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The fourteenth book in the award winning Honor Series of historical naval novels HONORING THE ENEMY is the story of how American sailors Marines and soldiers landed in eastern Cuba in and against daunting odds fought their way to victory in America s first major power projection overseasIt is the personal memoir of protagonist Captain Peter Wake USN Wake is a veteran of Office of Naval Intelligence operations inside spanish occupied cuba who describes with vivid Spanish occupied Cuba who describes with vivid his experiences as a naval liaison ashore with the Cuban and US armies in the ungles hospitals headuarters and bat. .

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Honoring the Enemy: A Captain Peter Wake NovelAign ashore are a into THE WOEFUL INCOMPETENCE IMPRESSIVE INNOVATIONS ENERGY woeful incompetence impressive innovations energy and breathtaking bravery that is always at the heart of combat His description of the great naval battle from the uniue viewpoint of a prisoner onboard the most famous Spanish warship is an emotional rendering of onboard the most famous Spanish warship is an emotional rendering of the concept of honor can transform a hopeless cause into a noble gesture of humanityHonoring the Enemy focuses on the personal cost of combat the political intrigue which leads to it the myths that are destroyed by it and the grit and honor which will get you through. ,
Tlefields in the campaign to capture Santiago de Cuba from the Spanish enemy His younger friend and former superior Theodore Roosevelt is included in Wake s story as the two of them endure the hell of war in the tropics The memoir also portrays his deep love affair with his Spanish born wife Maria who is a volunteer Red Cross nurse at the US Army field hospital in Cuba After having lost so much already to the war she hates maria has plunged herself working hates Maria has plunged herself into working Clara to save lives but ends up on the verge of mortal sickness herselfWake s descriptions of the military camp.