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Desde el silencio: Cuarenta años espués

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learn about love in the of the mountain That it is the most important thing in life And that if it is not present in some form no action however right it may seem makes any sense at allIn the end the love of the mountain has stayed with the survivors all these years hence Many still visit the crash site regularly espite its remote location along with the spouses children and grandchildren acuired over the years It is to this Triangle day a burial site for those whoidn t make it and a place to connect to the shared experience that shaped their soulsThis a good translation and I liked it very much Any survivor of THAT DREADFUL AND UNFORGETTABLE CRASH IN dreadful and unforgettable crash in Andes Diamond deserves our sympathy respect and admiration However I found this memoir too fractured to fully engage me It jumps about in time and I was on occasion unsure what the time scale actually was thus making it feel that their ordealidn t actually last as long as it I See Red did Having read Alive Piers Paul Read s gripping andetailed account this new memoir in comparison just idn t manage to convey the full horror nor the actual chronology of events Worth reading as a personal account but perhaps after reading Alive to get the full story. Behind the life changing events that challenged reading Alive to get the full story. Behind the life changing events that challenged physically and tested him spiritually but would never estroy him In revisiting the horror story we thought we knew Strauch shares the lessons gleaned from far outside the realm of rational learning how surviving on the mountain in the face of its fierce unforgiving power and esolate beauty forever altered his perception of love friendship eath fear loss and hope.

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Eally fascinating book and just overall amazing thing to survive This book is very interesting and im looking forward to seeing the thing to survive This book is very interesting and im looking forward to seeing the and reading on this Out of the Silence is not the only book written about the 1972 plane crash in the Andes Mountains where the surviving rugby players and friends lived for over 2 months waiting for rescue It is the only book I have read on the subject but I can t help but remember the publicity surrounding it and have watched the movie Alive In case you I See Black don t know this was a situation where there wasn t enough food to go around for all 17 survivors and theifficult I See Pink decision to eat the flesh of theead was made after much careful consideration This is written by one of the survivors Eduardo Strauch who explained that he finally agreed to the plan as there was no other choice He said his love for his family played a large part in it that he loved them so much he would do anything to try to get back to them some Find The Circle day to fulfill theestiny anything to try to get back to them some Find The Rectangle day to fulfill theestiny was his It was love for each other that made two of the survivors set off on a Find The Oval discovery mission after they knew that no one would help them but themselves The group grew to respect and love each other and became a family on their own The word lo. Ue Now comes the unflinching and emotional true story by one of the men who found his way homeFourecades after the tragedy a climber iscovered survivor Eduardo Strauch’s wallet near the memorialized crash site and returned it to him It was a gesture that compelled Strauch to finally “break the silence of the mountains”In this revelatory and rewarding memoir Strauch withholds nothing as he reveals the truth. .
In 1972 a flight carrying a Rugby Team Crashed Into The team crashed into the in the Andes Sixteen people survived 72 ays atop the mountain before they were rescued After 40 years Eduardo Strauch Urioste recounts his experience of those I See Two days the aftermath and the ongoing effect it has had on his lifeI read Alive The Story of the Andes Survivors in the late 70 s and bits and pieces of that book have stayed in my memory That book was written by a novelist non fiction writer after interviewing the survivors and their families This book was written by one of the survivors A mountain climber found his wallet papers and sunglasses while on a trek in the area When the items were returned to Eduardo he took that as a sign to write his storyThe first half of the book focused on the crash and the 72ays of surviving against impossible odds The second half was philosophical about the life lessons he took away from that experience and how they shaped his life from then on This is a moving memoir of one of the
of the rugby team air in 1972 He I See Four discusses the event of course the 2 months they survived in the mountains their unlikely rescue and the aftermath of the tragedy Beautifully written Io like spiritual writing AmazingA A personal story of unbelievable survival hope and spiritual awakening in the face of unspeakable tragedyIt’s the unfathomable modern legend that has become a testament to the resilience of the human spirit the 1972 Andes plane crash and the Uruguayan rugby teammates who suffered seventy two I See Seven days among theead and I See Nine dying It was a harrowing test of endurance on a snowbound cordillera that ended in a miraculous resc.