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You Cant Force Love (Locked Hearts #1)

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Jordan has a tough life as his mother chooses another man and the man sees Jordan as evil His story ends abruptly as Kimberly s life is brought into focus as we learn her life with her Alcoholic Mother Who Abandoned Her Heart Wrenching mother who abandoned her Heart wrenching brutal the story is a collection of tragedies as the two characters meet each other for the first time and we see their scars and how their The Science Of Hormesis In Health And Longevity relationship develops Very scary story as it hides nothing from theeaders Powerful and heart wrenching story If you Mosaic Of Autoimmunity re looking for a warm and fuzzy feel goodead keep looking This book is not for you Marie Drake s YOU CAN book is not for you Marie Drake s YOU CAN FORCE LOVE is a true to life account of the tragedies that can and often than we want think about do befall young people The author intuitively delves into the minds hearts and souls of two teenagers who each suffer abuse and neglect from their parents This is the first installment in a three book series In this first book Marie Drake introduces you to Jordan "and Kimberly individually and she intricately sketches the beauty warts and "Kimberly individually and she intricately sketches the beauty warts and that develop their captivating characters Other Deformation Based Processing Of Materials reviewers have been sensitive to the portrait painted but I didn t find any unbearable details in the expectedly troubled and sad tale Sometimes authors drown you with the horrific but Drake masterfully weaves the background of her characters with a direct clear prose lending only enough darkness to sufficiently illustrate her point She then brings Jordan and Kimberly together where their lives intersect and you get a frontow seat From different towns and social backgrounds Jordan Fry and Kimberly Orvine experience life altering abuse lose a parent and land in the same foster home Angry and self deprecating; fiery edheaded Kimberly is deadset on lousy behavior and suffering the conseuences punishing herself for former sins Scared by his inner darkness pyromaniac Jordan has vowed to change for the better He focuses on Kimberly as the key to his success but she intends to make him break his promises Crystal's boyfriend had nearly killed her daughter Kimberly She flees Child Services's with her teenager and lands in the arms of a younger man A harmless crush turns ugly; Kimberly acts on instinct to survive and throws herself at a grown man Foolishly believing herself the seductress she has landed in the spider's web Crystal's chronic drug and alcohol use lead. O their believable struggle dealing with their pasts and shaping their futures Kimberly wants to break Jordan s will and seduce him Jordan wants to change Kimberly s mindset and transform her to a good girl By the end of book one this battle is decided but the story isn t overOnce engrossed in Jordan s and Kimberly s lives YOU CAN READ BOOK TWO YOU CAN T FENCE can ead book two YOU CAN T FENCE to see how the final act between them in YOU CAN T FORCE LOVE shifts the dynamic of their elationship and alters their pathsMarie Drake s LOCKED HEARTS series isn t a happily ever after boy meets girl falling in love omance However it is a deep and meaningful story of life lessons how bad things happening can mold a person s future for the better their journey to self acceptance healing and learning to love self and others It also combines an intriguing malevolent mystery born at the end of YOU CAN T FORCE LOVE that builds steam in book two I loved books one and two and look forward to Ranked Set Sampling reading book three Iecommend this series You Can t Force Love by Marie Drake is a stunning tale of selfish and self centered people who fail to see beyond their own interests and don t even know how much damage they cause to the psyche of their own children It is heart wrenching to see the growth of Jordan and Kimberly trying to deal with their indelible emotional scars which they try to hide even from their own selvesThis book is fast paced but slacks at places especially toward the ending I liked its superb handing of characters so true to life and its incisive edi. To Kimberly's placement in foster care with Dirk and Missy GimballJordan's mother and abusive dumped him on his
Grandfather's Porch In The Middle 
porch in the middle nowhere; he combats isolation and meets a girl that awakens menacing inner voice he fears He uncovers family secrets and creates some of his own A disastrous fire leaves the authorities with no choice; they move Jordan into a foster home until they can find his mother but Debbie's location is a mystery Dirk and Missy welcome him Kimberly views him as an opportunityFamiliar with trouble and scared by his inner darkness pyromaniac Jordan vows to alter his behaviors He'd previously pledged the same but a girl had clouded his mind and made it impossible for him to follow through Jordan fixates on Kimberly Transform her bad girl persona and coax her into a omance and he'll. ,

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Ting evokes admiration Drake s intense insights of human perceptions stand out as you try to analyze her characterization She could enter into the mind of the teenagers who are trying to fight their demons Jordan s guilt gives him sleepless nights Ray s face haunts him through the flames but his yearning for mother s love never ceases Kimberly whimpers in sleep I ll be good I ll be good A story of love and hatred intermingled
With Subtle Messages For All 
subtle messages for all wish to delve deep into human The Empire Of Apostles relationships this book won my heart despite a distressing plot and an unexpected ending You Can t Force Love Locked Hearts 1 by Marie Drake was a good book with amazingly detailed characters with their own very uniue and detailed backgrounds Jordan Fry and Kimberly Orvine both made for great main characters that drew me in and forced me to keepeading to learn the fates that awaited them both This is not my typical Abriss Der Deutschen Poetik read I like fantasy and this book was too close to a horrideality of some kids The story follows two teens who have grown up in horrific circumstances Jordan doesn t know how to love gently and never had anyone to speak to about his abusive tendencies "He Hurts People But "hurts people but he tries to learn from it and become a better person Unfortunately he doesn t get the help he needs and he isn t strong enough to control his inner desires Kimberly was forced into the arms of a child molester when her mother abandoned her for drugs When she is finally escued she s so traumatized that she spirals down a self depreciating pat. Be okay; they'll both be okay Angry and self deprecating fiery Kimberly is dead set on lousy behavior and suffering the conseuences No matter how many times she tries to exorcise them she gains no distance from her demons Kimberly challenges Jordan's plans Unaware of his atrocious past she's dangerously close to unleashing the evil he struggles to contain during their epic battle of wills Can they both survive A battered butterfly he'd build Kimberly up nurture her strength and watch her eturn to flight He epressed the visions dancing in the back of his mind; her naked body brandished ed flags and spurred him to stampede Bulls and butterflies did not mix Jordan Fry's obsession dawns in You Can't Force Love by Marie Drake Book I in the Locked Hearts Series a psychological suspense novel simmering with dark omantic undercurrent. ,