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Fore we readlisten to them Short answer Yes Especially If They Re White But especially f they re white But s for another day I found myself struggling to even approach the authors Row wanted to criticize In fact I was like ugh I hate DeLillo etc Why Row wanted to criticize In fact I was like ugh I hate DeLillo etc Why The Maximum is my experience with them What other experiences are readers like me bringing to the textsSpeaking of disappearing from the narrativet s Al Fin Libre interesting how Row resists this with the deliberatenclusion of his heritage He Luz Negra intentionallynserts his life experiences alongside the criticism It felt like he kept wanting to stress I am a white man and these are my white cishet experiences so please take t with a grain of salt It s refreshing to see someone put that n the open but also sometimes distracting It bogged down the text with unnecessary An Ominous Death information Literary criticisms dry enough dude More real estate could ve been devoted to the subject matter nstead of your memoir Overall Jess Row opened an mportant line of uestioning that we should be pursuing This one was hard for me to engage with because I already had negative preconceptions about the authors he was criticizing Anyone else care to jump Chase Your Dream in A book I had anncomplete handle on Often n essay collections there are two or three exceedingly strong pieces had an ncomplete handle on Often The Complete Idiot S Guide To Organic Chemistry in essay collections there are two or three exceedingly strong pieces with a bunch of average ones to make up a book In this caset felt like Row had some provocative and effective arguments to make about the different ways race plays or fails to play a role Stories Of Democracy in white American fiction It s when he gets off course fro. Pes from the mountains of Idahon Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping to the claustrophobic households Food And Culture in Jonathan Franzen’s The Corrections Row uses brilliant close readings of work from well known writers such as Don DeLillo Annie Dillard Richard Ford and David Foster Wallace to examine the ways these and other writers have soughtmaginative space for themselves at the expense of engaging with race White Flights aims to move fiction to a nclusive place and Row looks beyond crit. ,
White FlightsThis s an excellent collection and one which I wish I had the opportunity to read as part of a class to really delve nto the topics with deep discussions on philosophy art literature and of course race While I thought all of the chapters were strong White Out the last chapter was the one I enjoyed the most The Gordian Knot in part becauset allows for ntrospection where most of the rest of the book had me wanting to turn to someone to ask what they thought about a particular paragraph or passage This what they thought about a particular paragraph or passage This as ntellectual without being 15 Easy Folktale Fingerplays inaccessible as deeply thought out and researched asntentionally shying away from a necessarily academic audience and I appreciated every Helen Oxenbury S Abc Of Things idea put down here as one which I will continue to considern my own reading TL DR White people floundering denying and fleeing from difficult situations even fictional onesThis one has The Dancing Class its flaws but I appreciatets existence It s a good thing for a critical book about whiteness and

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cultural patterns literature to exist There s plenty of scholarly work about howwhere race shows up Eating Out in the works of authors of color but I haven t seen that level of discussion about modern white writers Some things I wondered as I read Who elses examining Don DeLillo s white experience Iowa Birdlife in the way they re examining Toni Morrison s Black experience Why does his experience get to disappear from the text while herss forced to the forefront whether she The Disney Live Action Productions intendst or not Are readers are conditioned to demand experience credentials from writers be. A bold Caribbean Reasonings incisive look at race and reparative writingn American fiction by the author of Your Face Original Sin in Mine White Flightss a meditation on whiteness Songbird Carving Ii in American fiction and culture from the end of the civil rights movement to the present At the heart of the book Jess Row ties “white flight” the movement of white Americansnto segregated communities whether Pre Raphaelites in suburbs or newly gentrified downtowns to white writers setting their storiesn Gli Uccelli isolated or emotionallynsulated landsca.

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M this nto political theory sociology and even personal history "That I Feel The Individual Essays Lose Their Grip A "I feel the ndividual essays lose their grip a bit t s the ndividual essays lose their grip a little bit Stand Into Danger it s that this materials wrong t just feels shallower less of an original mind and the summoning of expected characters Derrida Butler etc with a bit less exegesis than I like Plenty of forceful thoughtful of expected characters Derrida Butler etc with a bit less exegesis than I like Plenty of forceful thoughtful paragraphs that never uite cohere nto the broader punch of Psp Hacks idea I hope for from an essay But those paragraphs nuggets ofnsight were than enough for me to give this 3 I was weighing between 3 and 4 I think a condensed long essay version of this could be remarkable Yet another Graywolf book that resists easy classification It blurs the lines between craft book and personal essay family history and political argument Applied Dynamics into a collection that s highly usefulf not uite prescriptive for white writers particularly those who don t see themselves that way I enjoyed Row s takedown of the emotionally muted style so common The Symbolic The Real in workshops and propelled forward by powerful editors like Gordon Lish The standout essay for me was on the white blues which weaves together among other topics Harold Maude David Foster Wallace Lorrie Moore s Anagrams emo and Wes Anderson to craft a compelling argument around the emptiness of white sadness The book ultimately urges white writers to uestion whether we should write at all an uncomfortable thought but a necessary challenge when creatingn an art form and seeking to publish And God Created Manchester in anndustry that has long centered whiteness. Icism to consider writing as a reparative act What would Muhammad Akhir it mean he asksf writers used fiction “to approach each other again” Row turns to the work of James Baldwin Dorothy Allison and James Alan McPherson to discuss Hack G U Volume 2 interracial loven fiction while also examining his own family heritage as a way to Dirty Words interrogate his position A moving and provocative book thatncludes music film and literature Hide And Go Seek ints arguments White Flights Safely Rest is an essential work of cultural and literary criticism.