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Intellectual Property Rights Iprs And Economic Development yHimself for talking so much theory and not so much personal anecdotes Ha ha where s my misery memoir dudeThe title is supposed to be a cruel barb The rich drive through poor places on poverty safari But I thought McGarvey was going to take us out of the car and show us things He doesn tMcGarvey ignores a fundamental writinh rule show don t tellI pretty much lost interest in the book when this happened McGarvey goes to a school for problem kids Two boys are particularly troubled He s going to meet with them to try to set them straight He is a kind of social worker rapper iconWe get maybe five sentences of dialogue from these kids I m enthralled Then McGarvey ends the chapter We re back to talking theory againWHAT NO GO BACK TELL ME ABOUT THE KIDSNo such luck MacGarvey is now deep into lecturing on how we need to open a dialogue with racists in order to engage them He explains this clearly and with nuance but my mind is still with the two boys Tell me about the boys Stop summarizing and theorizing and tell me about the boysI have always hated sociology Take an entire subculture and claim they are a homogeneous blob I find it offensive and dull Ifou genuinely want to teach me about the poor show me examples McGarvey does this somewhat but he seems uncomfortable doing so Msybe he worries he s being exploitative He s much happier telling ou about how the liberal middle class do gooders think they can parachute in to poverty country and fix things their way His criticism is valid but again theoretical not tied to any concrete examples and pretty dullThis may be another case of me picking up a book by a celebrity that I don t know Maybe his fans are delighted to read his thoughts Not knowing the guy at all I found his thoughts boringSeveral times I thought about telling my brother a social worker about this book The text actually reads like a manual for social workers Here are some things to think about while organizing a community As a book for a layperson just kind of curious about poverty and theory and maybe wanting concrete examples of that world the book falls flat Everyone should read this bookRather histrionic perhaps but the truth Shocking visceral angry and anger inducing Poverty Safari shines a light into the darkest corners of society highlighting the forgotten the overlooked If we have anything about us we should see this book as a rallying call it is surely time as Grenfell still smoulders and the ueues at the food banks snake ever longer to examine where we as a society are going wrong Fluently and beautifully written Poverty Safari is challenging and enlightening and a very very important book and an urgently timely one My thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Poverty Safari caught my eye on the library shelf then the blurb convinced me to read it McGarvey grew up in poverty in Glasgow and I ve been thinking that this ear I want to read about Scotland Since I live here and all While the book definitely gives an insight into life in a deprived part of Glasgow it also has a great deal to say about poverty generally McGarvey is an articulate and considered writer analytical and compassionate in his dissection of poverty as he and others have experienced it He also confronts the fact that for his book to be saleable he had to describe the traumas of his childhoodThere s no way someone like me would have been given the opportunity to write a book like this had I not draped it at least partially in the veil of a misery memoir Okay then first we need to create the illusion of objectivity It seems the most effective way to do this would be to completely dehumanise my family and me to look at our experience through a statistical lensThe title is very apposite and well chosen inviting the reader to consider their voyeuristic attitude Successive chapters examine both the material and psychological impacts of poverty as well as how these are perpetuated I found on the commentary on the effects of violent environments on children particularly powerful I also wish non fiction writing displayed this level of self awareness and insightNow let me say that I m aware some may disagree that these two cases are connected Some may even think it vulgar that I have chosen to contrast them in this way But euivalences like this are precisely how many of us arrive at our opinions What I ve just done is what people generally do when they turn on the news observing complicated matters from a distance we rush to conclusions about the nature of society and our place within it These conclusions become the basis of new beliefs whether they are true or falseIt s difficult to condense the main points of Poverty Safari because it approaches its topic from such a variety of directions class economics built environment politics mental health food and education among others The chapters link together neatly to create an original and profound examination of poverty in Scotland and Britain in general It s tempting as is for me and likely many others who ve never experienced real poverty either to carelessly blame Tory policies since Thatcher for its persistence McGarvey refuses to be so reductiveWhen one political party blames another for the problem it creates a false impression in the public mind that this complex issue is within the competence of one political actor or group to solve This is a dangerous oversimplification An oversimplification which forces us to cast one another as heroes and villains in the long running saga of poverty often based on our unconscious bias false beliefs and increasingly our resentments Just like stress creates a demand for relief through alcohol food and drugs so too does our refusal to get serious about grappling with the complexity of serious about grappling with the complexity of creating a demand for the sort of political juvenilia that reduces every person to a caricature and every issue into a soundbite These partisan rivalries are now so toxic that the idea of getting round the table with Apocalypse Any Day Now your opponents in good faith is almost laughable Proposing such an idea is regarded widely as naiveI also really liked his perspective on social media and the need to critically consider beliefs and opinionsou inherited or accreted thoughtlessly I try to do this but honestly it s so exhausting that I ve taken to prioritising and not having an opinion at all on Many Issues I Can issues If can give something the attention and thought it needs I ve decided it s better not to take a view Moreover a lot of things that go viral are so trivial that they just don t seem worth caring about Surely it isn t actually necessary for everyone to have an instant opinion on everything This in a later chapter recalls Stoic philosophyIt s counter intuitive to accept responsibility for certain things particularly when our circumstances are beyond our control This is especially true if we have suffered abuse neglect and oppression But striving to take responsibility is not about blame it s about honestly trying to identify which parts of the puzzle are within our capacity to deal with This approach is far radical than simply attributing responsibility for every ill in society to a system or a vaguely defined power dynamic something we lefties have gotten all too good at Aspiring to take responsibility is not about giving an unjust system a free pass it s about recognising that we are part of that system and are on some level complicit in the dysfunction It has to be asked what uality of resistance to societal injustice was I actually bringing to the table given the fact that I lacked insight into even the most basic truths of my own lifeMcGarvey is an excellent writer from a background that as he says in the introduction caused him to internalise People like me don t write books He s succeeded admirably in contradicting that His voice is distinctive and his ideas thought provoking I d like to read from him and in general books discussing poverty from such an informed and pragmatic perspective. He sort where the indigenous species is surveyed from a safe distance for a time before the window on the community closes and everyone gradually forgets about

 Pelda Os A La Cumbre
Scribes it himself part misery memoir about his childhood growing up with an alcoholic mother in a poor area of Glasgow sharing his own personal anecdotal experiences of what poverty means in late 20th century Scotland he was 33 at the time of writing in 2017 it is also part and honestly predominantly personal manifesto on why working class people are the way they are and act the way they do and how the issues they face could be ameliorated by those middle class people in powerpolitics It s not that McGarvey doesn t have a number of good points but this isn t what I or many others judging from the reviews on Goodreads expected this to be the title Poverty Safari implies that he will travel the UK interviewing those who are working class and living in poverty no The title is actually taken from the name of a project by an artist and when McGarvey actually meets people in these circumstances as he often does through his job as a rapper who works closely with Reading Praying Living Pope Francis S Rejoice And Be Glad young offenders and people in prisons etc we get a few sentences on their viewpoint then skip on to a new chapter Frustrating A very honest commentary of both experience and thought1 Change is good2 Not everythingeveryoneou don t understandrelate to is bad or has bad intentions3 Admitting Paranormal Romance That Rocks you are wrong accepting other opinions Lifestyles and CHANGE is the most radical thingou can do I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking for fresh thinking on poverty in modern BritainScotland The author is very honest about his own experiences and thinking but of course doesn t guarantee that he s right on everything and the reflective nature of his writing is both a strength and weakness of the book means that he ends up contradicting himself than once IMO this is a book encouraging the reader to challenge their own ego and assumptions so if Angels Of Death Vol 5 you are reading this in the hope of a pat on the backou will probably be disappointed If ou want food for thought this is a feastI could join the chorus of voices saying that the perception of what middle class people do and think is unfair but the point isn t to paint middle class people that way but rather to illuminate that is how many people from the lower classes the author s terminology think of the middle class It would be very easy wallow in my personal offence but it s useful to think about why those assumptions exist and serves as a reminder that no one likes to be on the receiving end of negative generalisations If ou keep reading McGarvey describes one time he got that very wrong Instead focus on the descriptions of his own experiences and the grinding challenges of poverty that are about than not having much money and are rarely articulated Too often the impacts of a disadvantaged background are glossed over as irrelevant because we have the occasional example of someone from a poor background made good We don t need to feel bad about having a privileged background but we should be honest enough to acknowledge that it helped us to get where we are now Again it may be tempting for the reader to decide that many of McGarvey s problems as coming from a dysfunctional family rather than a poor one and thus under estimate the impact of poverty but the two are intrinsically linked I feel like this was so obvious to the author that he didn t articulate it uite as clearly as some cynics may reuireThe strength of this book is the criticism of the tribal nature of politics Too much time spent on trying to prove The Dynamics Of Language yourself right andour political rivals wrong for the sake of ego rather than thinking about what we could do now if only we listened to each other a bit and occasionally admitted we were wrong and The Education Triple Cocktail your opponents might have the odd good idea and not be inherently evil I thought this might have been a good place to mention voting systems and the campaigns by the Electoral Reform Society and Make Votes Matter to ditch the archaic FPTP and to bring in fairer systems that reward collaborative working and let of the small voices be heard but there is only so muchou can mention in a single book Instead there is a very worthwhile discussion of the perils of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance which impressively presumably deliberately doesn t use the termsThere is a warning to well intentioned middle class campaigners who might rely too heavily on academic or specialist language from their own particular area of interest that alienate the wider community although there are a few passages of this book where the author could benefit few passages of this book where the author could benefit his own advice because they read like he s trying to impress his sociology tutorThe McGarvey warns against investing too much energy and faith to the delivery of political silver bullets because even if My Darkest Prayer you do think that a change of governmentthe end of capitalismBrexitnationalismCorbynTrumpnot Trump will solve many ofour problems The Dhammapada you could still be waiting for a long time and ifou aren t prepared to work within the current political system then it become just another protest movement that wants to keep people angry for the benefit of the movement not the community When It S All A Game you thinkou have nothing to lose then hoping for the banks to fail sounds like fun but in reality the poorest would still end up suffering the mostThe other big theme is that of personal responsibility The author believes that his life got a lot better when he stopped trying to externalise blame for all of his problems In taking responsibility for his own diet lifestyle and mental health his own uality of life improved considerably This is obviously a lot complicated than it sounds and much difficult for those who grow up in poverty but the point being that it didn t take a big political change He throws down the gauntlet to the reader to take responsibility for the things we do have control of especially those things contribute to our health our day to day lives He reminds well intentioned people that they may become complicit in perpetuating problems by appearing to suggest that external factors are the key Yes better town planning and sensible regulation could make it easier for people to live healthy lives but that only takes us so far My criticism would be the ease with which McGarvey dismisses some apparently abstract concerns that he thinks are mainly of interest to the middle classes He rightly insists that the views and interests of working class communities should be considered in decision making and that we should be less dogmatic in what we assume is for the best but is sometimes uick to dismiss other points of that at times veer towards Gove s we ve had enough of experts It feels a bit churlish to complain about this given how often he admits to getting things wrong and his willingness to learn but it still jarsHowever this book isn t pretending to have all of the solutions nor should it be judged according to how fairly it presents all points of view This book seeks to present a particular point of view that is too often overlooked and does it well I hope it becomes widely read I gave up at the 75% markMcGarvey opens the book with a warning He doesn t read much And he likes big words So he s going to write the sort of book he would like to see in the world one Murder Mix Up you don t have to read in chronological order andou can jump around to whatever section Rock Love Me Blake you want to readAndou get what he promises Disjointed chapters that run along without any connection We flit from topic to topic without any sense of building And McGarvey uses the word outwith several times in what felt like a deliberate attempt to force me to use a dictionary I don t think I ve ever seen that word beforeI can t say he didn t warn me But in my defense I was reading the book electronically Jumping around isn t exactly easy in that format And I just don t read that wayThis book is maybe 5% safari and 95% theory and explaining of things Not what I signed up for Somewhere in the middle of the book MacGarvey himself makes a joke that he sold the book as a misery memoir making fun of. Anger that is spilling over Anger he says we will have to get used to unless things change He invites ou to come on a Safari of sorts A Poverty Safari But not .
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I don t really know what I was expecting when I went into this but I was left disappointed anyway I suppose I was looking for a social commentary on the working class and poverty stricken people of Britain but this read like a political statement Granted it was better than a channel 5 documentary that exploits the vulnerable but I didn t really find it all that interesting either Good intentions but it didn t really deliver After reading a number of articles both by and about Darren McGarvey I must admit that I went into Poverty Safari with high expectations It s perhaps because of these expectations that I came away from the book feeling a little disappointed Before I go any further with actually reviewing the content of Poverty Safari allow me first to state that McGarvey writes extremely well The first few pages of his book are dedicated to his love of writing and walk the reader through how from a very oung age McGarvey enjoyed learning and using new words in ways which would often put him at odds with his environment where elouence was usually viewed as the preserve of the privileged middle and upper classes and therefore treated with scorn McGarvey in a way that makes the reader feel like chuckling and smiling sadly at the same time recounts how he was called gay by his male classmates when he dared call the hair of a female classmate beautiful although I can confirm that even when growing up in my cushy middle and high schools homophobic slurs were often the insult of choice This love of words which led McGarvey to become a rap artist performing under the name Loki is felt throughout Poverty Safari transmitting vividly the writer s experiences and thoughts through the pagesHowever a book and especially a non fiction work such as Poverty Safari cannot be considered on the style of its writing alone and it is unfortunately in its structure and in some of its content that this book falls slightly short To be fair to McGarvey he does warn us of the ramshackle structure of his debut book calling it a series of rants which seek to shed light on the anger and stress which are so pervasive amongst Britain s white working class rather than a political manifesto or an in depth analysis of the causes and effects of phenomena such as substance abuse splintered families and a lack of education on successive generations of the socio economically oppressed But in a book where we are forced unflinchingly to look into a world which is alien to many and invisible to many to present so few solutions feels like a missed opportunity There are plenty of matter of fact descriptions of McGarvey s harrowing childhood in which he was horrifically abused by his mother There are also pertinent explanations of white working class people s anger at their marginalisation from society and of the political and societal crises which this marginalisation has engendered Yet when it comes to offering a solution the most punching advice McGarvey can offer is that poor people need to take responsibility for their actions a worthy call for working class individuals to look inward rather than outward for self betterment to be sure but perhaps a bit limited when considering the scale of some of the issues Poverty Safari touches upon There is also a call from the left to work with diverging political forces rather than seeking to shut down or punch up in progressive leftist parlance dissenting viewpoints Again a worthy call for increased dialogue but slightly problematic in a political context where it is populist right wing forces not the progressive left who have made concerted and systematic efforts to dismantle democratic structures and the free speech they are built upon I would really liked to have seen McGarvey engage with some of the solutions he is calling for and perhaps approach them critically like he brilliantly tackles his response to a middle class artist s Glasgow project rather than simply touch upon then while wrapping up his book s threads But who knows maybe this will come in his later workIn short I enjoyed Poverty Safari overall but felt that it could have been fleshed out in parts A final overall but felt that it could have been fleshed out in parts A final to wrap up where McGarvey is at his weakest is where he is seen raging against occult forces who are apparently attempting to shut him down One of the forces he targets is the cultural left made up of the dominant forces in the media the arts and the higher education sector a term which sounds awfully like Jordan Peterson s Cultural Marxist cabal which is intent on shutting down free speech and imposing an ultra politically correct dystopia on the world Another target confusingly is the Guardian which strikes me as odd given that he has written multiple columns for the paper and given that it is through a Guardian article that I discovered McGarvey s work and his book I don t see the Telegraph or the Daily Mail I thought the progressive left dominated media giving McGarvey a platform The book start of very well with a powerful description of living with an abusive mother The author really excels at describing unsettling moving scenes and his personal experiences of poverty There is an interesting section on identity politics and the intersection with class which is often ignored However the book falls down when it comes to analysis and solutions It seems there is an attempt to write this book for everyone but the left There is no mention of low pay of exploitation or of neo liberal politics in general The Tories are explicitly off limits for criticism in this book which is pretty surprising given the damage they have done to Glasgow historically and to the UK at present Many passages read like it was written by a Scottish Rod Little Public sector workers from middle class backgrounds are mocked and demonised while there is no mention of say upper class bankers crashing the economy West End accents are made fun of while nothing is said of those who have offshore bank accounts and don t pay their taxes The problem of poverty therefore is seen in a complete political vacuum instead and this will delight readers of the Daily Mail the individual is to blame for their problems At many times I felt I was reading a Charles Murray book The book ends with some good on not instantly judging middle class people although this negated by the fact the author did exactly that in earlier passages of the book There is also a bit of a bizarre passage on not wanting to have a left wing revolution which is a bit of a straw man since so few in society support thisIn conclusion great writing of personal experience but poor analysis of political causes of poverty or solutions Poverty Safari challenges Neorrurales Antologia De Poetas De Campo you to think about whyou think what El Soltero M S Codiciado De Atlanta Iii you think and what impact that might have onour perceptions of and actions within society In an
Increasingly Polarised Nation The Capacity 
polarised nation the capacity self reflection and introspection are those that will enable us to reach compromise Darren McGarvey is a voice I enjoyed hearing from one that is not often afforded the chance to make an extended case for his beliefs in public He engages with a vast array of societal challenges from poverty and mental health to intersectionality and identity politics wedding those themes to personal experience to provide a clearer picture of the progress or lack of progress that is currently being made in marginalised communities His words on blame generalisation and assumption are particularly poignant and call for a reappraisal of Tantra Of The Yoga Sutras your convictions regardless ofour political stance Read reflect and re evaluate our judgements with genuine consideration for the perspectives of others there is no debate on the utility of this maxim purported by Loki Removed my initial rating of three stars and leaving this unrated It s not bad but it s definitely not what it was sold as in the blurb I m on holiday and sans laptop so this ll be a uick bullet point review this book is as McGarvey de. People from deprived communities all around Britain feel misunderstood and unheard Darren McGarvey aka 'Loki' gives voice to their feelings and concerns and the.

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