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Y Arthur MorrisonMartin Hewitt created by Arthur MorrisonJudith Lee created by Richard MarshMadelyn Mack created by Hugh Cosgro Molly of Scotland Yard created by Baroness Peace Created OrczyAddington Peace created Fletcher RobinsonMark Poignand and Kala Persad created by Headon HillJohn Pym created by David Christie MurrayChristopher uarles created by Percy BrebnerJohn Thorndyke created by R Austin Freema.

 Calendar Of Letter Books Preserved Among The Archives Of The Corporation  The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night Vol 6 Of 12
More Rivals of Sherlock HolmesSherlock Holmes remains the most famous of all fictional etectives But He Was Not The Only Solver Of was not the only solver of to patrol the gaslit streets of late Victorian and Edwardian London The years between 1890 and 1914 were the heyday of the English And American Story Magazines American story magazines their pages were filled with platoons of private etectives police officers and eccentric criminologistsThese were the ‘Rivals of ,

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Herlock Holmes’ and this second anthology of stories edited by Nick Rennison author Of Sherlock Holmes An Sherlock Holmes An Biography highlights fifteen of them Mr Booth created by Herbert KeenMax Carrados created by Ernest BramahFlorence Cusack created by LT Meade and Robert EustaceJohn Dollar ‘The Crime Doctor’ created by EW HornungDick Donovan created by JE Preston MuddockHorace Dorrington created .

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