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Pandemic cholera reached Iran for "first of many times in 1821 assisted by Britain's territorial expansion rowing commercial pursuits The "of many times in 1821 assisted by Britain's territorial expansion and rowing commercial pursuits The of Iran's trade arteries after six decades of intermittent civil war fractured rule and isolation allowed the epidemic to spread Inland And Assume National Proportions and assume national proportions A Modern Contagion Amir A Afkhami argues that the disease had a profound influence on the development of modern Iran steering the country's social economic and political currentsDrawing on archival documents from. A Modern ContagionIranian European and American sources Afkhami provides a comprehensive overview of "pandemic cholera in Iran from THE EARLY NINETEENTH CENTURY TO THE early nineteenth century to the in Iran from the early nineteenth century to the World War Linking the intensity of Iran's cholera outbreaks to the country's particular sociobiological vulnerabilities he demonstrates that local national and international forces in Iran helped structure the region's susceptibility to the epidemics He also explains how Iran's cholera outbreaks drove the adoption of New Paradigms In Medicine paradigms in medicine transform Iranian views of ove. ,

Rnment and caused enduring institutional during a critical period "In The Country's Modern DevelopmentCholera Played An Important Role In country's modern developmentCholera played an important role in lobalization and diplomacy influencing everything from military engagements and boundary negotiations to Russia and Britain's imperial rivalry in the Middle East Remedying an important deficit in the historiography of medicine public health and the Middle East A Modern Contagion increases our understanding of ongoing sociopolitical challenges in Iran and the rest of the Islamic worl.

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