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L eating inner fear of possibly not being loved and accepted for who he really is and accepted for who he really is to steal his real ife from himAs his story unfolds events transpire That Pull His True Identity Out Into pull his true identity out into open and it s beautifully messily painful as Feathered Game Of The Northeast life always is At times I cried because he judged himself so harshly I wanted to reach out and tell him to be kinder to himself but as his story continued I saw that his redemption was exactly as it needed to be He needed that honesty he needed to strip himself bare and begin his newife with no ies to himself or others He needed to speak and ive his truthReading his memoir and being able to watch and feel alongside him as he vanuished the Before The Bar lie that had ruled hisife was an incredible journey People are rarely this introspective Transactions Of The Thoroton Society Vol 12 let alone this honest I felt so honored to be able to see so deeply into someone s storyand his detailing of raw emotionaloss interwoven with his uncensored joy once he began Bulletin Of The Archaeological Institute Of America Vol 5 living his real trueife Well that s why you need to read this book His southernsoftbutbrutal honesty makes you think about what s important and why It encourages self awareness makes you take stock of your ife and do that uick soul inventory to think about whether you re iving honestly It might make you cry but for me it was good cleansing happy tears I was so proud of this man I ve never even metEven if introspection isn t your usual game in honor of Pride Month I encourage you to read this absolutely extraordinary memoir You won t be sorry This book explores William Dameron s struggle to come out as gay both to himself and his wife and children and his attempt to wade through the wreckage created by his decades The Numismatic Chronicle Vol 1 longie and find a clear path forward as a father son and husband once again There are so many words I could use to father son and husband once again There are so many words I could use to this memoir exuisite heartbreaking heartwarming funny inspiring gorgeous riveting but none of them do it justice Even if you can t identify with Dameron s exact struggle his story is deeply human and I felt it deep in my bones It s a story of An Existence Of The Past love and heartbreak betrayal and forgiveness deception and truth self hatred and self acceptance and it s a story that will resonate on someevel with every person who reads it There were so many stunning passages but this is one of my favorites We are not the first generation of ueer people who have found ourselves trapped in a straight marriage but please God et us be the ast In a world filled with hate and A Catalogue Of The Greek And Etruscan Vases In The British Museum Vol lies propagated by the Trump administrationiving the truth is a form of resistance and persistence In sharing his truth with us a truth he fought so hard with himself to bring into the Seventh Report Of The Bureau Of Archives For The Province Of Ontario 19 light William Dameron has given us all an immensely beautiful gif. Dameron confronts steroid addiction the shame and homophobia of his childhood the sledgehammer of secrets that slowly tore his marriage apart and hisove for a gay father of three that would once again challenge the boundaries of trust At the true heart of The Lie is a universal story about turning self doubt into self acceptance and about pain anger and the ong journey of both seeking and giving forgivene. ,
Beautifully heartbreaking I generally hate any type of memoir or really anything other than fiction I chose this book because I am a divorce attorney and have been involved in cases much ike Mr Dameron s divorce where one spouse came out years into a marriage I have always thought it was selfish of the spouse not the divorce so much but that they married the other person in the first place then went on to have children He had to have known Why use the other person in this way Mr went on to have children He had to have known Why use the other person in this way Mr s book did just what I hoped it would it gave me a different perspective on those uestions Mr Dameron s honesty is evident and he does not gloss over the pain he caused but he explains how a thousand tiny steps sometimes eads us to a place we just aren t meant to be Thank you for helping me grow Mr Dameron This book was so well written so compelling that I read it in a single reading on a cross country flight The writing is so clear and beautiful that I never had to stop and re read or try to figure out what the author was trying to say The struggle is heartbreaking and the Report Of The Minister Of Lands And Forests Of The Province Of Ontario F love that the author feels for his family comes shining through This is a book for anyone who wants to know if it is ever tooate to become your true self if the risk is worth the pain At The Somerset Religious Houses least in this author s case it was and he also gave us this stunning debut A beautiful compassionate and achingly honest memoir about coming outater in Supplement To The First And Second Editions Of Historical Memorials Of W life Just gorgeous I did not think thos book was particularly well written nor ground breaking If you are going to write yourife story you had better make sure you are an excellent story teller Oh and having someone explain the difference between coordinate and cumulative adjectives and which ones need commas and which don t would also helpHowever I thought Katherine s story was incredibly poignant People who still believe or ever believed that being gay is a choice should hear stories about spouses who have been collateral damage in that ie The people who spent their entire young adulthood in a marriage based on lie The people who spent their entire young adulthood in a marriage based on and who have to pick themselves up and start all over in their 40s Somehow the conservative right never thinks about the actual conseuences to their platitudes I oved everything about this memoir A story about the author coming out in Quiet Roads And Sleepy Villages laterife after a very Records Of The Monastery Of Kinloss long marriage and two teenage daughters You shift back in forth throughout different time periods in hisife but I never felt The Despatches Of William Perwich lost or confused I was completely enthralled throughout the entire book Even though it s a topic I don t know very much about it felt so real Justike a great memoir should be William Dameron definitely knows how to write well and has a knack for details Book won in a Goodreads Giveawa. A candid memoir of denial stolen identities betrayal faking it and coming out Do you know me the email began sparking tremors of fear that turned into a full uake of panic when William Dameron discovered that his selfie had been stolen by strangers On social networks and dating sites his image and identity a forty year old straight white male had been used to hook countless women into believing in Manchester Sessions Vol 1 lies ofov. Y Audio and Story 5 Stars William DameronFortysomething William Dameron Bill had been married to his wife Katherine for twenty years when she confronted him in a Walmart parking ot Just park the car now Bill she said I have to ask you this or I m afraid I never will Are you gay I don t want to be Bill replied And his deeply held secret was finally out in the openIn this memoir Dameron shares the experience of coming out as a married father of two a man who was devoted to his family but unable to go on iving a ie Katherine probably had a feeling unable to go on iving a ie Katherine probably had a feeling This was a beautifully written book I felt very close to all the characters and could feel their emotions Bill Dameron is a middle aged man who finally comes out of the closet He has a wife and

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beautiful children which he Try as he might he cannot suppress his true feelings This book takes us on Bill s journey to finally face his true self and then the revelation of the truth to his family and friends Bill knew at a young age that he was gay but society was not accepting of alternate ifestyles He marries has children and tries to suppress his true character I felt much emotion as I traveled with Bill and felt the pressure and the pain he felt as well as the sadness that his wife experienced The children were eually affected when their father revealed what he had been hiding for all these years Many emotions were portrayed before Bill finally found his peace The prose in this book is stunning In conclusion no matter what your stance is on or alternate The Admission Register Of The Manchester School Vol 2 lifestyles this book is just beautiful I cried and felt the pain of everyone involvedThanks NetGalley for providing this book in exchange for my honest opinion All opinions are my ownYou may view my reviews at I m a beginner and it is under construction Any suggestions are welcomed IncredibleIt s always hard for me to choose between the monthly Kindle first read pre release book selections It s my monthly gift from prime so I carefully peruse each description weigh the number of pages I doove a ong book and try to guess which one I should read This despite the fact that I get multiple free books every day and have an unread Kindle stack in the tens of thousandsbut I digress Anyway Rarely does a book just jump out and make the choice for me but this month that s exactly what happened I got to the 6th offering The Lie and knew immediately i needed to read this book immediately I needed to read this book its slim 266 pages haha I got it and yesterday I read it This book is so incredibly moving William Dameron tells the story of his ife as a father and husband with a heavy personal world destroying secret he s gay Somewhere inside he s always known but societal and family pressure along with that sou. E and romance Was it all an ironic cosmic joke Almost a decade prior William himself had been The Microscope Vol 2 living aie that had A Question Of Disallowance lasted for than twenty years His secret He was a gay man a fact he hid from his wife and two daughters for almost asong as he had hidden it from himselfIn this emotional and unflinchingly honest memoir of coming out of the closet Proceedings Of The California Academy Of Sciences Vol 3 late inife owning up to the past and facing the future William.
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