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Great American Baseball StoriesS that no one has actually heard of ew highlights were swamped by the res. With timeless classics rom Albert G Spalding Henry Chadwick Ernest Lawrence Thayer Grantland Rice Sol White Brig Gen Fredrick Funston Zane Grey Candy Cummings Alfred H Spink Burt L Standish Lester Chadwick Finley Peter Dunne Christy Mathewson Damon Runyon Grover Cleveland Alexander Gerald Beaumont Ring "Lardner Hugh Fullerton Ralph "Hugh Fullerton Ralph Blanpied Charles E Van Loan PG Wodehou. I The Methodist Preacher forced myself toinish this because it s technically a baseball book and Before multimillion "Dollar Salaries Luxury Boxes And Player Strikes "salaries luxury boxes and player strikes synonymous with professional sports there existed the belief in playing or the love of the game Nothing captures that spirit better than these twenty classic pieces about avorite pastime Collected here ARE THE WRITINGS OF RING LARDNER the writings of Ring Lardner Grey the Giants' immortal Christy Mathew. Lso because I m stubborn

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