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Up proving to be no detriment The bigger challenge was getting used to the surprisingly raunch heavy style of humor that permeates the book from beginning to end At times it definitely felt a ittle too thickly ayered onto everything to say the very Grammatik Der Chemigraphie Nebst Lexikon Des N Tzlichen Und Wissenswerte least But eventually I was able to accept the book s setting for what it was an absurd magicaced place seemingly populated almost entirely by jerks of all types and species where everyone is so blatantly flawed in their own way and where most everything is varying degrees of ridiculous that not even the main characters can take their world very seriously And once I was able to embrace this very seriously And once I was able to embrace this only was I able to enjoy the cheeky Senecas And Other Indians Five Nations Of New York ludicrousness that permeated everything but I was uickly able to become unexpectedly and deeply engaged in the A Midsummer Night s Dream themed mystery at the heart of the plot with all its twists and turns that sent Pocket and a bizarre cast of supporting characters dashing about a fantastical medieval Athens enduring no small amount of misadventures All in all it was very absurd and very irreverent fun If Moore s other works are anythingike this then I definitely plan *On Giving His Other * giving his other a try the next time I find myself in the mood for a Senecas And Other Indians Five Nations Of New York light coarsely comical and very readable romp I m pretty sure I m actually a character in one of Christopher Moore s books and I don t know it Iaugh out Ber Die Gewissheit Der Geschichte loud wherever I may be reading his books dirtyinnuendos sarcasm and snark are my signature traits that and the occasional made up word and cuss words I adore this humor and when mixed with one of myoves Shakespeare it s a true f ing delight I Zeitschrift F R Elektrotherapie Und Elektrodiagnostik Einschlie Lich Der love Pocket Iove the shit he pulls and snark and sarcasm he gives I Gand Et Tournai love his bawdiness and spunk he makes the plays of Shakespeare damn hilarious A bit of humor but not that good overall 4 of 10 stars I work in a bookstore Every month we receive ARCs from publishers and when Shakespeare for Suirrels came in I thought it soundedike something Terry Pratchett would have written and that it would be funnyIt was not Once again the intrepid Pocket of Dog Snogging is immersed in heinous fuckery most foul as he becomes entangled in the machinations of King Theseus Hippolyta Oberon and Titania With his apprentice jailed and his hat shagging monkey missing Pocket finds himself depending on a band of amateur thespians a frolicking fairy and a most unreliable narrator to solve the mystery of an unexpected death in just three daysThis ribald tribute to A Midsummer Night s Dream is some of Moore s best work Loaded with insults to make the Bard proud it is Regesten Zur Geschichte Der Juden In Deutschland W Hrend Des Mittelalter laugh outoud hilarious and a rousing adventure to boot In the words of Cobweb That were smashing I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley Many thanks to all involved in providing me with this opportunit. Ered Oberon makes Pocket an offer he can’t refuse he will make Pocket his fool and have his death sentence Regesten Zur Geschichte Der Juden In Deutschland W Hrend Des Mittelalter lifted if Pocket finds out who killed Robin Goodfellow But as anyone who is even vaguely aware of the Bard’s most performed play ever will know nearly every character has a motive for wanting the mischievous sprite deadWith too many suspects and tooittle time Pocket must work his own kind of magic to find the truth save his neck and ensure that all ends wellA rollicking tale of ove magic madness and murder Shakespeare for Suirrels is a Midsummer Night’s noir a wicked and brilliantly funny good time conjured by the singular imagination of Christopher Moore. .
Moore has outdone himself With the exception of Lamb this may be my favorite book of his yet After the brutal misstep of Noir I thought he d ost his edge Fear not Pocket and Drool are back for their third Shakespearean jaunt and this time it s Midsummer Night s Dream my favorite play There were several parts in this book where I aughed until my side hurt or my eyes teared up The fairies are absolutely brilliant #the freuently uoted ine is the goblins which I won t ruin but they say it constantly cracked me up and #freuently uoted ine is the goblins which I won t ruin but they say it constantly cracked me up and play at the end is perfection Moore manages to create a different concluding play by the craftsmen while keeping their inherent characteristics that made them such uniue characters That s the best part the bones of MSND are all here It s still the same basic story just bastardized in a way only Moore can do And with suirrels *So Many Sodding Suirrels I Received This As An ARC * many sodding suirrels I received this as an ARC NetGalley Let me start by saying that I ove Christopher Moore s novels but he set the bar really high for me with Lamb and nothing has been that good since With that said this humorous retelling of Midsummer Night s Dream was absurd in all the right kind of ways The ridiculousness that Pocket involves himself in never s Dream was absurd in all the right kind of ways The ridiculousness that Pocket involves himself in never to amaze and entertain me and I will continue to read about him as La Vie Admirable De La Bienheureuse Soeur Marie De L Incarnation long as Moore keeps writing about him If you need a goodaugh at some wonderfully Dressage Et Menage lewd humor I would suggest this 35 StarsI would call myself a fan of Christopher Moore yes this is only the third book of his that I have read but the other two really hit home for me Iove how Moore can create complete ridiculousness and craft a captivating story around it I even did my homework in preparation for Shakespeare for Suirrels by reading for the first time A Midsummer Night s DreamI have to admit that neither one really hit home for me A Midsummer Night s Dream was a bit of a bore I never really got the Tudes Sur Les Origines Du Contentieux Administratif En France Vol 1 laughs and chuckles out of itike the other Shakespearean comedies that I ve read I don t know if it was a Tableau G Ographique De La Distribution Ethnographique Des Nations Et De lack of connection with the base material or just where I was in myife or perhaps that Shakespeare for Suirrels was not Christopher Moore at his best but I really didn t form a connection with this storyDon t get me wrong Shakespeare for Suirrels is filled with all of Moore s trademark humor with outrageous situations and over the top characters I kept interrupting my wife s reading to recount some brilliantly crafted jokes however I just wasn t pulled into the story I just didn t care what happened to whom I m always disappointed when this happens I want my stories to take me away to another time and place away from my own real Ternit life Shakespeare for Suirrels is a fine story Moore did his thing I ve always considered him to be the Weird Al Yankovic of theiterary world He takes a story theme co. Shakespeare meets Dashiell Hammett in this wildly entertaining murder mystery from New York Times bestselling author Christopher Moore an uproarious hardboiled take on the Bard’s most performed play A Midsummer Night’s Dream featuring Pocket the hero of Fool and The Serpent of Venice along with his sidekick Drool and pet monkey JeffSet adrift by his pirate crew Pocket of Dog Snogging ast seen in The Serpent of Venice washes up on the sun bleached shores of Greece where he hopes to dazzle the Duke with his comedic brilliance and become his trusted foolBut the island is in turmoil Egeus the Duke’s minister is furious that his daughter Hermia is determined to marry. ,

Ncept that the audience is familiar with and he creates something new and original that is completely recognizable and filled with aughs and knee slapping humor It s just that not every song can be Eat It I received a copy of the book from the publisher via Edelweiss Another humorous raunchy irreverent retelling and reimagining of Shakespeare from Moore This time the fool Pocket finds himself solving a mystery in the world of A Midsummer Night s Dream While you needn t have seen or read the original Shakespeare to enjoy this one it probably wouldn t hurt to check it out first so that you have a good point of reference Also this is that you have a good point of reference Also this is third book in Moore s Fool series after Fool King Lear and The Serpent of Venice The Merchant of VeniceI always get a kick out of the way Moore writes It is clever with a ot of wordplay Sometimes things get wacky to the point of being hard to follow but for me that has never been a problem as I am enjoying the ride And every Moore I have read has had the same feel So if you have read and enjoyed his books before you know what you will be finding hereI highly recommend this book and series to fans of Shakespeare Raunchy and it does get pretty extreme at points humor Wordplaypuns Monty Python esue humor Any Moore fans you have yet to give this a tryIf these all fit you and you don t find yourself L Archivio Di Venezia Con Riguardo Speciale Alla Storia Inglese laughing so hard at this book that people around you wonder if you are okay I would be surprised It would be just fitting that the only man who would deign to talk to me is a hat shagging monkey Sheeaned in closely You sir have the L Archivio Di Venezia Con Riguardo Speciale Alla Storia Inglese look of a hat shaggerOh fkastockings He s back It s Pocket Pocket is back with a new mysterious tale with his merryittle band of aholes Here we have uite an odd mysterious tale of murder hat shagging and a gaggle of fools with a Midsummer Night s Dream thrown in for good measure Moore takes us on a uproariously and murderous journey that you Il Concetto Giuridico Moderno Della Rappresentanza Politica ll never forget It sewd crude and downright filthy and it s exactly what I need in my Prontuario De Pr Ctica Forense life This wasn t exactly my favorite book that Pocket hasead but I still La Carta Y El Guardapelo loved this one Shakespeare for Suirrels was amazing Iaughed and cringed and it s exactly how I want to feel reading something of this magnitude Moore never disappoints and if you re ooking for something off the wall and crazy he s your man No disappointments ever Who knew that Shakespeare could be so entertaining and crude Note I received an advanced reader copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for a reviewThis is actually my first go at a Christopher Moore book and due to my initial unfamiliarity I ended diving in headfirst without realizing that Moore has an array of different ongoing series and recurring Characters Like Pocket The Fool like Pocket the Fool my entrance into this particular series uite out of order ended. Demetrius instead of Lysander the man he has chosen for her The Duke decrees that if by the time of the wedding Hermia still refuses to marry Lysander she shall be executed or consigned to a nunnery Pocket being Pocket cannot help but point out that this decree is complete bollocks and that the Duke is an egregious weasel for having even suggested it Irritated by the fool’s impudence the Duke orders his death With the Duke’s guards in pursuit Pocket makes a daring escapeHe soon stumbles into the wooded realm of the fairy king Oberon who as uck would have it IS short a fool His jester Robin Goodfellow the mischievous sprite better known as Puck was found dead Murd.

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