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Ace with nothing to influence you or throw you off Why not just "Say So Why Try "so Why try convince eople it s not what it isINTERESTING They built a designer chicken coop that is nothing but an open grid of boardsBUT PRACTICALLY Their coop doesn t Makers Of Democracy protect the chickens fromredators wind rain or ambient heat That s the Spirit On The Move purpose of a coop INTERESTING They spent a lot of money on a designer compost area It s cute BUT PRACTICALLY It s a set of cute concrete cubicles you can t get in or out of with euipment In other words it s not alace you can make compost Trust me I m a Master Composter and have my Master Composter Instructor certificate from the State of Texas I know a lot about compostingINTERESTING Gorgeous native Expecting Mindfully plants The author claims that this vegetation is ariority for him BUT PRACTICALLY The author couldn t be bothered to give the names of the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star plants he supposedly reuired of his landscaper Even inhotos featuring El B Ho Sabio plants we get generic ambiguous descriptions like ornamental tree I expect you get the idea by now It was interesting butractical substance seemed to be missing at every turn I Hope The Author Finds hope the author finds way to ground his ideas in reality I sincerely do His vision for serving the local Colores people as well as the. Inlace of El Gato Y Su Viol N paned glass windows Other unusual native building materials include Mexicanarota wood and marmolinaLed by director paned glass windows Other unusual native building materials include Mexican Catalina Sin Pamplinas parota wood and marmolinaLed by director Sodi Casa Wabi challenges architects and artists to contemplate nature deeply as itrovides new tools for area residents Casa Wabi is both a world class architectural destination and a model for new strategies of creative intervention within economically depressed communities. Casa Wabi

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Not the same size the half of the book that is closer to the binding is thicker than the half of the book that is to the right and because the cover is cardboard it bends at that N Meros point where there is a change in width in the book Also there are otherractical aspects that are not a change in width in the book Also there are other Opuestos Opposites practical aspects that are not into consideration There is no ISBN barcode on the book there is noricing information on the bookINTERESTING The complex includes huts Como Un Susurro pavilions and a huge wall all made of concrete The wall is 12 feet high maybe 2 feet deep and over 10000 feet long The author waxes elouent ad nauseum that this isn t really a wall but a mystical non wall that bringseople together rather than separates them Considered side by side with our current discussions of the wall at the US s southern border it s hysterical to me that you could talk about a wall that wayBUT PRACTICALLY The Rema Rema Sin Parar place is made of concrete the ugliest building material known to mankind Thelace looks like a Bee Boy And The Moonflowers prison I m sure in that impoverished section of the world a solid imposing complex like this gives a feeling ofermanence and En El Parque De Bomberos power to the nativeeople that is wonderful And as a former Pop Art professional artist I think that type of room iserfect for creating art It s like a blank sp. T Bosco Sodi it combines artist residencies a gallery and living uarters with classrooms gardens and ublic spaceTadao Ando centers the foundation on a 312 meter long wall; his trademark concrete structures radiate off it capped in woven alm tree leaves for ventilation These local alapa style roofs are often the only element distinguishing indoor and outdoor spaces an effect complemented by wooden shutters. An ego iece Extended detailed marketing brochure for the home of an artist s residency Cinema Of Confinement program I found much about it to be interesting because I am a curiouserson but I feel that reading it was a waste of my time I would only recommend this book if you are going there or have been there and want a book about its underlying Aesthetic Spaces philosophy I have aet Feeling Faint peeve abouteople building things that sound clever but are impractical A rampant feature here INTERESTING I liked the book visually The binding format choice of Cuban Studies 47 papersage sizes and layout was uniue BUT PRACTICALLY I am the first Paths For Cuba person to check this book out from the local library and it s already beginning to fall apart The cover is exposed cardboard No glazing oraper on Inevitably Toxic parts of it Cardboard is just many layers ofaper glued together and those layers are coming apart In addition a single drop of water will stain and weaken it and ruin the book Because the cardboard is so thick it doesn t stretch all the way around through the American Dream Deferred points that bend So thoseoints don t appear to have enough structure in them and are likely to come apart over time On top of that the text The Correspondence Of John Tyndall Volume 6 pages are a little less than half the size ofages with hotography on them Because all the ages are. Casa Wabi a nonprofit arts center located in Puerto Escondido Oaxaca Mexico is a stage for world renowned contemporary artists and architects to engage with the local communityTadao Ando's remarkable Casa Wabi dots the Pacific coastline of Mexico with structures by Alberto Kalach Alvaro Siza Kengo Kuma Gloria Cabral Solano Benitez Jorge Ambrosi and coastline of Mexico with structures by Alberto Kalach Alvaro Siza Kengo Kuma Gloria Cabral Solano Benitez Jorge Ambrosi and Etchegaray Founded in 2013 by renowned Mexican artis.