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Stranger against the Dark Circle They re visually attractive comics that likewise have vocative themes and settings But do they stand up past their pure beauty Not ntirely The JLA story 100 102 is the legendary introduction of the Seven Soldiers of Victory into DC continuity and it s got a great foundational idea too the Soldiers are scattered across time and must be rescued Unfortunately got a great foundational idea too the Soldiers are scattered across time and must be rescued Unfortunately just results in the team up then split up trope followed by a bunch of MacGuffin uests Other than the nice imagery of the JLA and JSA in a bunch of different times there s nothing to this It s the vocative plotting we saw in the Phantom Stranger comics but with dully traditional superhero scriptsThe Human Target stories may be comics but with dully traditional superhero scriptsThe Human Target stories may be best of these samples of Wein s 70s work Oh they re not very complex and sort of repetitive as Chase first masuerades as the victims then gets comeuppance on a killer but they re delightful little stories in their tight 6 8 pagesWe pick up The War And After eight years later at the beginning of the 80s with a connected trio of DC Comics Presents featuring team ups with J onn J onnz Supergirl and the Spectre Though most of those team ups are actually fighting The first two stories make great use of Mongul appearing for the first time here alongside Warworld They re also nice science fiction yarns The third story then movesverything to the metaphysical realm Compared to the JLA stories from the 70s these stories show how much comics matured in just that decade because they re deeper than just the fights that are of course necessary for superhero comics of this A Select Collection Of Poems Vol 5 eraWein s last few stories from recent years walk the line between satire and deconstruction not aping his past work but not abandoning itither The JLA Giant story is just a fun bit of rivalry between the classic Hawkman and Hal Jordan taken to a level that you wouldn t have seen in the flatter comics of the previous ra The retroactive Green Lantern is actually a pretty nice piece about John Stewart s secret identity being revealed but again it walks the deconstructive side with its mockery of classic villains like Shark and SonicAnd then we nd with the Swamp Nnovate some of the company's most groundbreaking titles including work on Watchmen New Teen Titans Justice League of America Saga of the Swamp Thing and Now for the first time ver his greatest stories are collected together as a salute to one of DC's most important creators of all time This sensational story of the DC Universe is told from the dawn of sup. Absolutely fantastic stuff I do sorely miss him Some absolute gems in here I miss Len so much A lot of the stories don t age well or focus on characters that I personally have any investment in If you like obscure characters such as phantom stranger and human target then maybe this Volume will appeal to you This is an xcellent tribute to one of the greats from the comic book world Len Wein It spans his career playing in the DC Universe and was a lot of fun for me to read The old JLA trilogy with the Seven Soldiers of Victory was always one of my favourite stories from the classic JLA and the DC Presents trilogy drawn by Jim Starlin and introducing the villain Mongul a Thanos clone perhaps is a classic I loved the Human Target stories drawn by Dick Giordano They were ones I had never read before but were Dartmouth Sketches enjoyable silly fun The Phantom Stranger stories drawn by Jim Aparo were also wonderful to read I loved these stories for the art as much as the writing I think the only story that didn t belong was a full length Jon Stewart Green Lantern story where his girlfriend revealed his secret identity because What did youxpect I am a reporter and was then shocked he broke up with her for doing that A very badly conceived idea I wonder if Marvel will also do a tribute to the man who invented Wolverine and wrote the first NEW X Men story that introduced Nightcrawler Storm and Colossus I ll never understand why Len hated Alan Moore s writing so much but he wrote so many of my favourite comics he ll always

"have a place "
a place my heart May he RIP A collection of many of the notable DC Universe stories by Len Wein DC says they re among his best worksThe Teen Titans that kicks things off is an njoyable little story that introduces the original Starfire Red Star Debuting a Russian superhero in 1968 and making him mostly likable was a big deal Comics tended to be slower in the 60s but this one still reads well a big deal Comics tended to be slower in the 60s but this one still reads well that s notable because it was Len Wein s first professional work back in 1968The Phantom Stranger comics cover about half of Lein Wein s run These particular issues 20 24 were likely picked because they form a mini arc of the. Renowned writer Len Wein the co creator of Marvel's Wolverine and DC's Swamp Thing is joined by an all star array of legendary artists as his greatest works at DC are collected in this anthology graphic novelFrom the Teen Titans to Swamp Thing Len Wein had his fingerprints on just about very aspect of DC Comics As a writer and later ditor Wein helped to

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Hing Len Wein s last unfinished story from late in his life As I wrote when DC also reprinted this in Swamp Thing Roots of Terror It s good to have Wein s last Swamp Thing story though it s a pity it wasn t lettered and a pity that it s just a fraction of what was to be a larger storySo is this Wein s best Work I M Not Convinced Of That But It S I m not convinced of that But it s to see his creations like The Human Target Red Star and Mongul in the same place plus his recreation of the Seven Soldiers of Victory plus his less known horror comic The Phantom Stranger They re historic works but nothing uite like his original Swamp Thing I had high Hope and xpectations for this Unfortunately I was a little let down This isn t Len Wein s best work collected Just a collection of his stories And that s not a shot at Mr Wein I believe they could ve chosen much better stories for this but instead just featured some filler stories with a couple superman and JL stories included My least favorite part of this was the 80 pages or so they gave The Human Target that may have been a favorite of Mr Wein I don t know But I was very disappointed they only included one swamp thing story and that was the last story he was working on when he passed If You re looking to read some len wein this may be for you If You re looking to read the best of Len Wein this isn t it This collection highlights some of the unsung stories of Len Wein s legacy It steers away from his unsung stories of Len Wein s legacy It steers away from his stories that have been collected before like the creation of Swamp Thing Instead we get some lesser known stories like a Phantom Stranger run from the 70 s or the Human Target backup stories from Action Comics There s also his famous Justice League Justice Society story from JLA 100 along with some Superman team ups from DC Comics Presents The book nds with his unfinished new Swamp Thing book that died before he could write the lettering script It s presented as Kelly Jones finished art followed by Wein s script If you want to dust off some of DC s shadowy corners of the past look no further I ll leave you wth a Jose Garcia Lopez tribute to Len Wein and his two great creations Wolverine and Swamp Thin. Erheroes starring Superman Batman Wonder Woman Green Lantern the Justice League of America the Teen Titans and Collects Teen Titans #18 20 Phantom Stranger #20 24 JLA #100 102 Action Comics #419 420 #422 423 #425 426 #429 #432 DC Comics Presents #27 29 JLA 80 Page Giant #2 DC Retroactive Green Lantern The '80s Big Betrayal #1 and Swamp Thing Winter Special. DC Universe by Len Wein
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