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All seemed to have planted some seeds for Barbara s future as Oracle as in the last Story Barbara States She Ll Be Happy Barbara states she ll be happy help the super heroes out just from the sidelines and perhaps anonymously using *her computer Regardless this is still a fairly enjoyable look into Bronze Age DC and we re *computer Regardless this is still a fairly enjoyable look into Bronze Age DC and we re to get the complete Batgirl canon published in these two omnibi Most of the art is by Jose Delbo who was a workhorse at DC in the 70s and 80s not splashy at all just dependable and consistent The last two stories from Detective are from the great Trevor von Eeden who helped design Black Lightning with Tony Isabella as well as penciling a great Green Arrow mini series and the first few issues of the experimental Thriller series His Batgirl looks very Starlin esue and his layouts are beautiful to seeDefinitely worth reading for all Bronze Age DC fans as well as fans of Barbara Gordon andor Batgirl It s best to read Volume One first as some of the plot setups begin ther. Nado and faces villains including Killer Moth the Cavalier and Madame ZodiacCollects stories from Batman Family #12 20 and Detective Comics #481 519 and Batgirl Special ,

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Ter Barbara Randall who wrote a couple of the last Batgirl Stories *in Detective To Usher Out Barbara Gordon As stories *in Detective to usher out Barbara Gordon as Darknight Daughter In *Detective to usher out Barbara Gordon as the Darknight Daughter In s introduction she recounts how DC had decided to allow Alan Moore to have the Joker blast her spine out in his upcoming book The Killing Joke so Randall was allowed to write Barbara s swan song where once again she battles the demons of doubt egged on by a childhood friend who thinks Barbara isn t up to being Batgirl for some reason Randall s introduction paints a shitty picture of DC especially editors Dick Giordano and Len Wein who told Moore to cripple the bitch after deciding Batgirl was an expendable character This blatant misogyny is not surprising but marks a rather ignominious ending to the first DC female copycat hero to be her own person and not just a romantic interest for the main male character Supergirl was not a romantic interest for Superman but was still mostly a derivative character at first At least Rand. D 1970s tales featuring Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl are now recut and collected in their entirety In these stories Batgirl Teams Up With Heroes teams up with heroes Robin and Red Tor. This volume rounds out Barbara Gordon S Gordon s career Batgirl for a decades and a half These tales are primarily 8 page backups from Detective Comics with a few from the Batman Family title with Robin along for the ride in a number of them Here we see the end of Barbara s career as a US Representative from Gotham City and her move into a position with an advocacy group that gives her a new set of supporting characters There are hints of a budding romantic relationship but nothing comes of it when the strip gets a new writer with Cary Burkett Burkett has some of the better stories but there is this lingering theme of Batgirl being incompetent and gripped with uncertainty about her abilities This flies in the face of her earliest adventures and doesn t make a lot of sense Batgirl makes a lot of mistakes and has to be bailed out by various others in order not to be illedThis collection culminates in the last story the Batgirl Special from 1988 DC uses a female wri. Now for the first time ever Gotham's greatest heroine's adventures are collected in this oversize omnibus collection Batgirl The Bronze Age *Omnibus Vol 2These Hard To *Vol 2These hard to Batgirl AUTHOR Various