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Originally published in 1978 Philosophy in Social Work is A COLLECTION OF PAPERS THAT INVITES REFLECTIVE CONSIDERATION OF collection of papers that invites eflective consideration of issues arising out of social work The work stemmed from a series of meetings at the University of

glasgow designed 
designed to philosophers to look at traditional pro.

Noel W. Timms  3 eview

Olitics of probation authority and social workers and social work and ideology "The underlying theme all the papers is the away in which philosophy "underlying theme of all the papers is the away in which philosophy evive Discussion Of Beliefs And of beliefs and in social work It also asks philosophers to intensify their treatment of concrete issues of social significan. Blems aised in the comparatively
unfamiliar setting of 
setting of work and social service and for social workers to see the place for philosophical eflection on they are doing Among the subjects philosophical Cinderella reflection on what they are doing Among subjects in the collection are discretionights charity and the Welfare State the morality of law and the Philosophy in Social Work
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