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Two Brothers Four HandsI never thought my 5 year old would make it through this one which is clearly a book for older kiddos but he liked it I think it was just so visual I didn t know these artists but this was a a great story with a detailed narrative I liked that fact that it could have thorough back matter including a "TIMELINE PAINTING ANALYSIS AND NOTES ON THE NARRATIVE WITHOUT "painting analysis and notes on the narrative without feeling like the whole story was crammed in the back It s long and would The Cleverest Person In The World probably be most interesting to intermediate readers but the visuals are impressive and it s a really wellut together book This is a Emotions And Understanding perfect example of the fact thaticture books are actually a format not a genre In this case the format is ideal since these two artist brothers deserve a visual resentation of their life stories It #IS ALSO SUITED THAT THEIR INTERTWINED LIVES SHOULD BE # also suited that their intertwined lives should be in a single book Despite their differences in nature one s work would not have been noteworthy without the involvement skills and dedication of the other This title is also an example that icture books should not be euated with baby books In fact I am not seeing the appeal in this for readers younger than ten or so I could be wrong about thatI often amThat s in Singapore Math Practice Level 6a Grade 7 part because it does true justice to the complexity and history surrounding long lives making it a longer than typical text mostly about grown men As a biographical and visual introduction to two groundbreaking artists and interesting individuals it is superb and I d highly recommend it as mentor text for developing middle grade writers and a must read for anyone any age with an interest in art The illustration style is incredible and the artist is immensely talented but I think theotential is absolutely suandered I an adult could barely follow the narrative which is at many Singapore Math Practice Level 5a Grade 6 points hindered by the illustrations Hooper uses a beautiful textural colored undertone for most of the illustrations but it causes everything to blend together Here is an example In the top left I look at the tree the only different color and eventually I find the brothers In the bottom right I guess I look at the wheelbarrow But everything else is very hard toarse and Alberto is 100% art of the scenery In the right image Diego blends in with the studio full of stuff There s always a lot happening but with nothing visually indicating what is important and what isn t The text is fine but also hard to follow Spare text resents the intertwined lives of these two brothers so different in temperament but both sculptors in their own right Colors used to illustrate the mood with heavy black line convey the feelings of the brothers and the weariness of war Back matter suggests to readers a variety of ways to approach art through a closer examination of Walking Man There are also notes on the text Ana a bibliography The only thing missing is where to see their works Biographies seem to be coming out and in Singapore Math Practice Level 5b Grade 6 picture book form Some introduce artists and their art enticing everyone to know and Thisarticular Sugar Secrets Luck picture book tells about these brothers from their growing up choosing and not choosing to make art finally being in the limelight No matter theiroverty no matter the austere lives they led they did art Jan Greenberg and Sa. The inspiring true story of the Giacometti brothers one an artist the other a daredevil both devoted to their craft but even devoted to each other A Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young PeopleA Capitol Choices Noteworthy TitleEveryone who knew them agreed Alberto was the genius of the family His younger brother Diego was his opposite he didn't care much for books or schoolwork and he had no idea what he would be when he grew up But Ndra Jordan tell this true story of the Giacometti brothers no matter the challenge they devoted their lives to each other first In the story they showed the importance of beginning at the beginning showing the closeness #of the brothers all of their lives Alberto the oldest began drawing and reading about everything at a very # the brothers all of their lives Alberto the oldest began drawing and reading about everything at a very age Younger brother Diego was the opposite Early on he actually did some illegal things but soon moved to Paris to be with Alberto Alberto was still doing art continued to waver in the kind of art He thought he fit in with the surrealists but was rejected by them or rejected it Hadley Cooper s illustrations depict the highs and lows of each of their lives in vibrant and emotional colors They show Alberto s struggle their fleeing Paris when it fell to the Nazis only to have to return because they couldn t escape and finally working as a team when their art was becoming known and respected among many others that depict their lives By the end after years of ups and downs they roduced some incredible works Alberto s tall spindly sculptures can be found in the collections of museums around the world You may be familiar with one most famous titled The Walking Man You can find a Tammy Wynette picture of it through a web search After Albertoassed away Diego created some amazing The Good And Faithful Servant pieces of art himself uirkyieces of furniture with a few animals taking center stage in those Balthazar pieces He too was a sculptor A brief article with examples of hisieces can also be found This wonderful book includes the following in the backmatter a timeline source notes Kristen S Fairy House photographs and an essay on how to look at a Giacometti sculpture This was a Horn Book best book of the year I always enjoy learning abouteople new to me so I enjoyed this book on that level The author did a tremendous amount of research I am actually flabbergasted at the level of detail included in the book That said it was a bit dense for me A comprehensive and completely entertaining book about the Giacometti brothers Honestly the brothers were new to me This is really two biographies in one book Fascinating exciting with illustrations that Billie And The Parent Plan pull you in completely A must have book for a school library orersonal collection It is glorious Two Brothers Four Hands is a children s Luce S Big Mistake picture book written by the team of Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan and illustrated by Hadley Hooper It centers on two Swiss sculptors brothers born a year apart whose intertwined artistic lives spanned most of the 20th century and two world warsAlberto Giacometti was a Swiss sculptorainter draftsman and rintmaker Beginning in 1922 he lived and worked mainly in Paris but regularly visited his hometown Borgonovo to see his family and work on his art Diego Giacometti was also a Swiss sculptor and designerGreenberg Jordan s text is rather simplistic straightforward and informative The simple dual biography explains how the "family dynamic reuired that his sometimes unfocused younger brother Diego join "dynamic reuired that his sometimes unfocused younger brother Diego join there Spare text describes how Diego became a skilled sensitive metal worker beginning as Alberto s invaluable studio assistant and becoming Alberto s true artistic amanuensis Backmatter offers a detailed chronology notes and hotos Hooper s illust. Espite their differences the two brothers shared an intense bondAlberto Giacometti became one of the iconic artists of the twentieth century whose tall spindly sculptures grace the collections of museums around the world Diego was always at his side helping and encouraging and in his spare time creating remarkable Introduction To Epilepsy pieces of furniture works of sculpture in their own rightTheoignant story of brothers and sculptors Alberto and Diego Giacomet. Rations exude warmth in expressive black contours and lanes of colored wash the blue of Paris at night the "red of war rovide the spreads moody overtonesThe remise of the book is rather "of war rovide the spreads with moody overtonesThe The Homecoming premise of the book is rather Alberto and Diego Giacometti grew up in Switzerland born only a year apart Alberto artistic and introspective Diego adventurous Alberto s career begins in a Paris studio and Diego joins him there first as a model for Alberto then during the Second World War learning how to cast in bronze After the war when Alberto s gaunt spare figures gain recognition as emblems that rise up courageously from these ruins Diego casts and mounts theieces occasionally working on sculptures of animals he stalked as a childAll in all Two Brothers Four Hands is an extraordinary achievement and a moving affecting evocation of two lives lived together I m going to be transparent here I had never heard of the artists Alberto andor Diego Giacometti before I The Guardians Of Staghill picked up this book off of the new non fiction book shelf at the localublic library But as you may have noticed recently I can t resist a good biography about the artsThese interesting brothers were born thirteen months apart in 1901 and 1902 in Switzerland Their father Giovanni Giacometti was a talented Too Long A Solitude painter in his own right When the boys were young he gave themencils and From Hitler Youth To American Soldier paperRight away Alberto showedromise as an artist He was interested in drawing and reading and was a uiet serious child Diego was a complete opposite He loved being out exploring nature and climbing the hillsides He was known as a dare devil The two brothers were extremely close and Diego idolizes Alberto In fact Diego does his brother s chores so Alberto can do what Alberto likes to doThe book follows their lives as individuals and as brothers from childhood until death It includes some traumatic events such as the invasion of Paris during the summer of 1940 by the German troops The Screwball Asses poverty food insecurity and hunger and frustrationdepression about rejection of their creations from theublic and gallery owners The authors have not sugar coated the situations in which the Giacometti brothers find themselves Devotion loyalty teamwork and Eating Your Heart Out perseverance are the major themes of this book which is filled with a multitude of teachable moments for children and adults alikeThe back matter includes an Analysis of one of Alberto s most famous works of art a sculpture entitled Walking Man a Timeline ahoto gallery of ieces of art made by "The Father And The "father and the respectively Notes on the Text and a BibliographyHighly recommended to fans of art history Surrealism modern art twentieth century history European history family sagas and World War II history My favorite fact shared in the book is that Bruno Giacometti Diego and Alberto s younger brother was a famous Swiss architect who lived to be 105 years old I borrowed this book from the local ublic library A spectacular biography of two brothers their inter twined lives and the struggle of both discovering what you are meant to do and living through the Second World War Pair this with Game Changers The Story of Venus and Serena Williams by Lesa Cline Ransome for an examination of the importance of sibling relationships. Ti is skillfully brought to life in the hands of multiple Sibert Honor authors Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan and the spectacular artwork of Hadley HooperThis lavishly illustrated 64 Andy The Prisoner page book includes extensive backmatter complete with a timeline source noteshotographs and an essay on how to look at a Giacometti sculptureA Horn Book Best Book of the Year A Washington Post Best Children's Book of the YearA Bank Street Best Book of the Ye.