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Etgalley and the publisher for the chance "to read this bookI id think this started out slow and as a result I had a "read this bookI The Georgics Of Vergil did think this started out slow and as a result I had a time getting in When I chose to review this book Iidn t realize it was set in a senior community So when I started reading it took me aback for a few chapters You Cantiones Et Muteti don t see a lot of older sleuths in the cozy mystery genre theseays even though Miss Marple was surely one of the forerunners Once I got past that fact I Sir Michael Scott Vol 3 Of 3 discovered it was a pretty good read But you will need to get your score cards out because there are A LOT of people running around in this book I had a hard time keeping track of them allBasic premise Cleo and her friends go into one of the businesses at Royale Court Theoor is open even though the business looks closed Their friend the shop owner should have been there and they Proceedings Of The Philosophical Society Of Glasgow Vol 26 decide to wait inside They find aead body inside the bathroom in the business in an awkward position He was wearing biking gear as if he had recently been on a bicycle ride And off the story goes from thereI was having a he had recently been on a bicycle ride And off the story goes from thereI was having a time connecting to this book Not sure if it was the over abundance of characters or the setting still throwing me off I on t have much experience with senior communities so it was unclear how to visualize such a place I am sure the seniors among us will find this book uite compelling but for me it fell flat It was just okay Middle of the road I idn t connect with any of the characters or even care if the mystery was solved Sorry to sayBut this could be your cup of tea so check it out if you are so compelledI received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title This is the 2nd book in this The Story Of My Deportation delightful series and a series I uite highly recommend The charcters are enjoyable and the sleuth was very well crafted to conclusion I have not read the first in series buto recommend it as you will start out with a foundation of knowing the charcters It was easy enough for me to catch up with this book as the author The Principles Of The Solution Of The Senate House Riders does a excellent job ofescribing everyone and introducing her readers to the series Murder at Royal Court is the second in the Cleo Mack Mystery series This cozy takes place in Fairhope Alabama in Harbor Village a retirement home of eclectic fun active residents Cleo is a college professor who took an early retirement and is the new The Highest Life director of the retirement village She also is a sleuth as a pastime which she is uite adept at She is a smart active senior and a great charcter When a body is found Cleo takes on the sleuthing as she tries to help a Harbor Village s resident who suspects her brother Suspects abound and soon Cleo is on the way to solving the murder with the help of her retirement village residents Thank you for the ARC My opinion is my own It is such aelight to read a series with a senior Protagonist Thank you to the author for featuring Cleo as smart vital and a savvy investigator I love the fellow residents of the village and enjoy getting to know them through the author I look forward to the next in series This is a Calendar Of Letter Books Preserved Among The Archives Of The Corporation delightful read that I highly recommend Wellone to the author I really enjoyed this book Murder at Royal Court is the second in the Cleo Mack Mystery series Although it can stand on its own I recommend reading the fist in the series because it is eually good This cozy takes place n Fairhope Alabama and centers around Harbor Village a retirement home full of interesting and eclectic residents Cleo is a college professor who took an eclectic residents Cleo is a college professor who took an retirement and suddenly finds herself as the Harbor Village new The Practical Medicine Series Vol 2 Of 8 director and local amateur sleuth There is murder mayhem and scams as well as red herrings twists and turns The plot unfolds masterfully and the characters come to life I highly recommend this cozy mystery serie. He Royale Court shopping center   When an innocent man lands in the hot seat for murder Harbor Village residents look to Cleo to crack the case Aided by an eclectic group of energetic seniors Cleo races to identify the true culprit from a growing list of harmless Sundayrivers before a killer revs up for another hit and ru. ,
Murder at Royale Court Cleo Mack #2Murder at Royale Court is the second story in A Cleo Mack Mystery series I recommend reading Murder at Harbor Village before picking up Murder at Royale Court It will allow you to learn how Cleo came to be living in Fairhope and managing Harbor Village Cleo Mack is enjoying her new life in Fairhope Alabama She has a close group of friends an active social life and is busy learning her new job at Executive Director of Harbor Village As part of their new lecture series Reg Handleman will be giving automobile themed talks for three ays which ties in with the upcoming automobile show to benefit the hospital Cleo is surprised to learn That Money Can Be Made money can be made investing in cars and that there are scam artists who take advantage of that fact When Devon Wheatley a local financial planner is murdered cleo finds herself searching for answers the mystery finds herself searching for answers The mystery complex as Cleo plunges into the world of finance looking for suspects One clue though gave away the identity of the culprit to me I wish solving the crime had been of a challenge The resolution of the crime was supposition instead of facts I would have preferred efinitive answers There are a numerous characters in Murder at Royale court and I found it Second Annual Report Of The Governor Of Porto Rico difficult to keep track of them employees residents guests shopkeepers at Royale Court While I found some of the information on automobiles interesting I could haveone with less of it though car lovers will relish it I thought it bogged Los Estados Unidos De La Am Rica Del Norte down the story I like theeveloping romance between Cleo and Riley They make a cute couple and seem compatible There is humor sprinkled throughout the story and lovely For Your Sweet Sake descriptions of Fairhope I liked the reference to Fannie Flagg and the movie Fried Green Tomatoes based on her book Murder at Royale Court has charming characters frisky felines a complex crime amazing automobiles and vindictive villain Murder at Royale Court is the second story in the Cleo Mack Mystery series I am happy to report it is eually as entertaining as its predecessor The tale is shared in the first person POV of Cleo Mack early retiree from her position as a social work professor in Atlanta moving to coastal Alabama to be closer to heraughter and family Four months into her position as irector of Harbor Village Cleo is comfortable in her new job and is in a good place emotionally and mentally We are brought up to speed on some of the big changes she s instituted at Harbor Village and of the big changes she s instituted at Harbor Village and continue to follow her along as she works out how to improve things for residents The author oes a wonderful job sharing Cleo s experiences and allowing the reader to learn while enjoying the informationThis time around Cleo and close friend Nita find a Petroleum And Natural Gas In New York State Vol 16 dead body while watching over the local knit shop as a favor to Anne The timing is coincidental to the first ever Fairhope Automobile Show which is the center of the entire community s focus There are new faces brought in because of the show and returning residents and friends who support Cleo including a small romantic side story Once again I appreciate how Cleooesn t see it as her job to figure out who the murderer is but rather she helps the police because she can The mystery is complex but not confusing or overdone It unfolds slowly as peripheral actions and events all start to fit together I really enjoyed how the author allows us to see the world as Cleo sees it providing so much escription and attention to the world around Cleo I appreciate that Cleo thinks about what is going on and processes the information without making assumptions or jumping to conclusions She s smart but she shares her thoughts rather than holds on to information or theories and she relies on others to help her It s refreshing and enjoyableNarration Karen White continues to bring life to Cleo Her voice for the narratorCleo is strong and confident just like Cl. Harbor Village is a vivacious retirement paradise known for its beachy locale and active senior scene But ever since murder moved in the idyllic coastal community is becoming a little less lively   With the first annual antiue car show cruising into the tranuil bayside oasis of Fairhope Alabama there are bumpy roads ahead

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Eo is written Ms White alters her voice for ialogue adjusting for age gender and regional The Virginia Campaign Of 64 And 65 dialect Her female charters are slightly stronger than her male characters with each beingistinguishable from the other I can clearly tell who is talking based solely on their voice Overall she performs the story wonderfully keeping me engaged and interestedMurder at Royale Court is another great mystery and story I feel like an honorary member of Harbor Village I love the little etails of Cleo s life It s her life outside the mystery that I m most enjoying how she s turning around Harbor Village and making friendsMy RatingsNarration A Story A Review copy provided by Tantor Audio Murder at Royale Court by GP Gardner is the second book in the Cleo Mack series and id not Historia De La Nueva M Xico disappoint I thoroughly enjoyed the first in this series and was eually intrigued by this oneCleo is finally beginning to feel at home in Harbor Village as she learns the ropes of becoming the Harbor Villageirector She has made friends with several of the residents and enjoys spending time with them at the activities that are scheduled at this retirement community The plot is well crafted and uickly paced as Cleo oesn t set out to solve the mystery but becomes involved when a neighbor and friend asks for her help The secondary characters of active seniors each add insights to this perplexing murder mystery I look forward to mystery adventures with Cleo and her friendsI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book from Lyrical Underground via NetGalley All of the above opinions are my own Murder at Royal Court is the second in the Cleo Mack Mystery series Although it can be read as a standalone I recommend reading the fist in the series to get a feel of the characters and "Circumstances Surrounding Cleo S "surrounding Cleo s life This cozy takes place in Fairhope Alabama a small town on the coast and centers around Harbor Village a retirement community with many interesting residents Cleo is a college professor who took an early retirement and suddenly found herself as the Director of Harbor Village In this book Cleo and her friend Nita have volunteered to work at Ann s knitting shop for the ay while she was busy setting up plans for a knitting retreat What they were not counting on was finding a Arno S Vale dead body in the shared washroom Once it isetermined that he was strangled Cleo s friend Ann asks for her help as her brother Usher seems to be the main suspectThere are many things I enjoy about this book F Murder at Royale Court by G P Gardner is the 2nd book in the Cleo Mack mystery series and a very enjoyable book When Cleo arrived in Fairhope Alabama and uickly makes friends got a job and a place to live at Harbor Village working as the irector In this adventure a car show is coming to town and a car lecture at the Village over several nights On top of that at the Village over several nights On top of that man was found ead at the Royale Court shopping center by Cleo and her friend Cleo tries t The second book in the Cleo Mack series continues on with the lives of the seniors populating Harbor Village in Alabama A Historical And Descriptive Account Of China Vol 1 Of 3 delightful experience is to spend time with the residents I Cleo promised Ann that Nita and she would take her place at the knitting shop There they find a manead in a bathroom that joined 3 shops It was later Historia Del Colegio Mayor De Sto Tom S De Sevilla Vol 1 determined that he was strangled Cleo has her work running the resort looking for the killer and all the events for the area s auto show Harbor Village will host a series of talks about the history of automobiles This is a highly popular series Cleo has to juggle romantic interest between several men A love triangle is not occurring The ending is unusual but satisfactory I highly recommend this book and seriesKnitting pattern includedDisclosure Thanks to Lyrical Underground for a copy through NetGalley The opinions expressed are my own Thank you to Or Harbor Villageirector Cleo Mack As an automobile themed lecture series gets off to a rough start she finds herself balancing one too many responsibilities and The Guide To The Stage Containing Clear And Ample Instructions For Obta dodging advances from a shady event sponsor It’s enough to make Cleo feel twice her age But the festivities reach a realead end when she iscovers a body at ,