Rotten Bodies (PDF)

Oor were especially prone to generating and spreading contagious DISEASE AND BRITISH DOCTORS AND LAYPEOPLE ALIKE TOOK THOSE and British octors and laypeople alike took those to heart guiding medical ideas of class throughout the eighteenth century Dense congregations of the poor in workhouses hospitals slums courtrooms markets and especially prisons were rendered sites of immense anger in the pub. Lic imagination and the fear that small outbreaks Might Run Wild Became A run wild became a cultural force Extensively researched with a wide body of evidence this book offers a fascinating look at how class was constructed physiologically and provides a new connection between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries and the ravages of plague and cholera respectivel. A revealing look at how the memory of the plague held the poor responsible for Epidemic Disease In Eighteenth Century disease in eighteenth century Britain had no idea that it would not see another plague #after the horrors of 1666 and for a century and a half the fear of #the horrors of 1666 and for a century and a half the fear of isease gripped and shaped British Society Plague Doctors society Plague octors long asserted that the bodies of the .

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Rotten Bodies

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