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As a Essential Essays Two Volume Set romance solid characters As military science fiction no Just no Ievisited this one on audio Suzanne Toren was a fantastic Biblia Buenas Noches reader The story is full of intrigue and assassins and there s no telling whose side anyone is on despite their uniforms The war has ended and an uneasy peace is to be demonstrated by the bridge of Brit Bandar s aka Admiral Stone Heart new peace ship Her second in command Drakken Warleader Finn Rorrken was her a frustratingly elusive enemy not that long ago before he lost the war Then there s the 3rd part of the crew humans Not many but they add pop culture and a touch of irreverent humour to the mixThere are twoomances in this story the side Applied Mineralogy Of Cement Concrete romance being tentative and sweet Admiral Bandar is seteeling at the beginning of the book when she discovers that not
#Only Is Her Second In #
is her second in the same man she has chased across the galaxy but he closely Diffusion In Minerals And Melts resembles her dead husband But being ol Stoney Heart she manages to hide most of hereaction mostly This is a slow build omance although their attraction was immediate It s not as angsty as I feared what with them being enemies in the ecent past and Britt s hatred for all things DrakkenSusan Grant s heroes are always Alpha s who almost seem beta in that they usually think before they act Rather Biomineralization refreshingeally Think Captain Picard Fluid Fluid Interactions rather than Captain Kirk The heroines can take care of themselves They are strong heroines whose actions follow through and help build the character Rather than the author just saying the heroine is a strong woman and then having herun straight into danger without a plan The pacing is a wee bit slow here and there Perhaps a wee bit too much introspection on the part of the main characters but they HAVE A LOT OF PREJUDICES TO OVERCOME SO I a LOT of prejudices to overcome so I OK going with the flow But I New Views Of The Moon really appreciated how they both used their intelligence when faced with a problem and weren t afraid toethink anything Both of them had the minds of leadersFinn is super sexy with the tattoos and braided hair etc Mmmm Mmmm Mm I was Low Temperature Thermochronology really kept on the edge of my seateading thi. Galactic Rules of Engagement#1 Enemies must not become loversWelcome to the Borderlands where ules are meant to be broken Admiral Brit Bandar is the Coalition's greatest starship commander The outlaw known as the Scourge of the Borderlands taunted her in a galactic game of cat and mouse for years but she never caught him Now they're supposed S and the intrigue kept me guessing Although this follows The
#Star Princess You Don T #
Princess you don t to ead it to enjoy this bookSafety is good view spoiler the book opens with Britt just finishing A Night With A Male Prostitute While night with a male prostitute while leave It s not explicit She could care less about him and doesn t know his name This is just before she is called back to meet Finn and her new starship Finn gets hit on by some prostitutes on another planet before he gets the call to meet Britt and their destiny He isn t in the mood and has no money anyways His pilot flirts with him but he never sleeps with his crew hide spoiler Loved this eminiscent of Star Trek Voyager with his crew hide spoiler Loved this eminiscent of Star Trek Voyager Brit Bandar is the Coalition s greatest starship commander For years she has been chasing after an outlaw known as the Scourge of the Borderlands until peace was declared Now to show galactic unity she has been put in charge of a new ship with her old enemy Warleader Finn Rorkken as her second in command Brit and Finn have to find a way to work together unite their Hurry Down Sunshine respective crew members or at least stave off aiot and solve the mystery of who is killing off the inhabitants of Fragments Of An Infinite Memory remote outpostsIead this about six weeks ago borrowed from Prime but didn t get around to writing a G I Joe review at the time It was a well imagined lightheartedomp which also had some pointed comments about the need for acceptance and understanding of other peoples customs and behaviours I Handstitched Landscapes And Flowers really enjoyedeading it and I m itching to find the seco Moonstruck is moderately entertaining but shallow Ordinarily that would be fine with me sometimes a fun fluffy space opera is exactly what I want But for a book whose major themes include loss vengeance Beginner S Guide To Painting With Oil Pastels racial discrimination and cultural integration the lack of depth is disappointingOne problem I have with this novel is that the major characters surrender their prejudices and overcome their demons a little too easily given how much those failings defined them at the beginning of the novel Brit in particular seems like two completely different people from the beginning of the novel to the. O make peace and serve together on the same starship Not so easy to do when her sworn enemy turns out to be the only man who can make heremember what it is to feelWarleader and space pirate Finn Rorkken doesn't care how many medals “Stone Heart” Bandar has He's going to show her what it's like to be pursued and caught by a master Intergal. End She starts out cold practically soullessness but she is warm and passionate by the end of the novel The transition happens too uickly to be believable I think if she were a little less icy and prejudiced in the beginning her moments of warmth and humanity would feel natural Finn s development is a bit stable He decides pretty early on that he wants Brit and that is the foremost thought in his mind for the est of the book I guess that makes him a better lover than a first officer but at least he s easy to likeThe biggest problem with Moonstruck however is that the plot is just so damned predictable I knew from start to finish exactly what was going to happen next and who the bad guys WERE NO SURPRISES NO INTERESTING WORLD BUILDING NO UNEXPECTED No surprises no Interesting World Building No Unexpected Interactions world building no unexpected character interactions a esult it didn t hold my attention very well When I put the book down I didn t feel any urgency to pick it back up and keep eading In spite of these issues this is still a three star book Many of the characters are Dark Souls rather endearing even Brit some of the time and some of the dialog is cute I just couldn tead it without thinking about how much better it could have been So although it isn t bad Moonstruck is definitely not my favorite book by this author I mean I dunno what to say with this one When you Robotech Archives Macross Volume 3 re in a SF universe and a character iseferencing Devil meets Prada which only THREE years later dates the book how in the world can you believe that you e in a world where there are space ships and alternate aces UUUUUGHIn the VERY narrow category of SFRomance genre I list this on my shelf because there was something cool going on with the main character and her hero namely that SHE was the hard edged and alpha one and the dude didn t try to dominate her in a macho way which is so Required Screening rare inomance novels that I want to list it on my shelf for that uality alone The elationship between the main characters is definitely the selling point here not the believability of the SF world In a completely fluffy way I ok enjoyed it And the cover with the woman stroking hisgun made me laugh haha. Actic peace is on the line and if she wants his cooperation she'll have to surrender her heart Challenge accepted AdmiralThe Borderlands SeriesBook #1 WARLEADERBook #2 HUNTING THE WARLORD'S DAUGHTERBook #3 RAIDER BORNThree Borderlands preuels The Otherworldly Men SeriesBook #1 GUARDIAN ALIENBook #2 ROYAL RECRUITBook #3 CYBORG AND THE SINGLE MOM. ,

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