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Featured on CBS This Morning Men’s Health The Washington Post Buzzfeed and The Dr Oz ShowTwo top doctors present a comprehensive light hearted guide for the hypochondriac in all usChristopher Kelly MD and Marc Eisenberg MD FACC are both highly accomplished physicians and health experts from UNC Health Columbia University Medical Center In Am I Dying Dr Kelly and Dr Eisenberg walk you through common symptoms and medical myths to provide a helpful conversational guide on what to do when you experience symptoms – offering advice on whet. ,

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Her to chill out make a doctor’s appointment or go to the hospitalMost new symptoms turn out to be minor Most likely a stuffy nose isn’t a sign of cancer But sometimes a headache isn’t ust a temporary nuisance and could be a sign of a serious condition The internet can offer a wealth of data but it can also be a source of harmful misinformation So if you have a new symptom how can also be a source of harmful misinformation So if you have a new symptom how should you beThis down to earth humorous symptom guide covers over forty different symptoms organized into eight body areas – including headneck chestback Am I Dying?!Elly skin and Some examples Belly  When Is Bloating Belly  When is bloating sign of a serious Why do SOME PEOPLE FEEL NAUSEATED ALL THE TIME·          LADY PARTS people feel nauseated all the time·          Lady Parts often do you really need a mammogram When is a lump likely to be serious·          Bathroom Trouble  Why do some people pee so often and can a bladder explode from holding it Packed with practical information and organized in a fun easy to access format Am I Dying is a perfect gift medical resource and must have addition to your home library.