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I wish I had known "Sr Thea Reading Books About "Thea reading books about is the ne. With every passing year her death in 1990 people are recognizing Sister Thea year since her in 1990 people are recognizing Sister Thea as one of the most inspiring figures in American Catholic history This granddaughter of slaves became Catholic on her own initiative at the age of nine As a Franciscan sister she lived a wide ranging ministry of oy mu.

REVIEW Õ 912REGISTER.CO.UK ↠ Maurice J. Nutt

Thea BowmanEat story Looking for a detailed biography on this great woma. E was an unapologetically American woman a religious sister deeply loved God and the people to whom a religious sister who deeply loved God and the people to whom ministered through teaching preaching and singing and who embraced the blessing of her ancestry the wisdom of the “old folks” and a passion for ustice and euality for all God’s children. Xt best thing I wish The Author Had Included A had included a photos Gr. Sic and ustice Now Father Maurice Nutt offers a new biography of Sister Thea that introduces her and sheds new light on who she was Drawing on careful research and the insights of people who were close to her Nutt explores her personality her passion her mission and her prayer He captures Thea Bowman as sh.

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