MacKinnonG with busted ribs he wanders the desert ntil HE HAPPENS UPON A YOUNG GIRL HER TWO happens pon a young girl her two They were stranded in the. E and despite his injuries sets out on the vengeance trail But fate has something else in mind for Sam MacKinnonMiles away in the desert furnace between Ruidoso and Roswell nineteen year old Katie Callahan has troubles of her own Her mother has died of tuberculosis and her worthless stepfather has abandoned the family leaving Katie with her younger sister and

"five year old "
year old a busted wagon a blind mule little water and food and her mother's body that needs to be buried When the wounded .
Great western involving a saddle tramp involved "in a saloon robbery #That Gets Left In The # gets left in the by his partners Sufferin. Saddle tramp "a saloon robbery that gets left in the desert by his partners Sufferin. Saddle tramp MacKinnon is in trouble Double crossed by his partners after robbing a saloon and gambling hall MacKinnon has been left behind in the mountains of southern New Mexico with busted ribs a banged p head no gun and no horse And no chance because aging lawman Nelson Bookbinder and his Mescalero Apache scout Nikita both made legendary by dime novels MacKinnon has read are leading a small posse hot in pursuit of read are leading a small posse hot in pursuit of bandits Miraculously MacKinnon escapes the law finds his horse and rifl. .

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Desert by a broken and wheel and the death of their mother What from this meeting brings a smile as it is What follows from this meeting brings a smile as it is AcKinnon rides into that camp he's faced with a choiceFate however still has a few other surprises in mind for the saddle tramp the young woman MacKinnon's partners and even that aging New Mexico lawmanInspired by Paso Por Aui the classic 1926 novella written by Eugene Manlove Rhodes The Bard of the Tularosa and filmed as Four Faces West 1948 seven time Spur Award winner Johnny D Boggs tells a story of the detours road blocks and sidetracks along "THE JOURNEYS TO JUSTICE LOVE VENGEANCE AND REDEMPTI. "journeys to justice love vengeance and redempti. ,