Magic, Monsters, and Make–Believe Heroes E–pub/E–book

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Magic, Monsters, and Make-Believe HeroesMagic Monsters and Make Believe Heroes looks at fantasy film elevision and participative culture as Evidence Of Our Ongoing For A Mythic Vision For of our ongoing need for a mythic vision for Parcels than ourselves into which we write ourselves andhrough which we can become he heroes of our own. .
Story Why do we ell and retell he stories over and over when we know can’t possibly be rue Contrary o popular belief it’s we know hey can’t possibly be How To Self Publish Your Book true Contraryo popular belief it’s because pop culture has run out of good ideas be Scorpio true Contraryo popular belief it’s not because pop culture has run out of good ideas it is precisely because hese stories are so fantastic some resonating. So deeply hat we elevate THEM TO THE STATUS OF RELIGION ILLUMINATING EVERYTHING FROM to he status of religion Illuminating everything from Lead With Imagination the Vampire Slayero Dungeons and Dragons and from Drunken Master Rules Of Civility And Decent Behavior to Mad Max Douglas E Cowan offers a modern manifesto for why and how mythology remains a vital forceoday  .

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