered your opinion about the humor in this book David Wong is not dumb and nor are the characters in this storyOverall I enjoyed this one a lot laughing often and thinking about deeper things than expected This entire story takes place in the rain okay except for the final chapters so it might remindou of something like the movie GODZILLA with Matthew BroderickHowever a closer comparison I want to make is to the original BLADE RUNNER don t misunderstand the stories are vastly different but like the movie there are genres at play than The Herbal Kitchen you might expect There s a little bit of horror sci fi drama comedy philosophy fantasy and even just in the background on the horizon a love storyI honestly don t know who to recommend it toou ll Just Have To Decide For Yourself This have to decide for Power Of Your Other Hand yourself This by far one of the wackiest books I ve ever read and I absolutely loved it I ve been in one hell of a reading slump lately I ve read some excellent nonfiction but the fiction has been bad to pretty good This knocked my socks off It s not anything I would normally read and the humor is everything I hateThe monster is named the MillibuttIt s babies are fuckroaches Dildos and silicone butts are made into weapons of mass destruction Oh and they live over a sex toy store Sounds ridiculous but I laughed giggled and guffawed my way through Also it somehow managed to scare me and cause a few nightmares No Batmantis s unfortunately as that might have made the nightmare a bit fun Ifou re looking for a good time ahem I mean if Beyond The North Wind you re looking for a Lovecraftian type horror with comedic touches then hereou go Thanks much to the publishers and Netgalley for this most excellent story I always go ga ga over these books and for a really great reason They re FUN AS HELLIt bends all genres has some of the absolutely most delicious wry Comments And Commentary On and commentary on modern fed up life and is consistently over the top when it comes to action monster mashing and total reality crushingDid I mention that this is to UF as Evil Dead is to Horror It s not a bad comparison But then it s sure as hell not complete either because this stuff is in it s own leagueThink slackerslasher fic that does the funniest Supernatural episodes but adds a bit of crack to it to make it even addictive then throw in a major course of Cthulhu sexual innuendo and Cracked Magazine and then Sister Karol S Book Of Spells Blessings Folk Magic you re getting pretty closeIt s the same for all three of these books and I m proud to say that this third one is still very strong indeed No spoilers but as it says in the series John Dies at the End For those ofou who don t know the books he really does die but it doesn t always stick thanks to the Soy Sauce The time travel and alternate dimension hopping and a barrel of snakes that is potential girlfriends just makes things a bit complicated You know normal stuffAll in a day s unpaid workOf course that s not to say everyone has supernatural girlfriends and Dave s Amy is a real trooper and a badass whom I really love Honestly this is some of the most righteous laugh out loud OTT technocolor raunchy cool books out there It s a self conscious B Movie that transcends into ultimate badassery I am STILL totally recommending this serie. Cally convoluted maze of illusions lies and their own incompetence in an attempt to uncover a terrible truth they like ou would be better off not knowingYour first impulse will be to think that a story this gruesome and to be frank stupid cannot possibly be true That is precisely the reaction They are hoping for. .

St ramps the energy level higher and higher until I felt like I was going to David Wong always knows how to deliver enjoyable surprisingly deep and universally unsettling sci fihorror books with his John Dies at the End series This installment had a very monster of the week feel to it as Dave and John and Amy find themselves pitted against a foe capable of distorting their memories and minds in unsettling ways Not a ton of references to the previous books and that is fine by me I think this series makes sense as a series of standalone adventures that slowly build and develop the main characters and their relationships When Wong wants to finish the series for good he will have a rich vein of backstory world building and character depth to draw upon to give the story of Amy John and Dave a satisfying conclusions where hopefully John will not dieWe get POV chapters from all three with John s being the most entertaining by fa David is an unemployed collector of cursed objects The savvy Amy is his sweet girlfriend who supports the household And then there s John the apocalyptic friend These are the characters and the story unreliably Mach 8David and John do not know their way around a nine to five job But they do know how to battle monsters and ghoulish evil Amy is the grounded one on the team They are the ones the cops calls when children go missing And one does Can these two find the Maggie while fighting the darkness armed with only an air cannon and a speaker wailing monster ballads And without effing the whole thing up Having read this series backward might have been David s favorite thing about this review I realized I might have lost some nuances of the characters and situations But this read was a laugh out loud and slapstick heroes conuer monsters book The main protagonists are over the top ridiculous et they still retain a down to earth uality They show soul and vulnerability about where they are in their lives David s ponderings made him an everyday guy trying to get by in the world and do right by Amy And John although fly by the seat of Magickal Astrology your pants kind of guy would like to have someone to share his life The characters are just trying to keep up in a chaotically fast life But enough of this there is a little girl in the balanceI read this original book slowly to savor all the interesting details The story at large was very intriguing and well plotted The narrative was humorous with punch drunk dialogue but at times madeou empathize with the heroes The freaky shape shifters imitating the characters made it challenging to determine who was who Nothing is as they seem And actual David John and Amy were tri dimensional and kept me vested in the whirlwind narrative Love love love this crazy journey into Thank True Magic you NetGalley St Martin s Press and the author for this ARC in exchange for my honest review review coming soonAoung girl goes missing in Undisclosed since strange elements are suspected Dave and John are called into the case of course Amy Dave s girlfriend ia soon entangled in the plot speaking of the plot if Living Runes you thought once Maggie was returned to her parents it was case closedou may not plot if Big Book Of Numerology you thought once Maggie was returned to her parents it was case closedou may not read any Wong before it is once the girl is returned that the story gets stranger and stranger in magnificent David Wong fashionThis third title in the JDATE series is on my opinion the best pace with the plot never losing much momentum As I told my best friend Morgannah despite all the weird delicious action and wonderfully dark humour I could nitpick and detract half a star But the fact is i loved the whole so much and therefrore am refraining from being too nitpicky as this is a really fun tale and I dont have the heart to take anything away from that Find all of my reviews at You want to hear a story Well buckle the fuck up You re probably wondering how someone who incessantly and annoyingly occasionally mentions how she doesn t read past the first book in a Series Ended Up Reading ended up reading 3 Well the answer is simple But in this case I want free books Here s the part where I publicly out myself and admit that I have had a hard copy of What The Hell Did I Just Read in ARC format for EIGHT MONTHS This is why NetGalley denies me so freuently they are well aware of how much suck I bring to the table Look at this Even Django Unchained can t hide his judgey face while witnessing me read volume after volume while WTHDIJR remained untouched on the pile of shame Now that I have finally read this what do I have to say Much like the many pornographies I read the term series can be applied pretty loosely here I don t necessarily think readers would feel out of the loop if they jumped in on 3 and I am living proof that Read Learn Create The Ocean Craft Book you don t have to read 2 in order to have a good time with it The backstory of David John and Amy is briefly summed up in snippets where applicable throughout story in order to catch everyone up to speed Other than that In the immortal words of Jackie Gleason This time around the crew is assisting with a missing child case Let me giveou a tip if How To Draw Creatures From Magic Myth And Fantasy you re ever the victim of a terrible crime like sayour kid goes missing and ou see the cops consulting with a couple of white trash looking dipshits in the. To prevent others from listening to it Yes it works with audiobooks too I don't have time to explain howWhile investigating a fairly straightforward case of a shape shifting interdimensional child predator Dave John and Amy realized there might actually be something weird going on Together they navigate a diaboli.

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Believe it or not the Sauce didn t bring this book to my doorstep Shocking Definitely I mean how else could it have found me Perhaps Molly s ghost could have brought it by Or maybe Amy thought it might come in handy when REDACTED comes looking for me But no believe it or not it was the hooded figures at St Martin s Press that sent it my way in exchange for a review I have et to figure out their true motivation for sending this book to find me but find me it didI am going to keep this review spoiler free as I d hate to be the reason Smithsonian Dinosaurs And Other Amazing Creatures From Deep Time you find out that Dave shoots REDACTED right before John took REDACTED and that UNDISCLOSED is really REDACTED Also I d hate to ruin the reason that Amy finds REDACTED traumaticWhen I first got my hands on the book I was tempted to tear through just gobble it down like a starving monster at an all night people buffet But I didn t I decided to take it slow and really savor every page kind of like a monster who d found a REALLY tasty child to munch on I m so glad I did On the surface What the Hell Did I Just Read reads like John and Dave s other adventures but just like the previous two novels ifou read deeper into the story The Meanest Man In Congress you will find shocking layers of horror thatou probably weren t expecting Where the first was heavy on the comedy with a healthy dose of horror and the second was heavy on the horror with some comedy What the Hell is a eual balance of the two which I really enjoyed Instead of long stretches without one or the other they flowed together much smoothly this time around Not that I had a problem with the two previous books but it made this installment feel grown up and refined Speaking of being grown up John still hasn t And bless him for it He is just as ridiculous and over the top as ever whereas Dave really struggles in this one He s having a hard time coping with where he s at in life and it s this storyline that takes this book from being just a crazy monster ride into being something so much His struggles are at times painfully relatable One of my favorite things about these books is Wong s ability to infuse the supernatural horror with so much humanity That is what makes these reads such a treat for me The monster storyline in this book had me shocked amused and horrified There was one point where I had to put the book down and walk away My mind was blown Still is at the thought of that particular moment It s with John racing away from the church that all I ll sayI marked this book five stars but I really think that 4 is accurate My only issue with the book was that I wanted a little resolution in the end from both the human and monster storylines I m not someone who needs everything wrapped up perfectly but it was just a little too open for me I can only hope that this means we ll get a fourth adventure one that will address Dave s struggles There are so many books I want to read so many that are piled up in my bedroom waiting to be read I have this terrible feeling that I will never make it through everything I want to read But this one was my most anticipated book of 2017 from the moment I heard about it I had the whole release day planned out for October 7th but getting to read it early was an incredible gift These books touch to read it early was an incredible gift These books touch deep within me and I connect to them on a soul deep level I don t know what that says about me or my soul Perhaps that Means It S Filled With REDACTED I Don T Know it s filled with REDACTED I don t know I love these books dearly and thank The Helicopter Heist you David Wong for giving them to us I can t wait to see what s nextThere better be a next or I ll have to REDACTEDREDACTEDREDACTEDREDACTEDREDAC What the Hell Did I Just Read John Dies at the End 3 is solid step up from the second JDATE book This Book is Full of Spiders which I found to be enjoyable but flawed And WTHDIJR is an even bigger step up from his last book Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits which I did not enjoy much at allIn my opinion this is David Wong s second best book not far behind the original It is definitely his most cohesive and well plotted booket It never reaches the giddy heights of the best parts of the original but it delivers a consistent entertainment experience throughout the durationAs with all of his works David Wong s prose is not amazing literature but hidden within are many clever pearls and strikingly wise observations Whereas the last two John books started off strong out of the gates before petering off a bit WTHDIJR starts off with a leisurely pace out of the gates before petering off a bit WTHDIJR starts off with a leisurely pace to unveil an incredibly clever twist about midway through that cranks things into high gear and presents some really interesting concepts Things wind down a bit idea wise towards the end but overall I m 100% pleased with the book and the time I spent reading itIf Little Wisconsin you enjoyed JDATE I can t imagineou wouldn t want to read this one as well4 solid stars I didn t think it was possible to get any crazier than the first two books in this series but the third book takes it to a whole new level of crazy and weird and wild and I soaked up and adored every single second of it Right from the beginning I was sucked into what felt like the wildest fastest and scariest rollercoaster ride I ve ever been on This book really doesn t let up it ju. It's the story They don't want ou to listen to Though to be fair They are probably right about this one To uote the Bible Learning the truth can be like loosening a necktie only to realize it was the only thing keeping our head attached No don't put the book back on the shelf it is now our duty to purchase it. ,
What the Hell Did I Just Read

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