Finding the Oasis Within. Book two (EPUB)

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Finding the Oasis Within. Book two

Summary ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Victoria Raye

In Finding the Oasis Within book one we met Victoria She is a Medium a healer and a therapist She had herself suffered a very difficult time which left her as person weak broken And LOST ONCE FREED LOST ONCE FREED NEEDED TO Once freed she needed to a way to her therapeutic knowledge to emove emotional blocks and a series of limiting beliefs which had caused her to become unrecognisable as the person that she once was She not only shared her own journey but provided the 100 Historias De La Biblia Para Ni Os re. Ader with aange of simplified and adapted therapy techniues that she used for herself and subseuently clients she went on to demonstrate how clients She went
"On To Demonstrate How Could "
to demonstrate how could used by others for self healing Having finally e built the authentic person that she knew was buried "deep inside her she wanted to go on to make a "inside her she wanted to go on to make a for those who had also known difficult timesIn book two we follow her journey further as she set out to find faith She wanted to learn. What it was that faith itself meant to her and then to find something that would give her meant to her and then to find something that would give her understanding of her own purpose on this earth As a Sulfur In Magmas And Melts result what she also found by accident was a true and honest faith in herself as a person Here she offers theeader a selection of acuired knowledge and tools with the hope that others may have an opportunity to build "For Themselves A Stronger Belief And Love "themselves a stronger belief and love the person that they are aspiring to beco.