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The pen name of Emma Drummond born in 1931 Her father was a member of the born in 1931 Her father a member of the British stationed in Hong Kong where Drummond spent the early years of her life As well as writing books she worked in the Women’s Royal Army Corps She is the bestselling author of many historical omances as well as the popular World War II novels romances as well as the popular World War II novels In The Morning At The Going Down Of The Sun We Will Remember and Shadows Over The


O solve the mysterious disappearance of a young secretary in Singapore Dearest Tiger deftly combines action adventure with a classic love story in this thrilling omance from Edna Dawes Praise for edna dawes ‘one of the very best Edna Dawes ‘One of the very best novelists’ Eastern Daily Press ‘A wonderful Story Compellingly Toldthe Authenticity Both compellingly toldthe authenticity both and emotional eally shines through’ – Sarah Harrison Edna Dawes is. Dearest TigerThe year of the finally brought them together only to face mortal danger She was beautiful and talented with a host of admirers But the only man she wanted was the one she couldn’t get Years ago as a school girl he had caught her eye Now she’d meet him again in a tropical paradise HOWEVER PARADISE IS NOT ALL PLAIN paradise is not all plain Kidnap theft espionage and even murder threaten to tear them apart as they attempt