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Ir about the authors life She delves into the reasons behind her poverty and explains very matter of factly what she has had to deal with from a young age The language is harsh in places but this helps to make full impact This will make you uestion if you weren t already the benefits system the 0 hours system and affordable housing situationIt did get uite political from the start and continues periodically throughout and the ending was a bit abrupt maybe leaving room for the next instalmentMy thanks to Ebury for the gifted copy of this in exchange for an honest review My favourite book I ve read this year it needs to BE READ BY EVERYONE BUT IN PARTICULAR CONSERVATIVE VOTERS read by everyone but in particular Conservative voters fascinating I Love this book so much Mind blowing Will read over again and again thanks to the publishers and netgalley for a free copy in return for an open and honest review This book was very open and frank and details the authors memoir of austerity Britain bringing up a child alone through doing sex work and moving from place to place the thing I liked the most was cash s frankness in describing things which made the book for me and didn t brush anything under the carpet This memoir is available from 11th July 2019 Some people may think that living in Britain has a safety net for ones that find themselves at a disadvantage to othersPeople who are able bodied or well enough to work Those that work but get top ups from Universal creditIf you fall out of work there s benefits in the UK It ll be alrightNot the case What if you were 16 Moved around the system with no stability or a place to call homeThen finding yourself pregnant Checking into a women s refugeStealing for needs to survive Lots of hard hitting facts in this down to earth fact speaking messagesA child disowned by its parents lead to a lot of psychological damage As this writer puts it they lose their minds on Mother s Day Father s Day and Christmas all the days supposed to be spent with family It s a real eye opener to how Britain is failing citizens of its own countryIt s not all doom and gloom oh no This girls a fighterHer child is loved And although this woman is kicked both physically literally and metaphorically she stands tallLiving below the poverty line in Britain is a catch 22 position No one wants to give you a better ob you don t fit inMost are given obs on the minimum wage which offers no add on top ups rent goes up utility bills increase and the public spendature is cutThis woman has a sense of humour and I laughed out loudBut couldn t get past the thought of we laugh we shield ourselves from the emotional painWe laugh sometimes as a defence mechanismIt s a truly remarkable down to earth FACTUAL eventIt could one day be anyone s storyIt could one day be yoursI really hope notThis is #surviving we shouldn t ust need to be #We shouldn t Confessions Of A Social Secretary just need to be the brink of something toust survive We should be enjoying lifeCash reminds herself of the important things love for her daughter community and friendship and through this Britain government need to change to protect those vulnerable in society and give them a leg up The majority of us are working class But that takes effort or luck to get thereThe poverty line is real in Britain Cash can prove it I was sent this unsolicited book from Ebury Publishing todayI only intended to skim it and maybe read it later but I was hooked I ve got nothing done been sat reading this Cash really knows how to tell it like it is it was like sitting next to her and her telling me her life so far story. Fuges and temporary accommodation and the feelings of displacement and separation that followDespite the daily challenges and the difficult hurdles she must ump over to survive Cash never loses sight of what's most important in life as she also explores friendship family and hope in the darkest of timesBlunt dignified and brutally revealing Skint Estate takes Cash’s personal story and skilfully weaves it into a manifesto for chan. ,

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TW domestic abuse physical abuse sexual abuse explicit language and discussions of sexual contentThank you very much to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for allowing me to read an eARC copy of Skint EstateWow All I can say to this book is Wow It was a real eye opener in my ob i m no stranger to working with people who are in the depths of poverty but actually reading this deep and real experience of someone living below the poverty line was uite harrowing I cannot imagine how Cash had such power to get up every day and carry on living She was let down by almost everyone in her life family friends loved ones and professionals who are meant to be there to support you in the worst of times Cash doesn t hold back And I don t think she should this is the real experience of so many people and it needs to be shouted across the screens People need to stand up and take notice and actually start doing something to change This story Reports Of Cases Decided In The Appellate Court Of The State Of Indiana just made me ache I admire her bravery and her strength and herust real grit and determination In the face of all this crap she manages to have humour and an insane amount of love for her daughter Everything Cash does she does for her daughter and that love she has for her is the thing that keeps her going I read this in practically #One Sitting And Literally #sitting and literally t put it down any chance I had to pick it up and read another few pages I did The only only reason I gave it four stars was because the structure of the book was at times The Hand Book Of The Law Of Legacies just really confusing The timelineumps around uite a lot and it gets confusing at what stage in her life Cash is This book takes you to places you do not want to go but that you need to go to understand ust what other people s lives are like I highly recommend picking this one up but it is definitely not an easy read Publish Date 12th March 2020 This book addresses wealth privilege and leaves out no detail about the reality of balancing motherhood and poverty Cash talks about well pretty much everything The reality of food banks the conditions of sex work the impact of politics on families in poverty the issue of racism in council housing and how poverty impacts mental health are ust some mentions "No Detail Is Too Much In This Book The Humour "detail is too much in this book The humour is paired with this uncensored style makes this book feel pretty insensitive at times Although to me this tone is what makes this book such a success perfectly capturing the humour that we use to stay afloat in hard times This book is informative and emotive than any page of statistics ACTUAL RATING 45 STARS910This was really really difficult to read but oh so important Full review to come This book is ust something else It is a book that should be read by everyone Most importantly by the people who wouldn t read it It can not be described as enjoyable It is a difficult subject matter that is told with gritty truth anger and a splash of the narrator s dry humour But it is powerful It is a call to arms Cash Carraway tells you her story The story of a single mother doing everything she can to survive ToProvide To try to get out of the poverty trap Working class single mothers are vilified in the media Benefit scum lazy Jeremy Kyle fodder The women who really anger the Daily Mail types The type of women that the white middle aged men on faceless social media platforms like to say things like they shouldn t have kids if they can t afford them and they should be sterilised for wasting my tax payers money you know exactly who I m talking about They are the people that ‘Cash is the definition of edgy a truly distinctive voice’ – Lionel Shriver bestselling author of We Need to Talk about Kevin How many unheard voices are out there ust like me Cash Carraway is a single mum living in temporary accommodation She’s been moved around the system since she left home at sixteen She’s also been called a stain on society And she’s caught in a poverty trap Skint Estate is the hard hitting debut Hould read this book I am a working class single mother myself one of the reasons I was drawn to this book But Cash s life is not "Mine This Takes You From "This takes you from s refuges and police cells to peep shows and strip clubs Where bankruptcy temporary accommodation food banks and period poverty are regular occurrences This book shows you how our current benefit system is not working How the government is cleansing London if it s working class and people are turning a blind eye Through this memoir there is love a mothers love for her child there is resilience there is a voice to be heard This is an
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raw angry for change ARC received in exchange for an honest review This is the memoir of a woman who is not a stain on society She s not a shameful secret stealing money from the government She s not lazy or greedy She s a single mother raising a child in a city she loves with no support network and a history of domestic abuse Cash Carraway is Fair Play just one voice in millions that we never hear Forgotten and ignored This is her story her life but unfortunately it s far from uniue I finished this in one day Cash has a brash sometimes aggressive writing style that is both compelling andarring to read She can certainly get her point across and it s an important one at that She talks of a violent childhood leading to a violent adulthood and pregnancy Alone scared but excited to finally have somebody to love and be loved in return She talks about being ignored and stigmatised throughout her time as a single mother people ust don t listen to women like her I knew going in this would be dark #At Times Bleak And Depressing #times bleak and depressing I wasn t expecting it to raise so much anger in me Anger at these women being overlooked abandoned when they are at their most vulnerable by a government that doesn t care The shame and despair relying on zero hour obs and food banks to survive Living below the poverty line stealing sanitary towels because you can t afford them and thinking of suicide as your only escape from this life At times it was devastatingly heartbreaking The main positive I took is the absolute love Cash so clearly has for her daughter Together they are a formidable team and have bonded in a way that only their shared life experiences could bring Also the chapter surrounding the dilapidated women s refuge and subseuent if brief unification of the women and their solidarity to bring about change showed a small glimmer of hope on an otherwise desolate landscape These women need a voice they need an opportunity to voice it and I applaud Penguin for giving Cash the stage to do it on The reason I can t rate this higher is really down to the structure of the writing which gets a bit messy towards the end of the book A few chapters seem to loose steam or have a strange writing style to them and the chronology goes a bit haywire Sometimes I also found the writing a bit too out there I didn t mind the swearing although after a while it felt a bit gratuitous but I d have preferred some context with the strange porn style scene I got near the end which goes made me feel uncomfortable and felt entirely out of place It lessened her important message Ultimately this is an honest and harsh memoir from a voice that needs to be heard They re all voices that need to be heard The women The survivors Those living but not thriving Those slowly dying due to a government that wants to erase their existence Given the way the UK voted recently this should be reuired reading This was a very readable memo. Emoir about impoverishment loneliness and violence – set against a grim landscape of sink estates police cells refuges and peepshowsTold frankly but with an eye roll and a smirk Cash delves into the reality of family estrangement mental illness alcoholism and domestic violence in working class Britain today We're taken on her isolated ourney as benefit cuts lone parenting and zero contract hours force her to turn to food banks re. Skint Estate A memoir of poverty motherhood and survival

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