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The Shape of the EarthTo the table In Lenny S Case He Was So case Shiny Shapes he was so that it wasard to see why anyone would want Priddy Baby Lift The Flap him Nevertheless in both cases through their interactions with others they were loved They were considered attractive They brought about a fondness that just shouldn t or wouldn t exist if there was nothing to their character aside what was demonstrated on the page And this I think is very cleverSo clever in fact I will read this one again and willunt down McCann s other works now and in the future I My Easter Basket Tab Book have no ideaow to describe this book The first thing coming into my mind is Way Too Much Cream Forest Friends have the guessIave no idea what was the point of this book Show us the sex addict POVThis is not a romance or simple erotic story for me it s a story of a sex addict who just can t stop Mid Century Modern Interiors himself from sampling whatever comingis way He was shameless and couldn t stop but How Europe Made The Modern World he was jealous ifis partner was doing exactly the same behind The Bloomsbury Handbook Of 21st Century Feminist Theory his back It wasard for me to understand the relationship between the two main characters it was like open relationship but with Reimagining Childhood Studies hiding whatever they were doing with others behind their backs mostly the main H The jealousy the lies I just couldn t understand the point of itI like the beginning as it looked like the mainero was slapped by Karma Lusting for someone just to find out your other International Organizations And Global Civil Society halfas a sex relationship with that person already But then it went downhillI thought this book will be something totally different a story of two people in love struggling with lust for others but at the same time be willing to fight against it What I got was another storyThe reason why I Mixed Metaphors have given this book two stars and not less was that I couldn t put it down I wanted to understand where it was going and to beonest at the end of the book there was no answer but it kept me readingThere was sex on top of sex with even sex The cheating jealousy the confusion and mostly the selfish behaviour Nobody was a saint in this book there was just lust and no self control involvedIf you want just lots of sex threesomes and sex with constant dollops of cream this book if for youIf you want a great story with sexy times keep looking The ARC kindly provided by NetGalley There is so much to this story This is the first book I ve read in a long time where I am beyond Critical Creative Writing hating one of the main characters In my opinion Len is the mosteartless self centered type of guy I just can t Conflict And Contest In Nietzsche S Philosophy help but dislike He seems like a sex addict than a guy in a relationship He appears to want to torture Dave How they stay together and seem toave some sort of relationship I don t know I will say the story kept My Attention I Kept Waiting attention I kept waiting the light bulb to go on in Len That is sure not the way it ends I m still shaking my Debating Genocide head over the ending of this story I think maybe Dave needs a light bulb to go on forim With this one I wanted to try something different in the eroticromance department I usually don t read gay romance nor do I consume books with people in it who ave relationships with than one person It was an experimentOne that failed spectacularly Not exactly because of the reasons mentioned before it s because of the that failed spectacularly Not exactly because of the reasons mentioned before it s because of the of writing It is so dry I forgot what I read right after I read it I m sorry to say that I was bored to death There is no prettier way to express my feelings towards this book Therefore I can t recommend it Lenny is the ultimate poster boy for aving the cake and eating it too in all the flavor. ’s relationship spins out of control Lenny clings to Dave’s unassuming strength in The Straightforward Guide To Safeguarding Adults hopes of keepingimself grounded but when another seductive stranger becomes too tempting to resist Lenny and Dave face the ultimate challen. Ing is next publication while Lenny seems To Put In Minimal Effort And Care put in minimal effort and care is job managing a failing bookstore but never failing to get to the gym Enter Ian gorgeous and ambivalent Around Ian Lenny becomes predatory Inappropriate both because the attraction Ocd And Autism happens due to a working relationship and because the uestion of mutual attraction is up in the air He starts telling lies We are set up as observers while Lenny seduces or doese force a kiss from the appealing younger manAnd so the tension builds to a point where Lenny discovers something startling His devoted partner Dave is lovers with Improving Services For Transgender And Gender Variant Youth his very mucharangued love interest IanThis is not a romance It is not a morality story Nor is Lenny posited as a Midwinter Tales From Moominvalley hero After all the blurb advises that Lenny is a cheater He s not going to be entirely likable or depending on your point of view likable at all But that s not the point There is a big uestion in this book about the value of monogamy whatappens when it s broken and when accompanied by a web of lies is there any chance of recovery post betrayal Even beyond that the point as I see it anyway is to probe into uncomfortable spaces to figure out a what s next in a space where most people would only see an ending As an ancillary there s this uestion I Never Gonna Be Wifey have aboutow much of a role my cultural expectations of acceptablemonogamous relationships go Arabic Contemporary Theology hand inand with perhaps accepting or not accepting what might be better as a relationship that would be enhanced with bringing in other lovers When do we move beyond what is culturally acceptable and the feelings we were taught were the right ones into something unacceptable by most but better for us In this case there are several examples of us where solutions differ I find this rather interesting both in the sense of considering the uestion and Have More Life how McCann worked this seamlessly into this bookThe sex scenes and there are plenty serve as experiments each playing different states of now openly consenting threesomes both with and without asymmetric attraction between lovers developing relationships outside of a partnershipow a partnership changes while all of this is Feminist Jurisprudence happening And Gary Garth McCann took us through these possibilities beautifullySurprisingly the first person account for this book worked So often first person POV should perhaps be avoided when taking a reader to a place they wouldn t go themselves or at least when a reader isn t likely to identify with their bad choices Nevertheless McCann s writing was phenomenal I felt appalledumiliated embarrassed at Lenny s behaviorbut I felt it I genuinely Val Wood Untitled 2 had the experience of feeling like this could be my life I couldave done this and as a result my entire life could Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management have fallen apart as a result He took me to places I wouldn t go on my ownand is there anything you could ask for from a reading experience Not for me The writing was stunning I couldn t wait to read what came next I didn t always like what came next and sometimes I did but I couldn t put the book down withoutaving a running desire to pick it up again An interesting point on

is that I m all a sudden needing to pick up Andrew Sean Greer s Less for a second reading I rated it meh the first time around What these two MC s Perdidas had in common was a narration from first POV where the main character seemed toave nothing going for them In Less case Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials he was so overcome with Imposter s Syndrome as to appear toave nothing to bring. O keep Elephants his promise of fidelity to Dave He flirts relentlessly with grad student Ian untile discovers that Ian’s ambivalence masks something far personal and devastating Caught up in a whirlwind of sex and lies Lenny and Dave. .

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I soldiered on with this book in the ope that something would be resolvedredeemedor just anything No explanations were offered for Lenny or even Dave There were no tethers given to make you give a shit for any character one way or another It was merely one big and rather boring fuck fest described in such a way that made it of a yawn than watching paint dry The writing was stilted and choppy and the descriptive language was trying too ard to be something it could never be trying too ard to be something it could never be I were pushed to classify it felt like an amateur attempt at a memoir esue novel steeped in bad erotica It s not romance I am not appy with this book at all And it s made me not want to read anything else from this author And if you know me I don t say that lightlyThis book is nothing but cheating games and lies Two people who are supposed to be engaged One is flirting with a coworker and trying to sleep with Schlumpf The Intrigue Behind The Most Beautiful Car Collection In The him The other is actually sleeping with said man and when caught by the first the first is pissed Pissed atis boyfriend for cheating even though Autodelta he clearly wanted to and pissed at the guy becausee is sleeping with Moral Vision his fiance and notim These two engaged are urting people because they ensnare in their web of wanting to screw They end up hurting people because they ensnare in their web of wanting to screw They end up a threeway with the original guy but end up urting Becoming A Somebody him byaving a threeway with another and getting caught Plus there are other guys on the side It s just ridiculous They get mad and jealous and all weepy and stuff and yet they don t stop and they don t stop ruining people s lives I was just disgustedI don t try to judge people s lifestyles If you are Winds Of Darkness happy in a poly relationship then myat off to you If you are in an open relationship ok But if you are Coup In Dallas hurting people by the games you are playing and getting mad because you find out your other is cheating when you want to and are tryingthat s just too far I ve been reading many of the other reviews of this book and Ionestly don t get it I liked very much This is erotica folks And well written erotica at that Yes there were unpleasant aspects to the characters but so what I found it to be a fascinating read I fully intend to investigate Gary Garth McCann other writing to be a fascinating read I fully intend to investigate Gary Garth McCann other writing one wasn t for me The characters were extremely unlikeable and not is a good way and I just couldn t connect with any of them I also found the writing style very frustraing it was weird again not in a good way I really wanted to like this book but sadly I didn t feel any sort of connection with the characters The writing style wasn t my favorite either I felt like it over explained everything that was Pathways happening and didn t let the scenes developed naturally Unexpected Phenomenal Challenging Forbidden fruit meets bad behaviorThis bookad me simultaneously suirming with discomfort so much so I Spurgeon S Sermons For Today had to close my app only to reopen it moments later so I could find out whatappened nextThis apparently isn t the first time we see Lenny and Dave in print I m already on Gary Garth McCann s site to find out which of the publications features them but this book begins at an opportune time in their relationship They ve been in a monogamous relationship for a number of years Lenny moved from Balti after a prior break up to pick up where they left off They call each other lover always in italics denoting the apparent sincerity of their mutual feelingYet are they euals Have similar interests Dave Sound Works hisair boyishly tousled natch is often preoccupied with work and gett. Contemporary gay fictionAfter appearing in Best Gay Love Stories HarringtonGMF Review and Off the Rocks Lenny and Love Thy Neighbour his partner Dave return in aotbed of manhood and jealousy Lenny is managing a failing bookstore and struggling

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