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About identity and instead emphasises intergenerational transfer and continuity The argument is that a younger generation is disputing and debating the terms through which to understand contemporary South Africa as well as for interpreting the legacies f the past that remain under the visible layer f skin The chapters each concern blood Mandela's prison cell as laboratory for producing bloodless freedom; the kinship relations created and resisted in accounts f Eugene de Kock in prison; Ruth First's concern with information leaks in her accounts f her information leaks in her accounts f her in prison; the first human to human heart transplant and its relation to racialised attempts to salvage white identity;. ,

In this book the "author argues that a younger generation f south "argues that a younger generation f South is developing important AND INNOVATIVE WAYS OF UNDERSTANDING SOUTH innovative ways Napping Princess of understanding South pasts and that challenge the narratives that havever the last decades been informed by notions f forgiveness and reconciliation The author uses the image f history rich blood to explore these approaches to intergenerational memory Blood under the skin is a carrier f embodied and gendered histories and using this image the chapters revisit lder archives as well as analyse contemporary South African cultural and literary formsThe emphasis n blood challenges the privileged status skin has had as explanatory category in thinking.

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The #Fallist moment; Abantu book festival; and activist scholarship and creative art works that use blood as trope for thinking about change and continuityCarli Coetzee is Editor f the Journal Trust Me of African Cultural Studies Her publications include Accented Futures Language Activism and the Endingf Apartheid Wits University Press 2013 and the edited collection Afropolitanism Reboot Routledge 2017 She co edited The Handbook f African Literature Routledge 2019 Literature Routledge 2019 Moradewun Adejunmobi and Negotiating the Past The Making f Memory in South AfricaOxford University Press 1998 With Sarah NuttallSouthern Africa South AfricaOxford University Press 1998 with Sarah NuttallSouthern Africa South Namibia Lesotho Zimbabwe and Swaziland Wits University Press. Written Under the Skin
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