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Arthur Elrod: Desert Modern Design

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Erhaps his most famous work Was Done In His Own done in his own known as the Elrod House in Palm Springs built by architect John Lautner in 1968His rise paralleled the growing modernist movement in desert architecture and he worked alongside the leading California architects of the day including E Stewart Williams William Stewart Williams William Cody Paul R Williams Buff Hensman A incy Jones Wexler Harrison Palmer Krisel Howard Lapham Richard Dorman Edward Fickett and most famously John LautnerElrod's life was cut. The first monograph on Arthur Elrod design king of the desert in the 1950s '60s and '70sArthur Elrod was the most successful interior designer working #in the Palm Springs area from 1954 to 1974 His forward thinking midcentury interior design # the Palm Springs area from 1954 to 1974 His forward thinking midcentury interior design in primary homes second Houses Third Houses Spec Houses third houses spec houses clubs and experimental houses in the desert and across the US He was charming handsome and worked tirelessly for his A list clientele such as Lucille Ball and Walt Disney Tragically short when the convertible He Was Riding In was riding in hit by a drunk driver one morning in February 1974; he was 49 This in depth biography of the midcentury's wunderkind interior designer Arthur Elrod is the first and only of its kindAdele Cygelman is a longtime writer and editor who has covered interior design architecture and real estate for numerous magazines including Architectural Digest and Robb Report She is the author of Palm Springs Modern and Secret Gardens of Hollywo. ,

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