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S I appreciated it I also really liked the art especially in one specific point when it visually depcits the various ways Earth s green "LANTERNS USE THEIR RINGS THE STORIES " use their rings The stories Hal s redemption are also good Since Hal and Kyle are my favorites lanterns al taking is successor in flight Hal taking is successor in flight on plane nice It also gives some updated information about Hal s backstory Overall I really enjoyed this issue and look froward to when I get the chance to read the next one This is the perfect start to reading Green Lantern by Geoff Johns mainly because it Arabic Contemporary Theology has GLC Recharge next to GL RebirthGL Rebirth is the obvious start for Johns run but on its own it is a bit dense withistory Have More Life hence it is really good toave GLC Recharge which not only feels like a proper fresh start of something new but it also is the start of a completely different comic series with a vastly different tone to Johns GLThe ordering is a bit weird after Rebirth and they do cut the first GL run Feminist Jurisprudence half to continue in the next book but nothing that cannot be followed easily A decent restart to the Green Lantern arc that brings with it the full corps as well as the Justice League There s some decent stories inere especially Hal s rebirth The way that the Lantern Corp makes their way through so many new recruits is laid out well too and there s also a nasty edge that tees us off to Infinite Crisis Not the top of the line in DC Comics but a reasonably good compendium I wouldn t suggest using it as your springboard into the Green Lantern universe but it s good for established comics fans. S Pacheco SupermanBatman Ethan Van Sciver Green Lantern Rebirth Patrick Gleason Batman and Robin and Darwyn Cooke DC The New Frontier Collects Green Lantern Rebirth #1 6 Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 #1 Green Lantern Corps Recharge #1 5 and Green Lantern #1. Johns writing was a step above Gibbons When it got thr gibbons rebirth issues I really struggled to maintain interest Enjoyed it than when I read different bits individually The order of the stories is a bit confusing though with a big Green Lantern Corps story coming before a story where Hal is discussing whether to revive the Corps I already wrote a review for Rebirth Green Lantern 1 6 for that publication Geoff revive the Corps I already wrote a review for Rebirth Green Lantern 1 6 for that publication Geoff Book One opens with those issues So re for that publication Geoff Book One opens with those issues So re reading just the original Rebirth mini series from 2005 my first experience with Green Lantern I felt somewhat confused and disappointed Many Val Wood Untitled 2 have said that Geoff Johns run is the place to start and is often uoted as being the best run on the character Ifis Auaman was anything to go by I was in for a treat But Rebirth didn t blow me away It took some extensive Wikipedia ing wikipeeding Wikiing to get some context And it all felt like standard superheroic smashingBut this collection which I read digitally allowed for a much better reading experience It collects not only the Rebirth series but also the accompanying Corps issues and a Quantitative Equity Portfolio Management hugely important intro page with an extra issue adding a great deal of characterisation andistory for Hal Jordan Geoff Johns is so skilled at Perdidas honouring the continuity andistory of a character while still being able to write with accessibility for new readers Much like Auaman this was a character I Bug Bounty Hunting Essentials had little to no interest in but this seems like the perfect starting point for anyone willing to expand theirorizons out to the expansive cosmos of. For nearly a decade Geoff Johns was the primary architect of the Green Lantern universe He created a vibrant world that elegantly built upon and streamlined decades of Green Lantern mythology earning both critical and commercial success From the return of Hal. The DC universe And now that I Elephants have Volume One of the Omnibus in myands I can delve deeper into this worldAs Geoff Johns confidently tells us through Half Jordan You ve never flown with me before Rough start for Geoff Johns who The Life Monaco Grand Prix had to reimagine the character I find the art to be somewhat miscated Though it would be a killer on aorror comic The frat boy attitude of Green Lantern Corps was kinda cringy overall If this is the landmark run of Johns it certainly can be better from from ere What a cool way of using the past to form the new now i get why so the new now I get why so people speak so ighly of this run This was my first real introduction to Green Lantern I went into it thinking it would be kinda lame because I generally think Green Lantern is kinda lame but wowee the corps is filled with a bunch of badasses Definitely glad I picked this up 4 stars because I m kinda tired of reading comics about space and aliens but obviously that s just a personal thing I ve been looking forward to reading Geoff John s run of Green Lantern other than Sinestor Corps Wars which I ve already read and I wasn t disappointed The first alf of this volume is

The Redemption Of Hal 
redemption of Hal and the second alf is the adventures of the green lanterns after e returns Although it does retcon the Hal s state of mind in the events of Zero Hour I loved it The inclusion of Sinestro and Parallax playing on Hal s psyche was an interesting twist Johns also includes Green Arrow emphasizing the importance of Oliver and Hal s friendship in both their lives As a big fan of both character. Jordan to the introduction of other Lantern Corps Johns' run turned the established canon on its ead and forever changed the direction of the Green Lantern booksThis critically acclaimed Green Lantern run begins ere with art by such talented artists as Carlo. ,
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Summary Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book One

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book One

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