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Lection so much I ve seen Brandon Melendez at slams and open mic features in Boston He s amazing on stage and writes with gripping imagery I got to read poems in print that I d once seen on stage That s a wonderful feeling I could truly savor the words and glance back over lines that killed me or made me live There a million lines I could uote but ere s one for good *measure if memory is a bridge built with marble brick then do not *if memory is a bridge built with marble brick then do not whether it s safe to cross from Universe Ending in Gratitude My copy is inscribed with an autograph and What a gift to share this world with you This book of poetry is indeed a gift What a way to spend a gorgeous sunny Seattle afternoonI m biased because Brandon is one of my favorite poets buuuut this collection is gorgeous There are poems that Hearings Before The Committee On The Merchant Marine And Fisheries Hous hit you right when you read them others stick with you The language is accessible for non poetry readers and there s just enoughope to balance out the grief His Mexican American eritage runs deep inside is poems but also The Fresh Water Flora And Fauna Of Central Park he s just another guy whoseeart as been broken "and still wonders if there is to this life at all I outlived who I was "still wonders if there is to this life at all I outlived who I was is a truly aunting line that I Burn S Justice Of The Peace And Parish Officer Vol 2 Of 5 have been thinking about for days Don t sleep on this book It s amazing. Is a bookaunted by The Conshohocken Register history but never in service of it Here is a book that wants to know what comes after elegy when the gods slink back into theireavens when we are only left with the names of our dead the good dark earth Melendez offers something like a prayer against overlooking the past to remember where the gold came from After all Anywhere can become you once you forget ow you got ther. I enjoyed this b00k meh this "book is cool i guess idk Fine work by a young poet who as experienced deeply "is cool i guess idk Fine work by a young poet who Minutes Of The Proceedings Of The Sixth Convention Delegates From The Ab has experienced deeply thought throughis family Pour Moi Seule history The poems are I assume determinedly autobiographical and often verge on narratives One nice aspect is that while Melendez records plenty of illness political oppression and other traumae also speaks of pride love familial loyalty and Manual Of Ready Reference To Classic Fiction hope We can see thate wants not to become an entry in someone s catalog of empty seats Rather I get closer to a future made better by The Puppet Show Vol 2 how I live through it Spanish is scattered throughout the book including an entire poem but it is fairly easy Spanish Inis debut collection GOLD THAT FRAMES THE MIRROR Melendez thoughtfully weaves together a beautiful and raw kaleidoscope of narratives that explore Die Erblichkeit his familyis *HERITAGE CULTURAL TRAUMA MENTAL ILLNESS MUSIC THE COLLECTION *cultural trauma mental illness and The collection encapsulates what it means to grow up and move through this complicated world Melendez bares The Pleader S Guide hiseart and soul on every single page creating an emotional vortex that will suck readers in But it s the urgency coursing through these poems that will keep them reading on and on until they unfortunately reach the end I reread many of these poems especially those about fa. In Brandon Melendez's debut poetry collection Gold That Frames the Mirror nothing sung can truly be lost Orbiting a daisy chain of fascinations that range from Seventeenth Annual Report Of The Receipts And Expenditures Of The Town O heritage family to grief music mental illness these poems want to know whatome means even when the answers can seem too blood bright to bear staring at Yet do not mistake Melendez for a poet of an uncomplicated sadness even when e writ. Mily eritage and language crossing and surviving borders To get inside and feel the experience of multiple LatinX generations Beautiful This was fantastic Melendez as incredible control of imagery and kept it threaded throughout the collection The last three poems gutted me beautiful love to gasp at titles alone continue to be in awe for the rest of the poem For of my book content check out instagramcombookalong I want to desire like the rest to crawl through the dark or into bed and be appy with whatever and finds "me because ands are good enoughBut when it comes time When I "because ands are good enoughBut when it comes time When I supposed to prove this flesh is worth the priceof teeth I unbutton my shirt and reveal nothing but thin wire and a path through me Maybe I m not brokenmaybe I need someone who understands

when i say 
I say machine I mean be patient with me Pg83 This collection will eviscerate you A deep and onest look at family Taxi heredity self acceptance mentalealth trauma and griefMelendez vivid imagery clings to each poem He digs deep and many readers with resonant with Vida Del B Nicol S Factor Hijo De La Provincia De Menores Observantes his words The whole collection moved me but the last section truly spoke to me The title is beautiful and absolutely brilliant Thank You to the publisher for gifting me this collection I loved this col. Es of deep loss there is the possibility of wonder joy Drawing from a wellspring of profound bewilderment present inis images as well as Essays Ecclesiastical Biography Vol 1 Of 2 how language assumes or is assumed by form Melendez knows poetry likeome is something we carry with us in our bodies Every certainty and every wonderment in Gold That Frames the Mirror is come by onestly and with Melendez's unwavering tender scrutiny Here.
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