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Borrowing the flash car and simply sharing the home of her thirty year old flatmate and to the police the motive is not entirely clear Until that is they meet Jessica s flatmate erotic dancer Snezia Jones employed at a club in Mayfair and Max catches a glimpse of her mobile wallpaper and sees the man who is financing her exclusive lifestyle former eighties ingpin of the drug world controlling the supply of ecstasy womanising Harry Flowers and now a supposedly honest businessman doing his bit for the environment and recycling old cars Max and the team uickly gravitate to a theory that Jessica might have been mistakenly snatched with the to a theory that Jessica might have been mistakenly snatched with the really intending to idnap the former gangsters current mistress and owner of the car Snezia JonesBut with Flowers enemies plentiful and with each and every person connected to his world withholding their own secrets Jessica s likely fate sees Max follow a sordid trail of secretive sexual fantasies where the price for breaking ranks and speaking out is fatal The pressure to find Jessica alive and unharmed sets in motion a high octane guns blazing race against time And with working class Flowers happily married to upmarket Charlotte and with two grown up children living a comfortable life in an Essex mansion and two heavies watching his back it isn t easy getting to the man himself With Jessica s ailing father a retired hard nosed cop determined to drum up the fervent interest of the media and ensure a publicity campaign fo eep Jessica front page news continues and than happy to dispense his own form of justice it only makes the job of the police team doubly hard Together with Whitestone s increasingly cynical outlook taken threatens to be her undoing and with the case likewise coming too close to home for Max and Joy Adams tension is high The plot provides multiple well disguised twists along the way and a high stakes denouement resolved all of my concerns about loose endings in the most satisfactory and surprising of ways with some audacious last gasp action from a combination of DCI Whitestone and DC Max Wolfe Free flowing action throughout and excellent characterisation of even the secondary figures makes for compelling reading with the occasional far fetched aspectAdmittedly Parsons trots out the macho posturing a wealth of information on top of the range cars numerous examples of his exemplary fathering and being an absolute salt of the earth and with the first person narrative of Max and life chez Max with eight year old daughter Scout and beloved King Charles cavalier Stan it isn t all gritty underworld enuiries however Whilst there is the familiar appearance of the selfish narcissistic ex wife and Scout s mother Anne the fleeting visit to Scotland Yard s Black Museum left me feeling slightly short changed Nevertheless these domestic concerns never supersede the crime under investigation and do little to detract from the building momentum of the case with layers of deception clouding the truth As with previous instalments of the series Tony Parsons nowledge

Of London Historical Trivia And 
London historical trivia and crimes in the capital is reeled out and adds a very distinctive vibe to the entire story Although the history of Highgate Cemetery East and West and several other soundbites have a sense of d j vu from previous instalments it is one of the aspects of the series that appeals Likewise with the cameos roles from regulars Ginger Gonzalez founder and sole proprietor of the Chinatown based Sampaguita Social Introduction Agency Max s childhood friend Specialist Firearms Officer Jackson Rose and Scout s nanny family friend and ally Mrs MurphyFrom a procedural standpoint I had a number of issues with the novel and some of the characters actions were maverick and showy than credible but for the feel good buzz that comes with cracking a case with Max I am happy to forgive some artistic licence With its usual mix of old timer villains who formerly ruled the London streets and the changing face of crime the combination makes for a meaty current storyline and an idea of how the perpetrators their methods and their morals have evolved over time and hence *THE SERIES HAS A UNIUE FEEL *series has a uniue feel occupies a certain niche in the crime fiction market Admittedly the plot takes a fairly sordid downturn in eeping with other instalments which have focused on sex trafficking vigilante executions and home grown radicalisation but they are always timely and reflective of the state of society as opposed to gratuitous and goryParsons prose is unfailingly engaging wonderfully direct and the narrative voice of Max with his crisp insights and pithy honest. X Wolfe's hunt for the missing woman takes him from New Scotland Yard’s legendary Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals from sleazy strip joints to secret sex dungeons. Y adds a real humanity and realistic appeal to his persona and allows the reader to care about his domestic strife and detective work Rather like how the characters of the Dr Ruth Galloway series have become old friends I feel invested in everyone of the characters The combination of pragmatic Max and decisive Pat Whitestone creates an interesting dynamic with the mix of loyalty and mutual respect and whilst Whitestone seems *to be continuing on her path to loose cannon she was far likeable and DC Max Wolfe was back to *be continuing on her path to loose cannon she was far likeable and DC Max Wolfe was back to solid savvy and street smart self A solid three star read for new and unbiased readers but for anyone with a vested interest in Max Scout and Stan in the heart of Smithfield s and the team at 27 Savile Row myself included taken is a four star crowd pleaser All in all a none too shoddy fast paced crime thriller and topical stand alone that doubles as a whistle stop tour of London old and new EXCERPTthey loaded her into their carAnd now she felt the violence in them Not spite or sadism or wounded woman hating pride But violence Violence in the hands of deeply experienced professionals who did this sort of thing for a living She saw her baby son and she called his name and the child was still sleeping on the back seat wet lipped and head lolling under the Baby I m bored sign and she let out a howl like a wounded animal because she new with total blinding clarity that she would never see him again in this life And that was when she understoodThis was personalThis was as personal as hellABOUT THIS BOOK WRONG TIMEWRONG PLACEWRONG GIRLWhen a young mother is idnapped by unknown assailants Detective Max Wolfe suddenly has a dangerous job on his handsAs Wolfe investigates the connection between the idnapped woman and the head of a crumbling criminal empire the hunt takes him from New Scotland Yard s Black Museum to the glittering mansions of career criminals from sleazy strip joints to secret dungeons and from the murderous hatreds of today to the unspeakable crimes of half a lifetime agoWhy would "Someone Kidnap An Innocent "kidnap an innocent woman As Wolfe plunges deeper and deeper into a world of darkness and vengeance he begins to wonder if anyone is innocentMY THOUGHTS I have learnt to expect surprises from Tony Parsons He is a master at leading the reader in totally the wrong direction of smokescreens so well crafted you don t see them for what they are until afterwards But he takes his writing to a whole new level with taken 6 in the Max Wolfe seriesI read this with my mind darting from one scenario to another my heart pounding my pulse racing If I could have read it in one sitting I would have I did not want to put it down Even while I was at work I was thinking about this book about the possibilities wonderingand wondering some I love the character of Max He is strong thoughtful I love reading about his bolt hole New Scotland Yard s Black Museum and his daughter Scout I love what I learn about London old and new each time I read a book in this Series In Short I Love This Series And Taken Is In short I love this series and taken is wonderful addition Taken NetGalleyTHE AUTHOR Tony Parsons born 6 November 1953 is a British journalist broadcaster and author He began his career as a music journalist on the NME writing about punk music Later he wrote for The Daily Telegraph before going on to write his current column for the Daily Mirror Parsons was for a time a regular guest on the BBC Two arts review programme The Late Show and still appears infreuently on the successor Newsnight Review he also briefly hosted a series on Channel 4 called Big MouthHe is the author of the multi million selling novel Man and Boy 1999 Parsons had written a number of novels including The Kids 1976 Platinum Logic 1981 and Limelight Blues 1983 before he found mainstream success by focussing on the tribulations of thirty something men Parsons has since published a series of best selling novels One For My Baby 2001 Man and Wife 2003 The Family Way 2004 Stories We Could Tell 2006 My Favourite Wife 2007 Starting Over 2009 and Men From the Boys 2010 His novels typically deal with relationship problems emotional dramas and the traumas of men and women in our time He describes his writing as Men Lit as opposed to the rising popularity of Chick Lit DISCLOSURE Thank you to Random House UK Cornerstone via NetGalley for providing a digital ARC of taken by Tony Parsons for review All opinions expressed in this review are totally my own opinionsFor an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreadscom profile or the about page on sandysbookadaywordpresscomThis review and others are also published on Twitter and my webpage. – and to unspeakably dark deeds committed decades ago #taken to the limit It’s a world of family secrets sexual jealousy and a lust for revenge – which might also become Wolfe’s grav.

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#taken By Tony ParsonsIt s so nice to read a police procedural that doesn t play the Big Social Issues card I like my crime fiction to focus on the personal and here we have the whole swirl of emotions including love hate jealousy revenge fear heartbreak That s the stuff I like especially when long festering wounds erupt in the present years laterWe begin with an abduction of a beautiful young mother who seems to have been the wrong target It looks like the intended victim was an exotic dancer who is also the mistress of a 1990s drug lord now supposedly turned straight and doing BUSINESS AS A CAR RECYCLING MAGNATE THE INVESTIGATION TAKES as a car recycling magnate The investigation takes Max Wolfe and his boss DCI Pat Whitestone from multi million pound homes in London and the suburbs to strip clubs to car wrecking yards and Everyone nows how important it is to recover a Death Of A God kidnapping victim fast or it is likely the victim will beilled But in this case everyone also lies Peeling away those lies is what leads Max to the solution of the crime But since this is a Max Wolfe novel along the way there are plenty of chases plot twists and of course violenceI don t think it s all that hard to guess the whodunnit but there are still plenty of revelations along the way And it sure does provide some thrills enough to deprive me of sleepThis is one of the strongest of the Max Wolfe novels and a big improvement over last year s Girl On Fire As usual for me and this series I listened to the audiobook read by the wonderful voice actor Colin Mace Mace reads with what sounds to me like an East End of London accent though I m American so I could be off and it suits the novels so well that it s hard for me to imagine experiencing the books any other wayI do feel like I have to say one thing about this book and all the other Max Wolfe books that irritates me a lot and makes me mad at myself for liking and reading Parsons s books In real life back in the late 80s and early 90s Parsons was a rock journalist married to another rock journalist named Julie Burchill He was unfaithful and she left him leaving him with their young son Parsons raised their son and she has had almost no relationship with him Parsons who is much better Das Juwel Aus Paris known in the UK than in the US became a successful novelist with pretty much all of his novels featuring a husband abandoned by his wife and left to bring up a child as a single parent And Max Wolfe is no exception as he raises a young daughter after his wife has left him for another man and is at best an erratic presence in the daughter s lifeIt may be that Julie Burchill is a terrible person that s not the point The point for me is that it s disgusting for Parsons to use book after book after book to attack his ex by proxy Though she s a writer too she s not cranking out the best sellers at least best sellers in the UK the way he is which means that he s using a weapon against her that she doesn t have I can t respect that This is theind of stuff that makes me wish we were back in the days when we weren t supposed to now all about the personal lives of authors Thank the universe I m finally into July ratings After throughly enjoying and following Tony Parsons contemporary London based crime series that features DC Max Wolfe of Homicide and Serious Crime Command West End Central since its inception I have become used to the topical themes and contentious issues they raised The fifth and previous novel Girl on Fire disappointed me immensely largely due to the subject matter specifically how close to home the jihadi war against the West is and the political standpoint presented and character development With boss DCI Pat Whitestone making rash decisions and seeming throughly contemptuous of both her colleagues and the public and with Max bending over backwards in an effort to play the political correctness card I was all set to ditch the series However even the death of a central figure in the last story wasn t enough to see me off and with this sixth instalment effectively *WORKING AS A STAND ALONE TAKEN BRINGS A RETURN *as a stand alone taken brings a return the form of the first four books with some solid crime thriller action Together with his diminutive and highly experienced boss forty year old DCI Pat Whitestone and young TDC Joy Adams just a year out of Hendon it sees Max Wolfe in the thick of another high profile caseThe story sets off at a cracking pace dropping the reader straight into the action with young mother Jessica Lyle idnapped from a showroom fresh car as she enters the private estate where she lives with her six month old son asleep in the back seat Beautiful Jessica is a dance teacher in mourning for her recently deceased fianc merely. They thought they were idnapping the mistress of one of London’s most powerful gangsters But they’ve taken the wrong woman And crossed the wrong detective #taken underground Detective Ma.