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When was the ast time You Thought Of Doing Something thought of doing something the first time Into Africa A Hunter's Safari was written about and for a first time African safari adventurer with the sense of wonder that only comes with first times At the same time a personal memoir and how to guide it explores what professional "Hunter Author Peter "and author Peter Capstick to as the greatest adventure remaining on Earth Why write a book about hunting Africa After all many hunters have done so over the ast century most notably. .

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Hen you do and what comes after you return home It evolved out of the author's twelve day experience and is not meant to compete with books featuring action packed covering a decade or across Africa nor does it "Contain Harrowing Tales Of Risky High Adventure Dangerous Game Hunts tales of risky high adventure dangerous game hunts such stories the deeds and words of the author hunters previously mentioned are a worthy read But for those wanting an honest portrayal of what to expect from their first African safari this book is the only one you'll nee. Selous Hemingway Ruark and recently Peter Hathaway Capstick John Pondoro Taylor and Craig Boddington As history shows each could handle a gun or pen with eual finesse But Craig Boddington As history shows each could handle a gun or pen with eual finesse But those who have dreamt of hunting Africa it might seem an unachievable dream This book written by someone who faced the same uncertainties and asked the same uestions about cost and other challenges "Aims To Lay Bare "to ay bare facts while sharing a priceless experienceComprised of three parts the book outlines how to get there what will happen