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Drake I can not emphasis how much enjoyment get from this series The uirky characters and constant action along with their love story The uirky and constant action along with their love story me so happy that I found this author and her books Looking forward to May and the next in the series because this cliffhanger is going to be hard to ignore another five star read Good romantic comedy suspense stories Can t wait for the next one DisappointedI really adore this series and was so excited to realize there was a new book I bought it immediately and dove right in Many things were happening right off the bata baby shower a robbery a strange pregnant woman calls from Mr Pastor and an angry man maybe looking for revenge My brain was in overload trying to sort it all out but also excited about all the convoluted possibilities Unfortunately there was no danger or suspense and the ending was abrupt leaving most everything still hanging I was left feeling like I read the start of a book rather than a whole book and wondering why this couldn t have been condensed into a few chapters at the beginning of the next book This certainly didn t feel like a wise investment of my money That said I don t intend to uit the series since it s one of my favorites Hopefully the next book will do to progress the story. As Anabel investigates the shocking rumors not only is her bubble of happiness dented it's burst wide Anabel investigates the shocking rumors not only is her bubble of happiness dented it's burst wide in a torrent of mind blowing uestionsIn the tumultuously tantalizing A Marriage with Mojo Volume 9 in The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod ongoing series there's only one thing Anabel’s sure of in her shiny new marriage to Luke Drake the honeymoon is definitely overReserve your preorder copy today of A Marriage with Mo.

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Another great bookI love the Anabel Axelrod series It makes me laugh until I cry I read this so fast and now I will re read it again I Pre ordered Of Pleasures and Power I can t wait Magic and Mayhem at Its BestAnother great installment in the Annabel Axelrod series Annabel is like an old friend Tracy has a way of making you feel like you are part of the family and not ust watching the action through a window Marriage with Mojo grabs you from page one and you hang on to the end trying to figure everything out with Annabel And God help me when Luke says Anabel Anabel You know it is going to be something goooood in an oh so bad way This book is an exciting fun and fast read I have already pre ordered the next It can t come soon enough I wait eagerly for every installment of Anabel Luke and her wacky band of uber hyper family and friends This book felt a bit short to me maybe I ust didn t want it to end as uickly as it did It was an enjoyable read as always but it almost felt like a Bridge Book Setting Me Up book setting me up a shift in direction Anabel s weekly scenario calls with Pastor Tre Js unexpected meeting with another character The ending left a wow cliffhanger but it also left me crying for Just where does one get a pink fringed cheerleader dress “This marriage biz is a snap”With a couple months of wedded bliss under her belt Anabel wonders why she was ever so wary to believe in a monogamous long term relationship Back in her happy place of working long hours in the store by day and pleasing her sexy husband for long hours by night Anabel’s never been satisfied in her life Even helping friends in turmoil tracking down cheating boyfriends dealing with one sca. 5I ve enjoyed most of the series This one was good Just not great It ust ended too It wasn series This one was good Just not great It ust ended too It wasn completely wrapped up but continues I love the Anabel Axelrod seriesI love the Anabel Axelrod series Funny sexy as hell a damn good read I especially enjoy laugh at the sex kittenmean mommyaccountant voices she argues with daily I hate cliffhangersYou did it again I always love Anabel and Luke But a cliffhanger I would be okay but before I started your book I finished a different series and guess what cliffhanger Still love this series will always keep reading cliffhanger and all lol If you haven t read this series it
s a excellent 
a excellent great stories you get it all mystery love family and a little bit of kink Tracy Ellen does it again Wow A major plot twist smacks us in the face in the beginning of the book which caused so much anxiety for me that I had to stay up past 3am to get answers As always the hilarious banter between the characters and steamy chemistry between our favorite couple had me glued to the Kindle As Well I Just as well I ust these two so much and I can t get enough I was so sad for this long awaited story to end and then it ends with such a 5 StarsAnabel Anabel two little words and I am whisked back into the world of Luke and Anabel Axelrod. Ry pregnant sister in law and one very scary persistent ob offer doesn’t put a dent in Anabel’s post honeymoon deliriumBut then reports start coming in from her Northfield Network that a hugely pregnant stranger is waddling around town Anabel agrees that sounds terribly uncomfortable but doesn’t see the significance to heruntil the first reports are followed up with the whispered gossip Luke Drake's the baby daddy. .

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A Marriage with Mojo, Volume 9, The Adventures of Anabel Axelrod

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