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Ractice of spiritual power in relation to Political Engagement Chammah J Argues That engagement Chammah J Kaunda argues THAT CHALLENGE OF POLITICAL IMAGINATION IS FOUND IN challenge of Pentecostal political imagination is found in inculturation of spiritual power with political praxis The result of this inculturation is that Zambian Pentecostals sacralize the political authority of state power through the charisma of the national president and other major political personalities It has also contributed. ,

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To the construction of Zambian Pentecostal leadership that is deified rather than leadership that is Formed The Struggles And through the and of the marginalized and powerless Kaunda argues that the solution does not lie either In Desacralization Of Powers desacralization of powers the separation between the church and the state but rather in rethinking the Christ event as a paradigm for the recovery of Pentecostalism's sociopolitical prophetic dynami. The Nation That Fears God ProspersThrough its strength in numbers remarkable presence in politics Pentecostalism has become a force To Reckon In Twenty reckon with in twenty century Zambian society Yet some fundamental uestions in the study of Zambian Pentecostalism and politics remain largely unaddressed by African scholars Situated within an
Interdisciplinary Perspective This Uniue 
perspective this uniue explores the challenge of continuity in the Zambian Pentecostal understanding and