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G are all strongCons Very short The ending was a little offThe Bottom LineBest book in the nine book SPR series at the time of review 9 book series Very uick read very enjoyable dip into this time period HistoricalMurderMysteryFull ReviewThis book is the ninth book in the SPR series The SPR murder mystery series follows the career of Decius Caecilius Metellus during the last days of the Roman Republic this particular book occurs in 50 BC or as Roberts notes at the end of the book the 703rd year of the city of Rome The Metellus family are a prominent family though on the declineThe SPR series and the Gordianus the Finder series by Steven Saylor both occur at roughly the same time period in history so comparisons between the two are common The SPR series as mentioned follows a relatively a youngish man from a well placed family while the Gordianus the Finder series follows a much older man from the lower classes of society Both men solve murder mysteries and both on occasion meet up with historical characters For instance both Decius and Gordianus run into Cleopatra in their most recent novels at the time review written Saylor s book The Judgment Of Caesar Though of Caesar though with an old man returning his ailing wife to her homeland in an attempt to restore her health and occurs in 43 BC mostly in Egypt Roberts book on the other hand deals with a younger man still trying to climb the political ladder and meets up with Cleopatra before she is ueen in roughly 50 BC and before the Caesar Pompey civil war which is in the final stages in Saylor s book Also unlike Gordianus who is married to an ex slave his own Decius is married to the niece of Julius CaesarI was surprised to find out that I ended up rating Robert s book slightly higher than Saylor s 10th Gordianus book I wasn t surprised though to find that I had rated this Roberts book as the highest rating of all the books in the SPR series On the whole Saylor s series is better but Roberts series is still a very enjoyable readRoberts book is about a youngish Senator on the rise in the 703rd year of the city of Rome officially the city of Rome was founded in 753 BC take away 703 years and you get 50 BC who after serving for two years as an aedile is tasked by his family actually by the Senate the family has already set aside its resources to elect candidates and cannot yet push Decius up to the next position of power to go off to fight the pirates springing up in the Eastern Mediterranean Roberts book is very well written gripping from beginning to a weak ending While not the best book Roberts has written in my opinion it is the best book in the series Robert s book for the most part is tightly written needing ust 188 pages the rest is a glossary to tell a very good story The characters are for the most part fully formed personalities The plot is strong I gave Robert s book 439 stars out of five So this book started along similarly to all the others except that at some point did I miss a book Clodius is killed and Milo exiled Um WHAT Way to completely skip over two of the main plot points of the entire series that probably would have Made A Full Book In a full book in of themselves This felt like the chicken s way out Anyway this book was very much in line with all the others excepting this point. Of reasons to hate Rome and murder runs in her family Another guest and suspect is Gabinius who is in exile and could have easily given up loyalty toward his friend if it meant a uicker return to RomeIn the meantime Decius is being humiliated in his pirate hunt and as if this weren't enough Aphrodite herself seeks Decius's help by appearing to him in a dream vision As Decius investigates world trade the island history and the new kind of piracy plaguing the waters he is finding connections menacing than he had ever imagined possible In this ninth book in the series Roberts crafts another skillful mystery this time fervently pulsing with the collision of Roman Greek and Egyptian interest. E the image of Decius as a pirate hunter with Decius the politician or even Decius the soldier But I guess well born Romans were really trained to be all around servants of the Senate and the People Cleopatra in this book did not really dazzle and I think the eventual development of her character in this book did not do the very interesting intro ustice Still liked the book though and it s better than the last one for me The title is a bit misleading as our buddy Decius doesn t actually fight piratesSurely enough he is sent to Cyprus to fight pirates and even allies himself with a sixteen year old Cleopatra because he needs her yacht as auxiliary but old Cleopatra because he needs her yacht as an but are few and far betweenEventually there s a murder and Decius figures it out but most of the novel is Decius wandering about Cyprus trying to figure out what s going onNot bad but perhaps not the best in the series Another good little story from this series but not as captivating as those featured in other SPR books Nevertheless as normal it is well written and emphasises another corruption that existed in the Roman world and one that Decuis has to deal with Been a while since I read one of the books in this series I pretty much binge read all of those I could get hold of in my library a few years agothey were ust so much fun to read If you re a weirdo who s into detective stories 1 century BC Ancient Rome period this series is ust a complete goldmineThe gap between reading this one and the last one sort of dulled my ability to recognise one Roman name from another I m afraid I went wait who dat again a few too many times towards the end But I really don t blame Roberts for thatIn the years between the last Decius book end But I really don t blame Roberts for thatIn the years between the last Decius book this one I ve read some pretty stellar adventurehistorical celebdetective stories so in a way the prose style of these books seems a bit spare in comparison considering what a florid language Latin is but then again it ust fits our narratorprotagonist s characterisation so well and why would we complicate our experience of a case in Ancient Roman surroundings with overly complicated styleAs many have pointed out here don t expect a naval adventure And even the titular princess who does appear uite a lot in the book is actually not really that important in the end This is not so much a spoiler as a disclaimer But it s always nice to see good ol Cleo pop up in fiction And this instance was no exceptionI don t uite know how I d compare this book with the other ones in this series that I ve read because it s been uite a while since the others But I know I had enough fun even if the case itself was not necessarily the most exciting Learning a bit about ancient Cyprus and Aphrodite was actually pretty cool So consider this a weaker 4 but still an above average experience In terms of plotting and characterizations it not one of the best but it is an interesting look into the twisted way money power and politics influenced trade and commerce Most of the main characters have been thoroughly drawn by now and Roberts never wastes much effort anyway on the side charactersThe title is somewhat misleading as there are pirates and a princess in the story but the twain never really meet Recommend Yes Pros Very short concise book characterization plot settin. E and his slaveprotg Hermes find themselves on a mission to rid the Mediterranean of pirates They set off with shoddy ships and sailors to the island of Cyprus where a young Cleopatra is staying Between her impressive crew and the ex pirate Ariston providing insider knowledge of that cutthroat occupation Decius thinks he stands a good chance of bringing himself some glory That would be too simple though The ruler of the island Silvanus is murdered in a most peculiar fashion and Decius as a guest in his home has a sacred duty to find and punish the guilty party Because world relations are already strained he would rather not suspect Cleopatra heir to the Egyptian throne But she has plenty. ,
Great story poor proofing There were a couple of typos in the Kindle version minor stuff But the paragraph structure for dialog was poorly rendered It was often difficult to determine which line belonged to which speaker I Wish There Were MoreI ve read the entire SPR series twice now and I fervently wish John Maddox Roberts would continue where the last book ends This novel The Princess the Pirates is one of my favorites in the series The princess is 16 year old Cleopatra the pirates are Pirates is one of my favorites in the series The princess is 16 year old Cleopatra the pirates are in Cyprus where the novel is set Good action and insights into Roman naval traditions Decius Metellus is in character as an arrogant but admirable young admiral in duty to gain street cred for his political ambitions back home in Rome As usual Roberts converts you into a Roman aristocrat uickly as you walk the streets of 1st Century BCE Roman Cyprus attend the social g a gatherings and stumble home with a wine buzz while avoiding street thugs lurking in unpolished dark corners Wonderfully written More please This was a nice addition to the SPR seriesMuch to his dismay Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger gets assigned to Cyprus to deal with a new tide in piracy The story is fairy typical for this series as the main mystery doesn t happen until a good ways in I don t mind that as we then get glimpses into the ancient world through the eyes of Decius The titular princess is the famous Cleopatra as a teenager who inserts herself in Decius s duties of hunting the pirates adding her barge to his meager fleet of ships giving him a total of fourJulia Minor eventually Innovative Technologies And Learning joins him on the island I liked learning about the cult of Aphrodite on the island Milo also eventuallyoins the group arriving later than Decius would have liked Decius gets into his usually troubles and "Scraps Always With Hermes At His Side "always with Hermes at his side can always trust JMR to provide us with good banter between the twoUnlike some of the other books I didn t guess the culprit and like Decius had started suspecting the wrong person while guilty of some minor involvement but not enough that Decius for once lets it slide There was some good side characters in this one too and of course an attractive female not Cleopatra that almost manages to ensnare Decius His weakness for beautiful woman is still prevalent but his fear of Julia s wrath is stronger She still hasn t let him forget about the German princess and that was before they were married Thankfully Hermes for once has his wits about him and intercedes when he sees Decius is far too compromised to think straightMy biggest complaint would have to be that the book starts with Clodius long time foil for Decius already dead His murder and the events that took place after it including Milo s exile would have made for a great book And while I normally don t like it when JMR relies too heavily on a historical event considering the built up animosity between Decius our protagonist and Clodius it seems odd to then skip over this key event With The Princess and the Pirates the reader hits the ground running the protagonist s archenemy is dead one of his best friends exiled his family s power fading But these issues weren t really tackled in this book instead they served as a backdrop to Decius adventures in CyprusSomehow I could not reconcil. As I walked back through the City my mood was moderately elevated This appointment did not displease me nearly as much as I pretended Like most Romans I abhorred the very thought of sea duty but this most Romans I abhorred the very thought of sea duty but this one of the rare occasions when I was looking forward to getting away from RomeFor years I had complained of the disorder of the City and now that it was gone I found that I missed it All the peace and uiet seemed unnatural I did not expect it to last Decius Caecilius Metellus the Younger in SPR IX The Princess and the Pirates His two years of aedileship over Decius is ready for his next adventure He would rather do anything than Building Resilience And Planning For Extreme Water Related Events join the war with Caesar in the dismal forests of Gaul so